Wait-List Chat - April 12, 2000

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Chat Transcript: 
Wait-List Chat

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 9:56:56 PM) 
First I want to welcome you all to Accepted.com's waitlist chat. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 9:57:05 PM) 
Thanks to everyone for joining. 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 9:57:05 PM) 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 9:57:06 PM) 
I'm waitlisted at NYU med and U of Washington, Seattle med. Still waiting from Mount Sinai School of Med. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 9:57:12 PM) 
I encourage dialogue and discussion, but we would like to suggest a structure to make it easier to follow the threads of conversation. So here is the protocol: 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 9:57:24 PM) 
If you would like to ask a question, please type a '?' and then your question. One of us, or another guest, will reply. If one of you wants to comment on the current topic, please jump right in. If you want to start a different topic, please type '?'. 

JaredUSM (ID=32) (Apr 12, 2000 9:57:31 PM) 
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Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 9:57:38 PM) 
At the end of my brief presentation I will open the floor to your questions about responses to wait-list letters or general questions on writing for acceptance. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 9:57:50 PM) 
OK, here we go. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 9:58:10 PM) 
Was your wait-list letter just an uninformative form letter or did it ask you for particular information? 

Daniel (ID=31) (Apr 12, 2000 9:58:32 PM) 
? I've been waitlisted at Columbia Med, and I sent them a letter stating that I would go if accepted and describing my latest accomplishments. Just today I got a letter from the Dean of Admissions saying he wants me to come to Columbia again to meet with him ... Is this unusual and how should I prepare? 

tacotaco (ID=21) (Apr 12, 2000 9:58:35 PM) 
Mine asked me to respond as to whether I wanted to still be considered or withdraw myself from the list. 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 9:58:35 PM) 
all uninformative. 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 9:58:39 PM) 
uninformative form letter 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 9:58:51 PM) 
but I got feedback form U. Chicago 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 9:58:55 PM) 
Daniel, please ask your question again at the end. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 9:59:11 PM) 
DK, the feedback is very valuable. Again, please hold it for later. 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 9:59:16 PM) 
U of Washington actually told me what my waitlist ranking is, though. I was surprised about that. 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 9:59:18 PM) 

Erin (ID=19) (Apr 12, 2000 9:59:19 PM) 
This is still the presentation, gang 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 9:59:28 PM) 
First of all realize that the letter means you qualified for admission. You passed. You are probably on the wait-list (and not admitted) because they have already admitted applicants with your profile and want diversity in the class. Or they found your qualifications impressive, but found someone else's even more so. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 9:59:34 PM) 
Second, read the letter for any hints of deficiency in your profile. If the school leaves the door open for contact, consider contacting them about how you can strengthen your application. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 9:59:55 PM) 
Some of you received quite a bit of feedback already. Obviously you should address it as directly and completely as possible. 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:00:05 PM) 
(This user has entered Wait List Chat) 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:00:10 PM) 
Third and most importantly, give them more reasons to admit you and demonstrate your serious interest in the program. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:00:19 PM) 
I suggest you write a letter, not more than two pages, containing as much of the following as possible: 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:00:29 PM) 
1. Interest in the school's program. Briefly thank the school for considering your application and mention how the school's philosophy and approach fit in with your outlook and goals. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:00:38 PM) 
2. If you have met with students or alumni from the school, attended information sessions, or taken the initiative to visit the school since submitting your application, discuss these activities and how they strengthened your interest in the school and your conviction that the school will help you achieve your goals. 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:00:43 PM) 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:00:54 PM) 
3. Recent developments. Did you have a 4.0 during the last quarter? Have you led a group project or organization? Volunteered? Have you taken your department, business, or school club in a new direction? Have you had an article published? Earned a patent? Received a promotion or additional responsibility? Launched a business? Succeeded in a particularly demanding class or project? You should bring out any recent accomplishments not discussed in your application and ideally tie them back to some of the themes or experiences you raised in your essay(s). 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:01:03 PM) 
4. If applicable, agree to take any additional courses recommended in the letter or that you feel will address weaknesses. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:01:11 PM) 
5. Finally, I suggest you send in an additional letter of recommendation from someone who knows you well and can comment on your qualifications. The letter of recommendation can be submitted a few weeks after your letter. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:01:33 PM) 
You should also plan to write them every four to six weeks until you wait-list tenure ends. Again the point of the letters should be your continued interest in their program, the match between your goals and the school's mission, and recent developments in your life that would be of interest to the school. A visit to the school also demonstrates interest. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:01:42 PM) 
I would now like to open the floor to questions. You can ask your questions about responding to a wait list letter or other aspects of writing and graduate admissions. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:02:09 PM) 
I also want to thank Cindy, AKA Cindy Tokumitsu, for joining us this evening. She is an Accepted.com editor. 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:02:15 PM) 
? please elaborate on #2 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:02:22 PM) 
How much is too much? I don't want to turn the schools off. 

