ACE the EMBA puts EMBA applicants at center stage

Accepted's® 6-day EMBA admissions email course demystifies the EMBA application process

LOS ANGELES, California—March 18, 2008—Executive MBA programs have become an increasingly attractive option for experienced professionals who want to advance their careers without sacrificing the two years demanded by most full-time programs.'s® new email course, Ace the EMBA™, addresses the unique needs of these applicants in this ever more competitive admissions environment.

"EMBA applicants are sometimes the step-children of the MBA admissions world," noted Linda Abraham, founder of "I am pleased that Accepted is providing this innovative, informative course to help EMBA applicants evaluate options, target their efforts, and refine their applications.”

This targeted approach is invaluable for EMBA hopefuls who want to maximize their chance of admission. While traditionally viewed as less competitive, the Executive MBA Council reports that applications to EMBA programs rose by 25 percent between 2005 and 2007. In that same period, the acceptance rate declined from 67 to 63 percent.

Ace the EMBA is a six-day email course that helps prospective applicants navigate the EMBA admissions process. Examining trends in sponsorship, programs, and career services, and providing an in-depth look at typical EMBA profiles, the course identifies the key factors that applicants need to put themselves in the running.

Cindy Tokumitsu, senior editor of and author of Ace the EMBA, has helped many clients gain admission to EMBA programs. She notes that "EMBA applicants, whether they have a traditional or non-traditional profile, should find enormous value in this course's approach, both in deciding where to apply and getting into their dream schools."

Sign up for Ace the EMBA now! provides admissions consulting and application essay editing to EMBA applicants and since 1996 has helped thousands of business school hopefuls present themselves at their best.

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