Admissions Editing Approach

Writing a personal statement is a tough challenge. A former client, an NBC journalist with over twenty years experience in the field, once said that his personal statement for law school "was the toughest thing I ever had to write." He sought our help. Shouldn't you?

We are happy to assist you with your application essays, statement of purpose, or personal statement, letters of recommendation, resumes, waitlist letters, and scholarship letters, practically any writing connected with the admissions process. And we have hired top-notch, professional writers and consultants to help you with these critical writing tasks.

Our service is prompt and personal. Although the Accepted catalog lists many services and options, we have two basic approaches so that you have the flexibility you need:

  • With our package plans, we interview you and help you develop an approach, theme, and outline for your writing. Then after you write your essay or letter, we refine/edit as needed. Our packages are charged on a flat-fee basis.
  • We also provide hourly editing and consulting if you seek a professional's eye to critique content and edit style, grammar, etc. or if you want to consult with an experienced admissions professional. We simply charge for our time on an hourly-fee basis.

In advising you and editing your written materials, our editors have one goal: helping you gain acceptance to an outstanding college or professional school. To achieve that goal, we ask the following questions:

  1. Do your essays or letters distinguish you from the crowd?
  2. Do you demonstrate that you have something special to bring to your class?
  3. Have you revealed what is important to you and distinctive about you?
  4. If applicable, have you answered the question?
  5. Have you written your essays correctly?

For our clients, our consultants are determined that the answer be "YES!" to every one of these questions. Wouldn't you like a pro helping you give resoundingly positive answers to these questions?

We invite you to go through our catalog and choose the services that best meet your needs.

If you still have questions about our services, the backgrounds of our consultants, or our previous clients' experiences, the following pages will help you obtain answers.

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We look forward to serving you.

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Client Feedback

"A really big thank you for taking pains to understand my profile, editing all the brain dumps into winning essays. And more importantly you've kept the communication channels open and answered silliest of doubts I had and that to me was invaluable. I should thank my friend who recommended me accepted and I am definitely going to recommend your services to my friends/acquaintances."