Unveils the Accepted Positioning System, a State-of-the-Art Infographic's new infographic maps out the steps MBA applicants need to take to reach their next destination – applying to the right MBA programs.

LOS ANGELES, California, September 21, 2011 – The MBA admissions route for all MBA applicants reaches a major intersection when applicants must choose where to apply. For most, this is no easy feat. There are so many factors to consider. And there is always a strong temptation to reach for the stars when one isn’t competitive, or conversely to undervalue one’s qualifications and refrain from applying to “better” schools. It’s so easy for MBA applicants to emphasize what’s trivial and ignore what’s significant. In either case, the applicant is lost at this initial and critical phase of the application process.

The Accepted Positioning System visually details the specific steps applicants need to take in order to select the correct road from that critical intersection. It zooms in on what is truly important in the decision-making process, leading to an efficient, effective application process, and ultimately acceptances. .

The Accepted Positioning System infographic shows applicants:

  • The 4 steps to choosing the best MBA programs to apply to.
  • The role an applicant's qualifications play in the application process.
  • The importance of knowing one's MBA goals, early on in the game.

…and more!

This attractive visual aid is a must for all applicants who take the MBA admissions process seriously. Those who download the Accepted Positioning System infographic will find it an indispensible aid during the early stages of the application process when choosing schools to apply to. is a premier MBA admissions consultancy that helps MBA applicants create strong, compelling applications for top business schools around the world. has helped thousands of applicants gain admission to their top choice MBA programs since 1994. It also provides free articles, tips, webinars, special reports, the MBA Interview Feedback Database, and resources to serve the MBA applicant community.

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