tacotaco (ID=21) (Apr 12, 2000 10:02:25 PM) 
?I understand each professional school's strategy differs. Any suggestions for law schools who did not ask for any information? 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:02:30 PM) 
I would like to know how much bragging is too much bragging. 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:02:33 PM) 
Hi, Cindy 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:02:56 PM) 
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cindy (ID=27) (Apr 12, 2000 10:03:01 PM) 
Right stuff, I believe that the letter should be short, highlighting one or two things "strategically," not presenting a laundry list. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:03:05 PM) 
The first letter should be 1-2 pages. Not more. Subsequent ones, unless something truly remarkable occurred, should be no more than one page. 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:03:26 PM) 
hi everyone. 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:03:40 PM) 
I called to ask NYU med if more information would be useful to the admissions committee, and the woman I spoke to seemed to say, "they might see it, but probably not." I thought that meant less is more. 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:03:48 PM) 
? How do you use your campus visit to strengthen your app? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:03:51 PM) 
Bragging is bragging and automatically a bad idea when you talk in generalities about how wonderful you are. Discussing specific accomplishments is not bragging. It is keeping the schools informed. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:04:00 PM) 
DK, thanks for repeating your question. 

Daniel (ID=31) (Apr 12, 2000 10:04:07 PM) 
?I've been waitlisted at Columbia Med, and I have sent them a letter stating my interest in them as my number 1 choice. I also sent two additional letters of rec before I was waitlisted. Today I received a letter from the Dean of Admissions saying he wants me to come to the school again to meet with him... Is this unusual and how should I prepare? 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:04:07 PM) 
my pleasure 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:04:11 PM) 
I have got a letter from Kellogg telling me that i have been placed on their waiting list any suggestions as to what i do now 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:04:31 PM) 
If you visited the campus and saw something there or had interactions that really strengthened your interest in that school, then discuss those events and how they heightened your interest. 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:05:00 PM) 
thanks for your answer, Linda 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:05:05 PM) 
Re: bragging, is it bragging to say I am highly motivated, have a strong moral character, etc.? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:05:08 PM) 
Daniel, that is an excellent development. Prepare by reviewing information about Columbia Med and by reviewing your personal statement and secondary essays. 

Daniel (ID=31) (Apr 12, 2000 10:05:22 PM) 
ok - thanks 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:05:30 PM) 
Toby, I would rather you demonstrated your motivation and character in essays than claimed to have them. 

cindy (ID=27) (Apr 12, 2000 10:05:33 PM) 
Toby, it's not that it's bragging, but those are generalities. Better to provide examples. 

Daniel (ID=31) (Apr 12, 2000 10:05:53 PM) 
? With regard to medical schools, do any people get in off the waitlist before the May 15 AMCAS deadline? 

JaredUSM (ID=32) (Apr 12, 2000 10:05:53 PM) 
I will apply for graduate school next year. What are the most important things that I can do between now and then to improve my chances of getting accepted? 

Nick (ID=23) (Apr 12, 2000 10:05:55 PM) 
?I've been waitlisted at Columbia MBA. I was told to improve my academics. What do you suggest me to do? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:05:58 PM) 
Claiming to be wonderful can be seen as bragging. Again, specifics provide information. 

cindy (ID=27) (Apr 12, 2000 10:06:02 PM) 
Or make the statement and then back it up with a specific example - and link it to your essay theme(s). 

tacotaco (ID=21) (Apr 12, 2000 10:06:04 PM) 
?Any suggestions for law schools, particularly when the notice is uninformative? 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:06:08 PM) 
There's not enough space for such specific instances, do I pick one? 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:06:20 PM) 
Should I just tell them about papers submitted for publication or send abstracts? 

Hide (ID=35) (Apr 12, 2000 10:06:25 PM) 
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Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:06:28 PM) 
Nick, do you know what area is your weakness? 

cindy (ID=27) (Apr 12, 2000 10:06:29 PM) 
Yes, Toby - OK to pick one. 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:06:29 PM) 
This is for med school. 

danie (ID=36) (Apr 12, 2000 10:06:33 PM) 
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Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 0012, 2000 10:06:55 PM) 
You could certainly include that information, right stuff, in wait list letters. 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:07:06 PM) 
Nick, may I ask your stat? 

Nick (ID=23) (Apr 12, 2000 10:07:16 PM) 
My verbal is weak compared to my quantitative. GMAT overall is 640. GPA: 3.4 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:07:20 PM) 
tacotaco, again the main point may be to discuss what you have achieved since you applied. 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:07:26 PM) 
I know lots of people who got the same reason for Columbia WL 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:07:37 PM) 
Linda, my waiting list letter has a note that reads - that the admissions committee thinks I will have difficulty handling the analytical core courses. what do you suggest I do? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:07:38 PM) 
Nick, then you can take a class in Business Writing or something that will improve your verbal skills. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:08:07 PM) 
Bobby, I would suggest you take some quantitatively demanding classes, and do well in them. 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:08:09 PM) 
I am on nobody's waiting list, I haven't yet applied. I have an idea for a creative personal statement in which I write a dialog, sort of early Greek like. I am convincing a friend. 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:08:14 PM) 
? taking the additional class would be enough to show the school your improvement? 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:08:26 PM) 
For Law School. 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:08:32 PM) 
would you be able to suggest any quant classes that I should stress? 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:08:40 PM) 
I wonder, since wait list means "maybe yes, maybe no" should I retake the MCAT or no? My scores are okay at 9, 10, 11, P 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:09:03 PM) 
It may or may not be enough, but it does show that you are addressing the weakness and a good grade will provide evidence that you can perform in an academic environment even in an area of weakness. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:09:20 PM) 
Bobby, have you taken statistics, calculus, or accounting? 

