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I want to work with Natalie!
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Booth was the first school that I applied for and Natalie's coaching was instrumental. I did the hourly package with Natalie and she helped me to build a strong set of personal stories and professional achievements. To be frank, for my MBA application journey, I also had a bit of 'trial' experience with other consultants. Natalie is the strongest and the most helpful I've worked with. Under the stress of the close deadline of Booth, we managed to work out two strong essays, which were essentially the core elements in my H/W application. Thus, Natalie was certainly the cornerstone of my R2 success.

Also, I want to highlight that Natalie is one of the very few consultants that see me beyond stats. As a Chinese male with a below-average GMAT, I got advice from other consultants to apply for schools like North Carolina/ Georgetown. Natalie is one of the very few that believe that I actually have a shot at M7. I almost gave up my hope for H/W, but the essays out of Booth application made me believe that I've got something to offer.

- Accepted to Harvard and Wharton

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I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve been accepted to UM Ross, a program I love!   
I could not have done it without you, Natalie.  Your guidance and candor was absolutely instrumental to my success. It’s been equal parts exhausting and rewarding.  Linda, thank you so much for connecting me with Natalie in the first place. I look forward to even more good news in the near future.
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My experience with Natalie was absolutely OUTSTANDING! She's amazing and I can't speak highly enough of her. She helped me SO much and in really weird hours! She was super responsive, supportive and really helped me perfect my application. Just amazing!!
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I am excited to share more good news. I was admitted to McCombs today with a [large] scholarship, which I believe is a full (or almost full) scholarship. I am pretty thrilled with the results and with that decision in, I have now been accepted to every school I interviewed with. I am certain that this wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for Natalie's tough and thorough interview prep sessions. I am not sure where I will end up but I could not have asked for a more positive result than this. - Also Accepted to Kellogg (with scholarship), Tepper (with scholarship), ASU (with full scholarship) and Ross.
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Dear Linda,

I wanted to thank you and Natalie for all of your help these past two years. I got accepted into all three programs I applied to and received a 20K scholarship from my top choice. None of this would have been possible without your help. The service you and your team provided literally just paid for itself. I am extremely grateful. Thank you so much for all of your help.

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Hope this email finds you well.

Wanted to drop a quick note that I have been accepted to Wharton, Booth, and Yale this year for MBA admissions. I wanted to thank you for your firm's terrific service and particularly send my appreciation to Natalie, who has absolutely been the most fantastic MBA admissions consultant I have worked with.

Natalie was extremely strategic in crafting a specific and unique MBA application plan for me based on my profile, background, and career aspirations. She kept in close touch with me throughout the entire application cycle, and was absolutely patient, responsive, and critical in helping shape my resume, recommendation letter, application essay, and interview preparations. I can say that I will not have accomplished so much without Natalie's wholehearted support and her top-notch strategic planning and counseling services. Natalie is definitely a blessing to my MBA admission and my success owes a great thank you to her fabulous service.

Thank you again and best wishes!