Accepted Admissions Blog Guides College and Graduate School Applicants through Complicated Admissions Maze's newly designed blog offers serious college and grad school applicants professional application tips and breaking admissions news to help them create admission-worthy applications at schools around the world.

LOS ANGELES, California, October 16, 2011 – Applicants are busy creatures. Most are either carrying a full load of courses, working a full-time job – or both – leaving very little time to do the admissions research necessary to take them to the next step in their education. It would take up too much of their precious time to scour the Web in search for useful resources. And once found, how would they really know if those materials were written by reliable and professional admissions pros?'s blog, the Accepted Admissions Blog, has taken the initiative to serve for applicants as a "one stop shop" for all their admissions needs. Complete with application-cycle-relevant advice and important admissions news, the blog stands out from the throngs of similar sites that have attempted to do the same thing. Now, rather than wasting time jumping from site to site for up-to-date admissions info, applicants need only to subscribe to the Accepted Admissions Blog.

The Accepted Admissions Blog provides:

  • Admissions advice for people applying to college, graduate school, law school, med school, and business school.
  • Current admissions news.
  • School-specific application tips.
  • Interviews with fellow applicants, current students, and admissions committee members from top schools.
  • A place where you can ask questions of experts.

…and more!

The Accepted Admissions Blog contains articles written by editors and consultants, as well as the company's CEO and founder, Linda Abraham. The team banks 40+ years of admissions experience and has helped thousands of applicants achieve their admissions dreams.

"We wanted to create an informal, yet comprehensive, space for applicants to turn to when they were seeking admissions updates to their target schools or programs," explains Abraham. "Our blog is geared towards the inquisitive applicant who demands the latest and the greatest in admissions news and advice."

The blog recently changed names from Accepted Admissions Almanac to Accepted Admissions Blog.

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