Daniel (ID=31) (Apr 12, 2000 10:09:26 PM) 
right stuff - I've heard horror stories about retaking MCAT's - a lot of the people I know who did so scored worse the second time 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:09:33 PM) 
I plan to write them a letter stressing my analytical ability --utilized at work. Do you think that would help? 

Erin (ID=19) (Apr 12, 2000 10:09:48 PM) 
?Not receiving a letter either way yet (JD), but knowing your application is still active. Is this good bad or neither? 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:09:51 PM) 
yes i have in school - did not do exceptionally well then!! 

cindy (ID=27) (Apr 12, 2000 10:09:54 PM) 
Right stuff, are you absolutely certain that you can do significantly better next time around? 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:09:56 PM) 
? out of 3 schools where I got WLed, 2 schools don't give me any feedback. how should I proceed? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:10:05 PM) 
right stuff, your scores are decent. Do you think you could score significantly higher by retaking the MCAT? 

Hide (ID=35) (Apr 12, 2000 10:10:18 PM) 
(This user is now known as Fatman) 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:10:21 PM) 
Daniel. I know. I don't want to do worse if I take it again. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:10:24 PM) 
Bobby, yes I do. Again you are addressing a weakness. 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:10:47 PM) 
no i am not addressing a weakness - could you be more explicit 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:11:01 PM) 
DK, then just keep them posted on the great things you have done since you applied. Again, you want to give them more reasons to admit you. 

Nick (ID=23) (Apr 12, 2000 10:11:03 PM) 
DK, I am waitlisted on Columbia MBA 

Fatman (ID=35) (Apr 12, 2000 10:11:07 PM) 
Hi, there. I've got no acceptance. I'm desperate! 

JaredUSM (ID=32) (Apr 12, 2000 10:11:14 PM) 
I will apply for MBA graduate school next year. What are the most important things that I can do between now and then to improve my chances of being accepted? 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:11:14 PM) 
When I took the practices before the MCAT, I was scoring 12s, 13s, even 15s. These were Kaplan practice exams. And then I couldn't sleep the night before the exam ... 

cindy (ID=27) (Apr 12, 2000 10:11:18 PM) 
DK - write a letter describing recent significant progress, in a way that links thematically with your interest in the specific school and with your essays. 

Daniel (ID=31) (Apr 12, 2000 10:11:21 PM) 
? is there any info online about %'s of people who get off waiting lists or schools' retention rates? 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:12:16 PM) 
does it help to give in another recomm letter 

cindy (ID=27) (Apr 12, 2000 10:12:17 PM) 
I'm not sure Daniel, but I do know that these numbers change significantly year to year, even for a given school. 

Daniel (ID=31) (Apr 12, 2000 10:12:17 PM) 
I'd just like to know what my chances are since the schools won't give me any definitive info 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:12:21 PM) 
right stuff, it is risky to take the MCAT again and I don't think that is what put you on the wait list. If, however, you were consistently scoring higher and are confident you would score higher next time, you could consider the August administration of it. But I am very hesitant to recommend that. 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:12:25 PM) 
sidebar: Is anybody tired of the theme thing? No one really lives like that right? 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:12:42 PM) 
? How often should I write a letter to them? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:12:48 PM) 
Jared, do well on the GMAT, volunteer and research the schools so that you will know why you are applying at the schools you ultimately choose. 

Nick (ID=23) (Apr 12, 2000 10:13:06 PM) 
? I am from Malaysia, any idea how to I find Columbia's alumni for more information 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:13:35 PM) 
Thanks Linda. I signed up to retake the test in April and backed out. I don't think I'd do better if I took it right now. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:13:41 PM) 
Daniel, I don't know. That varies school to school and year to year. Besides, you are an individual. Statistics for a large number won't tell you that much. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:13:56 PM) 
right stuff, then I am glad you backed out. 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 0012, 2000 10:14:15 PM) 
My LSAT score is a 160, will that be enough to make up for my 2.9 GPA? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:14:19 PM) 
Nick, you might post a question on the BW or Princeton Review message boards. 

JaredUSM (ID=32) (Apr 12, 2000 10:14:26 PM) 
Any advice from anyone in here about what I can do to better prepare for the GMAT? 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:14:39 PM) 
? Now, the one I got feedback. - U. Chicago 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:14:46 PM) 
Toby, it will help a lot. Do you have good extra-curriculars and leadership experience, Toby. 

JaredUSM (ID=32) (Apr 12, 2000 10:14:47 PM) 
I have Barron's GMAT review and practice exams. 

