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I want to work with Philippe!
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I had an amazing experience working with Phillipe on my essays. He was very easy to work with and provided excellent feedback / recommendations on my resumes and essays. He was knowledgeable and I was very happy with my final resume and essay. I do not feel like he was trying to upcharge me on any of his work and he was very clear about how much time he spent on each essay.  I would highly recommend using Accepted to anyone who needs help writing essays or polishing up their resume.

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I heard back this evening -- I got accepted into Kenan-Flagler!!

I am absolutely overjoyed!  This is such a huge relief for me.   Thank you so much for all your help and guidance, Philippe.  I really appreciate it.

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Dr. Philippe Barr sparked life into my essays. He was responsive, thoughtful, and helpful in his feedback and edits.

Furthermore, he helped greatly in succinctly summarizing my background, experiences, achievements, and failures within the required word count. I highly recommend Dr. Barr for anyone looking to polish their essays and turn them from good to great. -- Steve

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I am very happy with the service I was provided because It helped me enhance my application in a way that reflected my true passion and voice.

Philippe was very supportive and great at helping me organize my thoughts and inspiring me with ideas.

I would definitely recommend this service because I do not think I would have got my acceptance without accepted.com.

I am very grateful.

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I was lucky to have Dr. Barr by my side in my graduate school application. He helped me to see things I could not see myself, like how schools’ admission committees would think, like how my recommenders would think. Now I got accepted by my dream school, and all this would not become possible without Dr. Barr’s help. The applications felt less stressful since I knew I could call him and ask questions when I was confused. And Dr. Barr pointed me to the right path several times at crucial turning points along my way. Of course, it was also always fun to talk to him, and his encouragement cheered me up greatly in the long battle of the graduate school application.

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I could not have done it without Philippe’s help on my essays. 

- Accepted to U Penn's Masters of Environmental Studies