New Ebook Helps Law School Applicants Secure Winning Letters of Recommendation's new ebook, Law School Letters of Recommendation that Rock, teaches law school applicants how to obtain winning letters of recommendation that will rock the admissions committees at top law schools.

LOS ANGELES, California, May 25, 2010 – October 19, 2010 – For many law school applicants, the letter of recommendation required by all law schools are considered an afterthought, at best. Many wait until the last minute to request the letters, putting their recommenders in a time crunch and putting their letters, and their acceptances, on the line.

Accepted's new ebook, Law School Letters of Recommendation that Rock, provides law school applicants with the know-how and confidence necessary to seek out the right recommenders and to ensure that they write effective letters of recommendation. In this practical, tip-filled ebook, Linda Abraham, founder of, and Judy Gruen, an senior editor and consultant, share their extensive knowledge on how to obtain stellar LORs from the get-go to the final send-off. They also provide sample letters of recommendation that applicants can use as guidance when describing their needs to their recommenders, or that the recommenders can look at themselves.

Law School Letters of Recommendation that Rock covers:

  • 6 purposes of the LORs.
  • 7 ways applicants can make their recommenders lives easier.
  • 8 qualities that recommenders should stress when describing the applicant.
  • 9 tips for recommenders.

“Letters of recommendation (LORs) may seem like one last nagging and even redundant part of the law school application process," the authors write in the introduction to their ebook. "After all, haven’t you already devoted weeks, and possibly more, to writing, editing, and tailoring your personal statement for particular law school programs? Haven’t you already proven beyond a doubt your outstanding qualifications through your polished essay(s), impressive GPA and LSAT, and flawless resume?"

Abraham and Gruen continue to describe how this often-overlooked application component could be just what an applicant needs to tip the scales towards acceptance in a tight, highly competitive applicant pool.

Securing effective letters of recommendation can be tedious. But with the hands-on, nuts and bolts guidance from Abraham and Gruen, the experience can be straightforward, un-harried, and most importantly, rewarding.

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