Nick (ID=23) (Apr 12, 2000 10:14:57 PM) 
? Is BW = Business Week 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:14:59 PM) 
? Do you have any idea what U.Chicago's policy on WL? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:15:04 PM) 
Jared, take a GMAT review course. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:15:10 PM) 
Nick, yes. 

danie (ID=36) (Apr 12, 2000 10:15:16 PM) 
I'm on the waitlist for med school. What are the specifics I should include in writing a letter to the schools? Is it appropriate to try and contact my interviewers to get some feedback on how they thought it went or what they thought should be improved? 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:15:20 PM) 
I heard that they put lots of people on their WL 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:15:24 PM) 
I have been working as a manager for the past 4 years, but no real extra curriculars. 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:15:29 PM) 
Linda, at the stage that I am in all I have is this letter telling me that they are concerned about the analy core courses how does one really deal with it from here. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:15:30 PM) 
DK, I don't know Chicago's specific policy. It varies from year to year. 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:15:36 PM) 
But if you decide to take the review course, leave enough time to work at it. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:15:58 PM) 
bobby, I think you are on the right track by sending a letter emphasizing the demanding analytical work you do on a regular basis. 

JaredUSM (ID=32) (Apr 12, 2000 10:16:18 PM) 
GMAT review course - I do not think they are offered at this university 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:16:19 PM) 
In addition, as I mentioned earlier, you may want to take a class that will demonstrate you have those skills. 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:16:35 PM) 
how often should do i write to them 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:16:38 PM) 
Jared, they are usually offered by Kaplan and Princeton Review. 

JaredUSM (ID=32) (Apr 12, 2000 10:16:49 PM) 
In major cities? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:16:49 PM) 
Jared, GMAT is for MBAs. 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:16:56 PM) 
I went to the university of Oklahoma for undergrad. My GPA is 4.0, major physics, but I wonder if that is part of the wait list deal? 

JaredUSM (ID=32) (Apr 12, 2000 10:16:56 PM) 
i know 

Erin (ID=19) (Apr 12, 2000 10:17:01 PM) 
?I haven't heard one way or another ... Spoke to admissions offices and am still active... Are the chances better at this point for a wait list or flat denial or even acceptance? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:17:04 PM) 
bobby, I would write every 4-6 weeks and keep them posted. 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:17:04 PM) 
Linda, could you suggest any specific classes that might be of interest? 

JaredUSM (ID=32) (Apr 12, 2000 10:17:16 PM) 
(keeping options open) 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:17:18 PM) 
Erin, you are applying for a JD? 

Nick (ID=23) (Apr 12, 2000 10:17:29 PM) 
? Any idea what's the percentage of waitlisted student got admitted for Columbia? 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:17:38 PM) 
Erin, I second that question too!! 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:17:54 PM) 
? Chicago told me to send them a letter, explaining why I need another MBA at Chicago (I have a specialized MBA at Rutgers.). They said other aspects on my app. looked good. Can it be the real reason why they put me on the WL? 

Erin (ID=19) (Apr 12, 2000 10:17:56 PM) 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:17:58 PM) 
Yes, the review courses are in all the major cities and they probably have some courses in smaller college towns. Check their Web site. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:18:46 PM) 
I think you can still get in, Erin. I couldn't quantify, however, which pile you are most likely to end up in. 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:19:04 PM) 
Cindy! Good to see you! 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:19:04 PM) 
DK, they don't like to admit people who already have an MBA. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:19:19 PM) 
That can definitely be the real reason. 

Erin (ID=19) (Apr 12, 2000 10:19:28 PM) 
Thanks, Linda. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:19:30 PM) 
The fact that they sent you that letter to me is a very good sign. 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:19:32 PM) 
I once picked up a stray dog, and took it to the pound. The pound then told me that the dog would be put to sleep in three days and that I could not retrieve the dog myself after those 3 days. So I went home and started calling the names in the phone book starting with A. I eventually spoke to the neighbor of the owner of the dog, whose last name started with C. The dog was picked up the next day. Is this something to write about in a personal statement to support my dedication to a cause? 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:19:46 PM) 
? they don't? They also told me that there are some ppl who have MBA degrees. What should I do then? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:20:10 PM) 
DK, answer their questions. 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:20:31 PM) 
Of course. How should I approach, though? 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:20:42 PM) 
Toby. Wow, what dedication. I hope you don't live in NYC! 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:20:54 PM) 
if they don't like ones with MBA? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:20:59 PM) 
Toby, that shows you are a nice person, but it doesn't show a significant commitment to a cause or service to others, which is what many other applicants will show. 

cindy (ID=27) (Apr 12, 2000 10:21:16 PM) 
DK - I think you've done what you can in this case, i.e., specifying the exact nature of the previous MBA and clarifying its difference from a "traditional" MBA. 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:21:32 PM) 
Yes, Cindy. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:21:34 PM) 
DK, tell them why the MBA you already have didn't prepare you for what you want to do now and why Chicago's MBA will prepare you. 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:21:47 PM) 
I am also getting an additional recommendation for Chicago next week. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:21:52 PM) 
DK, good idea. 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:21:55 PM) 
Linda, please could you suggest the classes that I should take since I have a very short space of time before school. I am currently in Melbourne, Australia 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:22:33 PM) 
bobby, you may want to take classes online. I just read today about a distance education program in Asia so I know it exists over there ... or at least close to over there. 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:22:39 PM) 
What kind of cause or service to others? Isn't that a service to another? 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:22:57 PM) 
I will start writing a letter for Chicago this weekend. 

