New Ebook Teaches EMBA Applicants The Ins and Outs on How to Apply to EMBA Programs Successfully’s new ebook, The EMBA Edge, provides Executive MBA applicants with practical tips and writing techniques that will help them glide through the EMBA application process effectively, professionally, and confidently.

LOS ANGELES, California, July 29, 2009 – Breaking into the diverse global community of Executive MBAs can be an extremely challenging feat. There are so many elements that go into preparing a winning EMBA application that just thinking about getting started can be dizzying. Between choosing a program, developing an application strategy, applying for sponsorship, preparing a stellar resume and compelling essays, and keeping up with their busy lives and full work schedules, it’s no wonder that EMBA applicants often struggle to get everything done on time, especially while preserving their sanity.

Accepted's new ebook, The EMBA Edge, gives applicants a clear advantage when they apply to the EMBA program of their dreams—direction. Unless applicants get started on the right foot, it’s likely that they’ll get lost on their way into the world of global learning opportunities. In this 43-page ebook, Linda Abraham, founder of, and Cindy Tokumitsu, one of Accepted’s esteemed advisors and editors, share their extensive knowledge of the EMBA application process. Together, Abraham and Tokumitsu have advised literally hundreds of successful EMBA applicants.

The EMBA Edge offers applicants:

  • Practical tips to guide them through the application process.
  • Nuts-and-bolts suggestions for writing winning essays.
  • Information about sponsorship – who to ask, when, and how.
  • Techniques for acing the interview.

“Why will the adcom pick you over other equally or ever better qualified applicants?” asks Abraham. “Considering that most EMBA applicants are well qualified and the adcoms reject many of them, you need to answer that question through your application, in addition to showing you’re qualified. To do so, you will need more than a competent application – you will need a thoughtful and incisive presentation. And that takes strategy.”

If EMBA applicants are looking for a winning strategy—a competitive edge that will make their applications stand out as well as prove how well they’ll fit in to the world of global learning—then they should head straight to The EMBA Edge for advice on how to do exactly that. For more information, please visit

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