Announces New Wharton Interview Prep Service’s new interview prep service will help Wharton applicants prepare for Wharton’s unique group interview and its traditional one-on-one interview.

LOS ANGELES, California, February 17, 2013 – Due to frequent requests, is adding a new interview prep service to its always-growing menu of business school admissions consulting services. The new package, Wharton Premium Interview Preparation, is available to Wharton applicant interviewees and helps them prepare for the new team interviews, as well as the traditional individual interviews.

The Wharton Premium Interview Preparation package provides:

  • One Wharton team interview simulation with 3-7 other Wharton applicants and two Accepted consultants/facilitators. (There will initially be three simulation dates to choose from.)
  • One mock one-on-one interview.
  • Professional written feedback on the client’s performance during the simulation and the individual mock interview.
  • One phone consultation to discuss feedback on both team and one-on-one interviews.

Linda Abraham, CEO and founder of, talks about the company’s new addition: “We decided to offer this service because recently we have been bombarded with questions about the Wharton interview and requests for specific coaching for the top b-school’s unique interview procedure. We’ve already coached applicants for the Wharton team interviews and have also offered the simulation to clients.”

Accepted surveyed the applicants who participated in the team simulation -- 100% felt better prepared. When asked what they found “most valuable” in the mock team interview, this response was typical “The opportunity to practice discussing the interview topic with other skilled and motivated candidates. I believe after participating in one of these groups, the candidates are much more prepared for the real interview.”

Team interview simulations will be held starting the last week of February. Applicants are encouraged to purchase the Wharton Premium Interview Package as soon as possible to secure a spot on one of the interview teams.

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