Webinar Guides MBA Applicants Boldly and Brilliantly Through MBA Essay Questions

Accepted.com's upcoming webinar, The Roadmap to Bold and Brilliant Essays, teaches MBA applicants how to boost their application IQ by constructing stellar answers to MBA application essay questions.

Los Angeles, California --July 12, 2009 -- Difficult application essay questions can really stump an MBA applicant. Going through the strenuous application process is confusing and overwhelming enough, and that's before those dreaded essay questions begin to take over an applicant's already too-busy life. The stress that accompanies efforts to construct perfect answers can lead to skipping the essential strategic steps necessary to complete the application and hit deadlines on time.

Accepted's new webinar, The Roadmap to Bold and Brilliant Essays, gives applicants an opportunity to learn tricks used by professional writers before they sit down to write. In this one-hour webinar, Linda Abraham, founder of Accepted.com, will map the road to completing compelling MBA application essays. The webinar will teach applicants about the purpose of MBA essays, how to choose appropriate essay topics, and how to employ structural elements and professional writing techniques to persuade the admissions staff of the applicant's worthiness.

"MBA application essays aren't meant to be boring and dry," says Abraham. "The admissions committee members want to read an interesting and engaging essay in which they feel they are meeting a real person. A bit of irony or intriguing suspense can be just what an MBA essay needs to introduce the applicant on a human level and send it soaring above its competition."

Webinar attendees will learn:

  • Strategies for approaching the application as a whole as well as each essay.
  • Techniques to enliven their writing.
  • A fresh approach to the essays.

Applicants should register to attend The Roadmap to Bold and Brilliant Essays webinar to start their journey to top MBA programs.

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