MBA Mojo Blends Fun and MBA Admissions Strategy's new contest invites MBA applicants to test their knowledge about the MBA admissions process.

LOS ANGELES, California—August 25, 2008—Deadlines, applications and essays can overwhelm the MBA applicant. Worse, they can distract from the ultimate goal of acceptance at their dream school. The process becomes strenuous, and stress can lead to skipping vital strategic steps to complete the application and hit deadlines on time.

Accepted's MBA Mojo opens the door to a world of opportunity by combining fun and information. Each month through January, will pose five new questions geared towards developing an MBA admissions strategy and identifying key attributes that will make the applicant's essays stand out from the crowd. These contests will challenge the applicant with a fresh perspective on the application process and give a mental boost to take them one step closer to their goals.

Linda Abraham, founder of Accepted, notes that "in the tense and earnest world of MBA admissions, fun is frequently AWOL and ignorance lurks everywhere. Accepted's MBA Mojo contest lifts the veil of ignorance and injects an element of fun into a process that drives applicants to distraction."

Correctly answering all five questions wins the applicant a membership in the 100% Club and an MBA Mojo t-shirt. In addition, every participant will automatically be entered in a drawing and eligible to win a $50 credit on services or a free MBA admissions ebook.

Think you've got what it takes? Test your MBA Mojo at's MBA Mojo: MBA Admissions Strategy Contest.

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