Erin (ID=19) (Apr 12, 2000 10:23:06 PM) 
?Do Internet courses really have credibility at this point? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:23:08 PM) 
Again, if they are worried about analytical skills for a business school, I would take calculus, statistics, basic finance, etc. 

Nick (ID=23) (Apr 12, 2000 10:23:10 PM) 
? How often should we call to follow up on application put on waitlist? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:23:25 PM) 
Erin, they don't have as much credibility, but they have more than doing nothing. 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:23:27 PM) 
Thanks for that info - could you please tell me the Web site where you might have seen this ... Thanks. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:23:51 PM) 
Nick, I recommend writing every 4-6 weeks. 

Erin (ID=19) (Apr 12, 2000 10:24:12 PM) 

Nick (ID=23) (Apr 12, 2000 10:24:27 PM) 
? What about calling or emailing? What do you think? 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:24:30 PM) 
Does everyone who is admitted to law school have to have volunteered or exhibited excellent community involvement? 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:24:33 PM) 
As I said earlier, I also intend to send in another recomm letter from my boss. Should she concentrate on my analy skills - or should it just be a really gen one? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:24:39 PM) 
Toby, no, but it does help. 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:24:42 PM) 
Should I tell them about papers or send abstracts? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:24:53 PM) 
bobby, she should definitely concentrate on your analytical skills. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:25:06 PM) 
right stuff, yes, tell them about about papers or abstracts. 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:25:18 PM) 
Without those things, what can I use to sell myself? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:25:28 PM) 
Again, you want to inform them of achievements that occurred since you applied. Those qualify and are relevant to your application. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:25:52 PM) 
Have you cared for a sick loved one? Do you have a hobby or sport that you are involved in? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:25:58 PM) 
Do you draw, dance, play music? 

danie (ID=36) (Apr 12, 2000 10:26:09 PM) 
Linda, is it appropriate to contact your interviewer? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:26:10 PM) 
Have you participated in an interesting internship? 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:26:20 PM) 
I have been out of school for a year. Other than the research guy I'm working for, who should I ask for recommendations? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:26:21 PM) 
Danie, did you send the interviewer an thank you? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:26:35 PM) 
Danie, did you have a good interview? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:26:51 PM) 
right stuff, are you involved in an community service or volunteer work? 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:26:52 PM) 
? perhaps not appropriate Q. But...can you improve your application before hearing anything? I submitted my Columbia app. on 1/17. I have not heard any. I visited campus twice for the last two weeks. What should I do? 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:27:00 PM) 
And if I have to apply again next year, are old profs still good recommenders? 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:27:04 PM) 
Yes ... I dance I play music, but are those things relevant? I am also a vegan chef who attended culinary school in Europe, but how is that relevant to law school? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:27:12 PM) 
right stuff, yes. 

danie (ID=36) (Apr 12, 2000 10:27:16 PM) 
Yes, I thought the interviews went well, so I'm not sure where my weaknesses are. I sent thank you's right after. 

JaredUSM (ID=37) (Apr 12, 2000 10:27:17 PM) 
(This user has entered Wait List Chat) 

JaredUSM (ID=37) (Apr 12, 2000 10:27:22 PM) 
(This user has entered Wait List Chat) 

JaredUSM (ID=37) (Apr 12, 2000 10:27:22 PM) 
(This user has moved to Wait List Chat) 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:27:34 PM) 
Toby, have any of those activities influenced your interest in law? 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:27:35 PM) 
Linda, I have not really done extra well at work so what should I specify in my letter? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:27:49 PM) 
Law is about interpretation, so music and dance can be highly relevant. 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:28:00 PM) 
Yes Linda. I'm doing environmental cleanup stuff and volunteering at JH hospital 4-5 hours a week. But I volunteer in the evenings, so there's not an authoritative manager person there when I'm there. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:28:15 PM) 
bobby, has anything significant happened outside of work? 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:28:45 PM) 
Vegan cooking is a passion because I am against the meat industry. I would like to use the law to make that industry pay. 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 0012, 2000 10:28:57 PM) 
No, nothing I have specified my earlier application. My involvement has been ongoing noting new. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:28:58 PM) 
right stuff, definitely let them know that you have continued with your volunteering and the cleanup. Is there no one at either of these venues who can right about your commitment, etc. 

JaredUSM (ID=38) (Apr 12, 2000 10:28:58 PM) 
(This user has entered Wait List Chat) 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:29:04 PM) 
? I am still waiting for any answer...? 

danie (ID=36) (Apr 12, 2000 10:29:12 PM) 
Does it help to send updated transcripts or additional letters of rec? 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:29:12 PM) 
I also work on the weekends at an emergency veterinary hospital. I might be able to get a good recomm from one of the DVMs. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:29:23 PM) 
Toby, then you have something to write about. It's different and relevant. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:29:32 PM) 
Danie, yes. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:29:39 PM) 
DK, I missed your question. 

