The Art of a Gripping MBA Goals Essay

Learn how to create a compelling MBA goals essay revealing top b-school-quality experience, motivation, and vision!

Admission committees put a high premium on the MBA goals essay. These essays show that a candidate has direction and a good reason for attending their program. The difference between a good goals essay and an amazing one is considerable—and the amazing essays are often quickly moved to the admit pile.

How can you make sure that your MBA goals essay dazzles your reader? How can you ensure that it doesn't just blandly list your interests, but truly expresses your innermost aspirations realistically, thoughtfully, and persuasively?

In The Art of a Gripping MBA Goals Essay you will learn:

  • The role of the goals essay in admissions decisions.
  • 3 essential elements in a compelling MBA goals essay.
  • How to include "Goals Plus" in your application.
  • An effective structure for a goals essay.

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About the Presenter

Cindy Tokumitsu has been helping clients gain admission to top business schools since 1998. As an experienced writer and editor, Cindy's strengths lie in helping applicants articulate their ideas, goals, and experiences in thoughtfully crafted essays.

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