How Can Madelaine Help You?

M Baker Picture-2.jpg I have a unique perspective into the challenges of MBA applications, especially for international students. I vividly remember applying to business school as a German applicant with the objective of a significant career change. I was able to draw on my diverse experience and unique perspective gained from my work in MIT Sloan’s admissions office and put forth a solid, successful application.  After earning my MBA from Columbia Business School, where I also worked as an alumni interviewer, I was a corporate banker in NYC and Hong Kong. However, I recently decided to return to my first love, MBA admissions. Most recently, I worked with Yale School of Management’s MBA admissions office as an Outside Reader, providing feedback to the Admissions Committee on prospective applicants. 

My collective experiences in business and in admissions enable me to help you address potential gaps and pitfalls in your application. I can easily distinguish a strong application from a weak one and help you think about ways to overcome and address potential flaws. 

Let’s work together as a team to show that you both fit in at your target schools and are a standout who will contribute as a student and make the school proud as an alum. Let’s get you in.

Let us know who you are and what you need help with. Madelaine will contact you ASAP to discuss which services best meet your needs.

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