cindy (ID=27) (Apr 12, 2000 10:29:46 PM) 
DK - could you repeat the question? Sorry - I lost track. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:29:47 PM) 
right stuff, good idea. 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:29:56 PM) 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:30:46 PM) 
Linda, I have not got my answer. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:30:58 PM) 
DK, I basically recommend sitting tight and waiting to hear from the schools. 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:31:10 PM) 
What about the fact that as a cafe manager I have to settle disputes everyday between customers and employees, and between employees themselves? 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:31:17 PM) 
? Perhaps not appropriate Q here, but ... can you improve your app before hearing from school? I submitted my Columbia app on 1/17, and have not heard any yet. I visited the campus twice for the last two weeks..? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:31:21 PM) 
If however, something really significant happened, then I would write a succinct letter informing the school of what took place. 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:31:25 PM) 
You were faster, Linda. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:31:31 PM) 
I found it first. 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:31:36 PM) 

pbodine (ID=39) (Apr 12, 2000 10:31:40 PM) 
(This user has entered Wait List Chat) 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:31:55 PM) 
I also want to welcome Paul Bodine, another Accepted.com editor. 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:32:03 PM) 
Hi, Paul. 

pbodine (ID=39) (Apr 12, 2000 10:32:06 PM) 
Sorry I'm late! 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:32:11 PM) 
Hi, Paul. 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:32:14 PM) 
Hi, Paul. 

Nick (ID=23) (Apr 12, 2000 10:32:18 PM) 
Hi, Paul. 

pbodine (ID=39) (Apr 12, 2000 10:32:24 PM) 
Hello all! 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:32:39 PM) 
Did we miss any questions before? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:32:44 PM) 
I felt deluged. 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:32:51 PM) 
Yes, mine. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:32:58 PM) 
Please repeat it. 

JaredUSM (ID=38) (Apr 12, 2000 10:33:05 PM) 
I will graduate this December. Where is the best place to look for listings of internships that will cover the following spring semester and summer before I start graduate school? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:33:27 PM) 
Vault.com has a listing of internships. Your placement office may be able to help you. 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:33:36 PM) 
About my dispute management...? 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:33:45 PM) 
i have not done anything new at or outside of work nothing that i have not already specified in my app before 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:33:51 PM) 
Toby, I am sorry, but I missed that question too. Please repeat it. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:34:08 PM) 
bobby, are you sure that everything has really been status quo? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:34:18 PM) 
Absolutely nothing new? 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:34:29 PM) 
Yes, it has really been 2 months since I sent in my app. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:34:33 PM) 
Any weaknesses you would like to address? 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:34:48 PM) 
Is it relevant to a law school to mention the fact that as a cafe manager I daily deal with disputes between customers and employees and employees themselves? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:34:51 PM) 
Any interesting plans percolating? 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:35:05 PM) 
Yes, like going to Kellogg. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:35:06 PM) 
Toby, yes it can definitely be relevant. 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:35:23 PM) 
What about coming from the U of Oklahoma? Stats say that I'm in the minority. Should I take classes at other schools or what? 

cindy (ID=27) (Apr 12, 2000 10:35:34 PM) 
Toby - yes, you can emphasize the interpersonal skills development/conflict management aspect. 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:35:38 PM) 
I don't want to start back at square freshman. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:35:49 PM) 
Then bobby, focus on your growing interest in attending Kellogg and the reasons for that interest. 

JaredUSM (ID=38) (Apr 12, 2000 10:36:03 PM) 
Is it better to pursue an MBA immediately after graduation or work 2-5 years first? Why? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:36:06 PM) 
Tie the school's unique qualities to achieving your specific goals. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:36:14 PM) 
Jared, it is better to work first. 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 0012, 2000 10:36:27 PM) 
Should I, then, obtain a letter of recommendation from my boss rather than another professor? 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:36:33 PM) 
Jared, you SHOULD work first. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:36:33 PM) 
The top schools almost never accept someone w/o work experience. 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:36:40 PM) 
Do you still think I should do those online courses? 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:36:53 PM) 
Not only that, you need time to find out what you really want to do while working. 

pbodine (ID=39) (Apr 12, 2000 10:36:55 PM) 
Jared, they want to see that you are succeeding in business as well as academics. 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:37:01 PM) 
You cannot know right after school. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:37:04 PM) 
Toby, if your boss can comment on your qualifications for law school then he/she can be a recommender. 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:37:41 PM) 
But is that better than a professor, even if I already have 2 rec's from professors? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:37:45 PM) 
Bobby, if the school expressed concern about your analytical courses, then I would try in every way possible to address those concerns. A course is simply one way of doing so. 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:38:03 PM) 
Linda, you did mention to take courses - the ones you suggested are pretty basic - things I did in school> 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:38:16 PM) 
If you have two from profs, then it would probably be good to get one from your boss. 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:38:32 PM) 

JaredUSM (ID=38) (Apr 12, 2000 10:38:36 PM) 
I will have a double major in Management and Marketing and speak French among many other things (leadership, etc...etc....) I want to get an MBA with an emphasis in Finance to round out my skills and better prepare for climbing the ladder. Should I still work for 2-5 years??? 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:38:39 PM) 
What about the undergraduate school then? Should I take some classes somewhere else or just stand on what stands? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:38:41 PM) 
bobby, then take something more advanced. Also if you already took these classes, how did you do in them? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:38:55 PM) 
right stuff, what was your undergrad GPA? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:38:59 PM) 
science GPA? 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:39:05 PM) 
Not exceptionally well - average 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:39:10 PM) 
Linda: 4.0/4.0 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:39:17 PM) 
Jared, yes, you need to work. 

pbodine (ID=39) (Apr 12, 2000 10:39:24 PM) 
Jared, you should work at least two, but I know of someone with only one year of work experience who got waitlisted at Michigan so you can be in the running at least after one year of experience. 

danie (ID=36) (Apr 12, 2000 10:39:39 PM) 
Linda, could I ask you again, is it appropriate to contact my interviewer to find out what he/she thought? I'd like to address my weaknesses, but I'm not sure what they are 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:39:39 PM) 
What about mentioning that everyone tells me I should be a lawyer? 

