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You know what you want to do: get into to a top healthcare program, become a healthcare professional, and have a successful and fulfilling life.

There is just one thing standing in the way of your dream: acceptance to a top program in your field, whether dentistry, physical therapy, physician assistantship, or other graduate healthcare school. You have to go through the grueling application process. You must take classes and tests, prepare your applications, including paying associated fees and writing tons of essays, interviewing and paying for travel expenses. And there’s also the emotional burden -- nerves, doubts, anxiety. Top schools only take the best of the best. You’re determined, but also stressed and perhaps overwhelmed - do you have what it takes?

Let our admissions consultants help you show that you have the stuff required your dream programs.

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Why Choose Accepted for Admissions Consulting

Our expert admissions consultants -- physicians, former postbac directors, admissions committee directors and members, published authors, and highly experienced consultants – collectively have over 100 years of healthcare admissions experience. We’ve guided thousands of applicants worldwide to acceptances at graduate nursing, PA, PT, and other healthcare programs since 1994, and we are ready to help you, too.

How we work with our clients is straightforward. From the start, you work one-on-one with a consultant to create the best possible application so you can submit it with confidence. Together we create a detailed plan to guide you through the process and enhance your chances of acceptance. You go through the healthcare program application process with clarity, not confusion, confidence, not stress.

Why Do You Need Healthcare Program Application Assistance?

Simple. The application process is long, complicated, expensive, and hard. Don’t do it alone only to face possible rejection and the realization you didn’t give yourself every possible chance for success. Instead, work with one of our expert consultants and know you gave it your all.

Know you put together the best possible application to your dream healthcare program. Increase your chance of acceptance and reduce the possibility of rejection and an expensive reapplication. Let our healthcare admissions consulting experts help you get into the best program for you so you can become the best healthcare professional you can be.

Let’s move forward!

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Client Feedback

"Thank you again for your help with my essays. Several of my interviewers commented on how polished they were and I think they really helped to off-set my lower score in the MCAT verbal. I have been recommending you to others! I hope all is well!, SUNY Downstate, SUNY Upstate, Stonybrook, George Washington University and NYU."