New Ebook Rocks Future MBAs’ World with Advice on How to Land Winning Letters of Recommendation’s new ebook,MBA Letters of Recommendation that Rock, provides MBA applicants with tips and techniques that will help them score letters of recommendation and gain acceptance to their dream schools.

LOS ANGELES, California, July 29, 2009 – After spending so much time writing and rewriting application essays, taking the GMAT, and filling out endless forms, the last thing on an MBA applicant’s mind are the required letters of recommendation (LORs). These requested affirmations of a candidate’s success seem redundant to all the hard work that’s already been put into the never-ending and stressful application process. Most applicants save the letters of recommendation for last and don’t know whom to ask or what to ask for, and suffer because of their lack of direction.

Accepted's new ebook, MBA Letters of Recommendation that Rock, gives applicants an inside look at the making and breaking of a good letter of recommendation. In this 31-page ebook, Linda Abraham, founder of, and Judy Gruen, one of Accepted’s esteemed editors, share their extensive knowledge of the elusive LOR:

  • What is the purpose of the letters of recommendation?
  • Who should write an LOR and how does an applicant go about requesting the favor?
  • How can applicants help their recommenders write the right letter?
  • Most importantly, what is the most efficient and effective way that an MBA applicant can get this task over and done with, without stressing out or missing the deadline?

“Take a deep breath and give your LORs your full attention,” Abraham advises. “They are read carefully and carry weight with adcoms. When the adcom wrestles with the decision of choosing between two otherwise equally qualified candidates, a stellar LOR can tip those precariously balanced scales in your favor.”

If there’s one message to be taken from Abraham and Gruen’s new ebook, it’s that applicants shouldn’t neglect their letters of recommendation. The first way they can boost the quality of their LORs is to make sure they’re headed in the right direction— with MBA Letters of Recommendation that Rock. For more information, please visit

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