JaredUSM (ID=38) (Apr 12, 2000 10:39:41 PM) 
Yikes - I just hate to waste 2-5 years before "starting" 

Erin (ID=19) (Apr 12, 2000 10:39:51 PM) 
?Is 1.5 years of working not considered much work time, and does it make as big a difference for law school as much for say, an MBA? 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:39:58 PM) 
Jared, it is not wasting. 

Erin (ID=19) (Apr 12, 2000 10:40:00 PM) 
Don't make it a waste, Jared 

pbodine (ID=39) (Apr 12, 2000 10:40:02 PM) 
Jared, why do you consider it "wasting"? 

DK (ID=25) (Apr 12, 2000 10:40:05 PM) 
if you want, please go ahead 

JaredUSM (ID=38) (Apr 12, 2000 10:40:16 PM) 
I will be 28 before I get out with an MBA 

Erin (ID=19) (Apr 12, 2000 10:40:27 PM) 
It's as good an age as any. 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:40:32 PM) 
Side ... can I save this chat? 

JaredUSM (ID=38) (Apr 12, 2000 10:40:36 PM) 
Not as good as 24. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:40:41 PM) 
Danie, if you had a good interview and your interviewer was open to further contact, then you can contact her and ask if there were weaknesses you could address to improve your profile. 

JaredUSM (ID=38) (Apr 12, 2000 10:40:45 PM) 
More time to climb!!! 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:40:49 PM) 
Linda? 4.0. did you get that? 

pbodine (ID=39) (Apr 12, 2000 10:40:54 PM) 
Lord, 28 - that's one foot in the grave! ;-) 

cindy (ID=27) (Apr 12, 2000 10:40:58 PM) 
Toby - the transcript will be available on the Web site. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:41:05 PM) 
Erin, working is much more important for admission to b-school than law school. 

Erin (ID=19) (Apr 12, 2000 10:41:19 PM) 
Thanks, Linda 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:41:28 PM) 
Jared, that is a pretty typical age for receiving an MBA. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:41:34 PM) 
You're welcome. 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:41:51 PM) 
What about mentioning that everyone tells me I should be a lawyer? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:42:06 PM) 
right stuff, if you have a 4.0, then I may change my recommendation about classes. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:42:19 PM) 
Were you one of those who was told that you application is weak in a particular area? 

pbodine (ID=39) (Apr 12, 2000 10:42:19 PM) 
Toby, why do they say is probably more important? 

pbodine (ID=39) (Apr 12, 2000 10:42:37 PM) 
Toby, why they tell you that is probably more important (sorry) 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:42:53 PM) 
Because I argue until I'm blue in the face, I love a good dispute. 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:43:01 PM) 
What did you say about classes, Linda? 

pbodine (ID=39) (Apr 12, 2000 10:43:05 PM) 
That's a great thing to talk about! 

JaredUSM (ID=38) (Apr 12, 2000 10:43:13 PM) 
Do you consider top 50 business schools "too hard" to get into without work experience? 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:43:28 PM) 
Was that to me, pbodine? 

JaredUSM (ID=38) (Apr 12, 2000 10:43:33 PM) 
Who do they let in without work experience?? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:43:33 PM) 
right stuff, unless you were specifically told that your record is weak in a particular area, with a 4.0 and having taken the classes I already mentioned, I won't recommend taking them again. 

pbodine (ID=39) (Apr 12, 2000 10:43:49 PM) 
Toby, yes it was (sorry). Talk about your love of a good dispute/debate. 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:44:09 PM) 
I'm applying to med school. I don't think you recommended any classes for med school, did you? 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:44:10 PM) 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:44:12 PM) 
Toby, but again, don't just claim it, use specifics to show it. 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:44:41 PM) 
uh huh 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:44:54 PM) 
right stuff, if you had a distinctly lower verbal score, then I would recommend English classes. If you had lower scores in the science areas, I would recommend some more of those classes. 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:45:09 PM) 
Oh, thanks Linda. Got it. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:45:12 PM) 
But if you already have a 4.0, I don't think that is keeping you out of med school. 

