Beautiful B-School Photo Contest

Visiting Business Schools can mean a lot of arduous travel. offers a fun way for clients, family members, and friends to make the most of B-school visits. See the school in a different light, capture the best the school has to offer, and win a prize in's First Annual Beautiful B-School Photo Contest.

LOS ANGELES, CA (PRWEB) November 5, 2006 -- "The grand tour" of business school campuses is always highly recommended for you, the MBA applicant. Whether optional or mandatory, the visits benefit you. You see the schools and acquire valuable insights into the programs in ways otherwise impossible. 

These important benefits don't change the fact that visiting B-schools can mean using up hard-earned vacation days, standing in long airport lines, and paying high rates for last-minute tickets. 

The editors at have found a way to put the excitement back in this kind of travel. After all, B-school visits are about your future---where you'll live for the next few years, where you'll sharpen your skills and see what you're made of. In addition to strong program content and vibrant student culture, aesthetic concerns regarding your surroundings will influence how you feel about the schools. encourages applicants to take a moment in their journeys to observe this aspect of B-school campuses. Remember the memorable. Have some fun. Be creative. Let the shutterbug bite. If something strikes you about a certain building, an expanse of lawn, a skyline view, take a picture and submit it to's First Annual Beautiful B-School Photo Contest ( ). Photography will be a way for you to record your impressions, share them with other applicants, and who knows, maybe you'll even win First, Second, or Third Prize!

The contest runs through April 30, 2007 and will award three Amazon gift certificates and lots of honorable mentions. 

First Prize: $200 Amazon Gift Certificate
Second Prize: $100 Amazon Gift Certificate
Third Prize: $ 50 Amazon Gift Certificate

Anyone (except an employee or editor) can participate, and there is no purchase required. Applicants, current MBA students, alumni, family members, or even school employees can take a shot of their favorite view of campus, the B-school's signature building, or a nearby landmark. Perhaps you can take your photos with a beautiful sunset, interesting lighting, the colors of fall, a blanket of snow, or the first emerging blossoms of spring. 

Contestants should go to the site (, click on "Beautiful B-School Photo Contest" ( ), review the few rules ( ), and follow the directions for submission of photos. For more information about the contest, contact Linda Abraham at, or call (310) 815-9553

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