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Law School Application Services

You know you want to go to law school to become a lawyer or work in the law field in some capacity, but there's one thing standing in the way...acceptance to your dream law program.

The law school application process can be grueling. You need to take and do well on the LSAT, write a meaningful personal statement, choose and coach your recommenders, and write supplemental essays. Top law schools are incredibly competitive and accept only the best of the best.

Why not take some of the stress out of the process and put your best application forward with the help of Accepted's team of expert law school admissions consultants?

Our law school consulting team can help you show the admissions committee that you have what it takes to be an integral part of their class.

Below, you can learn more about the law school admissions consulting services we offer.

Comprehensive Law School Application Packages

This flat-rate service includes the following:

  • help evaluating your target law schools
  • strategy, revising, and editing your personal statement
  • advice on choosing and coaching your recommenders
  • editing diversity statements and other supplemental essays/addenda
  • waitlist advice
  • decision counseling

Law School Admissions Consulting Hourly Services

  • Is law school the right decision for you?
  • If so, where should you apply?
  • How can you maximize your appeal to your target programs?
  • How can you mitigate weaknesses?

Our hourly law school admissions consulting services will help answer any and all questions you have about making this major decision. Your consultant will review your full profile, including academics, extracurricular activities, community service, and guide your approach to the law school application process.

CV/Resume Hourly and Package Services

This element of your law school application is usually the first thing admissions committees look at, so you want to dazzle them with your experience and qualifications. Choose from a comprehensive flat-rate package or an hourly service–whichever suits your needs. Both options save time while ensuring your achievements and impact stand out distinctly, adding excitement to your entire law school application.

Law School Personal Statement Hourly and Package Services

Let our law school consultants help you brainstorm ideas based on your experience and goals, while guiding you through the writing process so that you tell your story with authenticity and impact. You'll emerge with an engaging, substantive, and compelling essay. Flat-rate packages provide comprehensive assistance with no clock ticking; hourly options can help you polish an essay you've already drafted.

Letters of Recommendation Hourly Services

Unsure what to write for a student you're recommending? Want an expert to review or polish your letter to ensure it hits all the high points for your law school applicant? Our LOR packages pair you with a law school admissions consultant who will interview you and draft an outline for the letter, and then edit your draft. This package ensures a strong, effective LOR for your candidate.

Law School Application Final Check

Don't hit “submit” until you've had an Accepted law school consultant provide a final check for your application. We'll review and critique your essays, resume, and responses to short-answer and optional questions. If any part of your application seems wobbly, we'll offer specific recommendations to get it on firmer ground. We'll give you the green light when your self-portrait shows the adcom that you belong at their law program!

Law School Interview Prep

Ace your interview after prepping with one of our law school admissions experts–they know what you can expect and provide you with a dress rehearsal and meaningful feedback to strengthen your interview skills and calm your nerves. Your law school interview consultant will review your submitted application to help you put your best foot forward. Depending on the service you select, you can have 1-3 mock interviews so that you walk into your real law school interview, calm, prepared, and ready for prime time.

Law School Waitlist Strategy

Want to move from “Waitlisted” to “Accepted?” Our waitlist strategy services provide a review of your application materials and offer editing and/or consultation and guidance on writing a waitlist letter. This proven service saves time, eases worry, and strengthens your appeal to the law programs who are still interested in you.

Law School Rejection Review

If you plan to reapply after a law school rejection, this service is essential. Your consultant will review your law school admissions profile, critique one application, identifying weaknesses in your qualifications and your presentation of those qualifications. You'll learn how to bolster your application essays, resume, interview skills, and letters of recommendation, mitigate weaknesses and highlight your unique strengths, boosting your chances for acceptance in the next application cycle.

Want to speak with one of our law school consultants first? Not sure which admissions consulting service is best for you? We'd love to guide you through the process!

Meet Our Law School Admissions Experts

Brigitte Suhr

Brigitte Suhr

Brigitte received her JD from UVA Law, where she also reviewed more than 2,500 applications as part of the admissions office, gaining valuable insight into the process. In addition, she has a background in international human rights and nonprofit strategy, programs, and management. Passionate about mentoring and guiding applicants, she’s coached more than 100 to successful admission to T-14 schools (and many others). Clients appreciate her direct, honest, supportive, and strategic working style.

Learn more about Brigitte Suhr.

Sadie Polen

Sadie Polen

Sadie has more than ten years of experience in higher education. She reviewed statements of purpose, personal statements, and resumes for political and public service opportunities and made candidate selections for elite programs at Harvard University. She also has experience advising individuals on their career and post-graduation plans. Sadie holds a BS from UC Davis, an EdM from Harvard, and a DEI certificate from Cornell.

Learn more about Sadie Polen.

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