Nick (ID=23) (Apr 12, 2000 10:45:19 PM) 
? The average GMAT for Columbia is 700. I got 640. Is that something I should be worried about? 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:45:30 PM) 
My GRE score on the analytical section was 750. Should I mention that for law school? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:45:40 PM) 
That is low enough to raise an eyebrow. 

danie (ID=36) (Apr 12, 2000 10:45:41 PM) 
linda, is it alright to mention that one of the reasons you're interested in a school is because it offers dual degree programs, or does that sound too ambitious for someone on the waitlist for med school? 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:46:00 PM) 
750 out of 800 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:46:11 PM) 
Danie, no it is not too ambitious as long as your actions support your ambitions. 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:46:17 PM) 
I'm setting up a meeting with the Hopkins admissions committee to go over my app with me. I'm not really sure what my weaknesses are. It all looks pretty good to me. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:46:21 PM) 
Toby, if it fits in your essay you can mention it. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:46:39 PM) 
Also if you can, you may want to fit it in with an asterisk in the box section of the applications. 

pbodine (ID=39) (Apr 12, 2000 10:46:42 PM) 
Toby, if you can find a context to tell them that, i.e., as part of other quantitative qualifications you have, then that might be good to mention to them. 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:46:51 PM) 
It is one of the reasons I chose law as a career! 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:46:54 PM) 
Toby, but don't force it. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:47:06 PM) 
Any other questions? 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:47:13 PM) 
Linda, at school I got 'A' s in all the courses. 

Nick (ID=23) (Apr 12, 2000 10:47:13 PM) 
? I am still waiting for my answer. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:47:21 PM) 
bobby, that's great! 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:47:42 PM) 
Nick, yes your GMAT could hurt you at top schools. 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:47:44 PM) 
So where does that leave me? 

pbodine (ID=39) (Apr 12, 2000 10:47:44 PM) 
Nick, with a 640 for Columbia you'll have to be bringing some other things to the table - such as an unusual background or unusual work or community experiences. 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:47:52 PM) 
When is another chat scheduled? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:48:05 PM) 
bobby, where, again, are you wait-listed? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:48:18 PM) 
Toby, we have 2 pre-med chats scheduled now. 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:48:29 PM) 
What about law? 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:48:29 PM) 
Linda, could you suggest any other ways of addressing this other than taking courses - Kellogg 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:48:34 PM) 
The chat schedule is on our Web site and always announced in our monthly newsletter, Odds 'N Ends. 

right stuff (ID=30) (Apr 12, 2000 10:48:39 PM) 
Thanks for having the chat. It sucks to be waitlisted, but it's nice to know it's not really *wait* listed, more like *do some cool stuff and tell them about it* listed. Thanks 

Nick (ID=23) (Apr 12, 2000 10:48:57 PM) 
? Any other thing I could do to improve my chances, any other test such as IQ test? 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:49:11 PM) 
Yeah, IQ test? 

danie (ID=36) (Apr 12, 2000 10:49:36 PM) 
Linda, if your GPA slips a little (less than 0.1 points) from your AMCAS GPA, will that matter? 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:49:36 PM) 
bobby, I think you suggested two other excellent way to address their concern: 1) point out the analytically demanding work you regularly handle and 2) have your boss comment favorably on your analytical skills. Make sure s/he includes specific examples of tough assignments that you handled well. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:49:51 PM) 
You're welcome right stuff. I hope you get in. 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:50:02 PM) 
Thanks, Linda. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:50:03 PM) 
I don't think an IQ test would help. 

cindy (ID=27) (Apr 12, 2000 10:50:15 PM) 
Toby - continue to highlight what really distinguishes you as a candidate. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:0050:34 PM) 
It has not been correlated to success in b-school. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:0050:34 PM) 
Thank you again all for participating this evening. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:50:35 PM) 
I want to mention that Accepted.com's editors are available to advise on and edit wait-list letters. If you are interested, please visit our price list

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:50:41 PM) 
I am so desperate to get into Kellogg I think I will do/ write anything that I need to. 

Toby (ID=33) (Apr 12, 2000 10:50:42 PM) 
Thank you for your insight ... it helps 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:50:45 PM) 
Finally, I would really appreciate feedback from all of you on tonight's chat. Please send your comments, criticisms, and suggestions for future chats to chatfeedback@accepted.com

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:51:04 PM) 
Good luck to you all! 

bobby (ID=34) (Apr 12, 2000 10:51:07 PM) 
Thank you, Linda, for your suggestions. 

danie (ID=36) (Apr 12, 2000 10:51:19 PM) 
Thanks for your time! 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:51:23 PM) 
You're very welcome. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:51:38 PM) 
Have a very good evening! Good luck! 

Nick (ID=23) (Apr 12, 2000 10:52:04 PM) 
?One more question if you don't mind. If I were to take GMAT again, I might be able to improve my score for another 20-30 point (current score is 640), does it help? 

pbodine (ID=39) (Apr 12, 2000 10:52:47 PM) 
Nick, yes that would help particularly if you're sure you would raise it. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:52:50 PM) 
It would help, but only take it if you are confident you can improve. You really don't want to go down. Make sure you have the time to prepare. 

Nick (ID=23) (Apr 12, 2000 10:53:33 PM) 
Thanks for your insight. 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:53:44 PM) 
You're very welcome. 

Nick (ID=23) (Apr 12, 2000 10:53:52 PM) 
good nite 

Linda Abraham (ID=29) (Apr 12, 2000 10:53:55 PM) 
Thanks again for participating. Good luck! Good night.

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