Starting Early Produces the Best MBA Applications

Accepted will offer would-be MBA applicants 15 minutes of free advice to help them initiate the application process and gain admission to the school of their choice.

LOS ANGELES, California—February 1, 2008—“I cannot overemphasize the value of starting the MBA application process early,” says Founder, Linda Abraham.

“For the last fourteen years I’ve seen consistently that those who start early and set aside the time to prepare the best applications, end up submitting—surprise!—the best applications.”

Accepted offers an innovative way to support early starters. On February 6  at 10:00 AM Pacific Time, will host the 2009 MBA Admissions Telethon, the first admissions event of this kind for the upcoming application season. Six editors will be available for two hours to talk with MBA candidates about the do’s and don’ts and smart choices they can make to ensure their MBA application journey is smooth, successful, and less nerve-wracking.  It’s the 2009 MBA Admissions Telethon and the consultation is free!

“’Chance favors the prepared mind.’” says Abraham. “If more people understand what goes into putting together high-quality applications—applications that actually have a chance at winning acceptance at the most competitive schools—then more people would realize that starting even two months before deadlines is starting too late.”

So what goes into getting an early start on your application? There are four key questions applicants must answer:

  1. What are your post-MBA goals? It may seem a premature question at first glance, but think about it:  Why are you going for an MBA? To earn a higher salary is not a good enough answer. Solid candidates know in detail what their goals are for their career in the years immediately after the MBA. They understand the MBA is a specific tool to get them there, and that different programs have different strengths.
  2. What are your qualifications? Are your background and achievements, both professional and academic, similar to those of current students at your target programs? If not, what can you do to improve your profile and become similar to successful applicants?
  3. What is the curriculum at the school?  Is it flexible or structured?  Depending on your previous experience—and post-MBA goals—this is a critical question.
  4. What is the program’s focus & methodology?  What is the program style that will best suit your needs?  Is it a case-method program like Harvard’s, or a project-oriented one like Michigan’s? Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of each type of program?

The four questions address fit between the applicant and their target schools. Many applicants choose MBA programs based on the program’s ranking.  After all, who wouldn’t want to go to a top-ranked school? But programs differ, and the type of candidate they prefer differs.  Says Abraham, “You need to go beyond the rankings to understand specifically what particular programs seek in their candidates and what they provide their students.  See if the school and you match.“

The MBA Admissions Telethon provides the perfect setting for applicants to discuss their most pressing MBA admissions questions as they evaluate these four areas. Each applicant will receive a free 15-minute, private, telephone consultation with an admissions expert.

The Experts:   

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SPECIAL BONUS:  All those who register will receive a coupon good for $10 off Best Practices for MBA Admissions, an ebook specifically for those people who are planning to apply in 6-12 months.

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