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    Hi Rebecca,

    I just wanted to follow up and let you know that I was selected for the Ford Dissertation Fellowship. Thank you for your help in the process.
    Hello Linda,

    Thank you for reaching out. I was working with Rebecca Lippman, and she was terrific! I accepted an offer at Stanford for a Ph.D. program and was awarded a ... Fellowship. In addition, I was accepted to Yale and UCSF, some of the top research institutes in my field. Overall, a great application outcome!
    I hope you are doing well!! I just wanted to update you on my admissions process. I was able to get into USC, Seattle University and UW! ... I just committed to UW and am very excited! Thank you again for all your help, I really appreciate it!!

    Thank you, Linda. I was also accepted at Stanford and Johns Hopkins.

    I loved working with Rebecca and don't think I would have had such successful results without her support. She was decisive for me to reveal my best self. It was a considerable investment, given the unfavorable currency exchange rates for my country, but one of the best investments I made in my life.  [Previously accepted at U Penn and U Conn Ph.D. programs]

    I could not have achieved this milestone without the services of Accepted and the brilliant professional tips and guidance of Rebecca! I want to give a huge thanks and share my gratitude for the support. I already shared how wonderful Accepted is with one of my friends!

       - Accepted at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, University of Arizona, University of Utah, UC Irvine (with funding) for urban

    Working with Rebecca Lippman on my Fulbright application was hands down the best decision I made. Her brainstorming sessions were incredibly helpful. Even when I tried to skimp out on them, Rebecca pushed me to really trust the process and the plan that she had laid out. I am so glad I did. There is no way I could have gotten my application to where it was without her help and her ongoing guidance. During each of my reviews and rewrites, she highlighted the places that needed more expanding on, and emphasized the areas that I was getting too technical. It's incredibly hard to step outside your head sometimes and it's important to have someone who isn't in your field read over your application. Rebecca was not only that someone for me, she was highly skilled and knowledgeable about the application process in general. For my personal statement, she ensured that I wrote the best statement that clearly articulated who I was and why I was applying for a Fulbright! I've written many applications in the past, but the Fulbright is a completely different ball game. It required a different type of language and Rebecca helped me learn that language. In the end, I ended up winning a Fulbright to Stanford. But more than simply winning, I actually believe she made me a better writer. She pushed me to reach my highest potential. I 100% say, without hesitancy, that Rebecca is the best Fulbright coach anyone could ever ask for. She's truly gifted at what she does!! - Dr. Kinda

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