New Special Report Reveals Uncommon Truth about the Common Application and the Ivy League's new special report, Ivy League and Common Application Tips: How to Get Accepted, teaches college applicants how to use the Common Application to gain admission into the Ivy League.

LOS ANGELES, California, November 7, 2010 – Many applicants may choose to forego the opportunity to apply to Ivy League colleges with the Common Application simply because the two things sound so incongruous. After all, how can something "common" be required of a cream-of-the-crop applicant trying to gain admission to an elite institution?

Accepted's new special report, Ivy League and Common Application Tips: How to Get Accepted, shows college applicants how to apply successfully to an Ivy League school using the Common Application. Applicants just need to know how to do it correctly. In order to stand out from the throngs of other Common Application users, applicants must use techniques that will transform those common essay prompts into personally revealing essays.

Ivy League and Common Application Tips: How to Get Accepted teaches applicants how to:

  • Distinguish themselves from the Common Application crowd.
  • Choose a topic from the list of essay questions.
  • Summarize activities on the Common App.
  • Optimize the supplements for individual Ivy League schools.

“With more than 300 colleges and universities, including many of the nation’s most selective post-secondary institutions, accepting the Common Application, there’s a good chance that you’ll be addressing one of its broad ranging essay questions," the author, Whitney Bruce, explains in the report.

Bruce continues to elaborate on how applicants should fill out the application, choose essay topics, and address individual school supplements.

Whitney Bruce, an editor and consultant, has worked in college admissions since 1996. She has served as Senior Assistant Director of Admissions (Washington U), Application Reader (University of Michigan), Assistant Director of College Counseling (private prep school in St. Louis), and as an independent college counselor.

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