Non-MD/DO Healthcare Admissions

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Everything you need to know about admissions to healthcare fields other than allopathic and osteopathic medicine.

Healthcare Program Resources by Topic

Degree-Specific Advice

General Application Advice

Degree-Specific Advice

Dental School Admissions

Our expert advice on how to get into dental school

PA Admissions

Our expert advice on how to get into Physician Assistant (PA) programs

Ultimate Guide to PA

Download our guide to learn how you get accepted to your top-choice PA program

PT Admissions

Our expert advice on how to get into physical therapy programs

OT Admissions

Our expert advice on how to get into occupational therapy programs

MPH Admissions

Our expert advice on how to get into MPH programs

Nursing Admissions

Our expert advice on how to get into nursing programs

Vet Admissions

Our expert advice on how to get into veterinary medicine programs

postbac applicants

Tips and advice on how to ace your post-college, pre-med program applications

Postbac program guide

Download our guide to learn how to get accepted to a postbac program

General Application Advice

GRE Prep

Resources to teach you how to prepare for the GRE

Advice for Parents

Resources to guide you and your student through the application process

Dealing with Low Stats

Advice for how to deal with a low test score or GPA in your applications

Visiting Schools

Advice on what to bring, who to talk to, and what you should do post-visiting schools

Essay Tips

Practical tips on the brainstorming, writing, and editing phase of the application process

Secondary Essays

Ensure your nail your secondary essays for healthcare program applications

CV Tips

Construct a winning CV that presents the essential facts and your impressive experiences

Resume Guide

Download our guide to learn how to craft an amazing admissions resume/CV

letters of recommendation

Learn how to obtain winning letters of recommendation that present you at your best

Interview Tips

Learn how to prepare for your medical school interviews

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Cydney Foote-1

Cydney Foote

Former admissions committee member at the University of Washington (UW) School of Medicine and curriculum development team member at the UW School of Dentistry

Learn more about Cydney >

Flash Gordon

Dr. Herman "Flash" Gordon

Tenured faculty member at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, he was also the admissions committee chair and a neuroscience graduate admissions committee member

Learn more about Flash >

Barry Rothman

Dr. Barry S. Rothman, Ph.D.

Emeritus professor of biology, former health professions advisor, and former director of three post-bac programs at San Francisco State University

Learn more about Barry >

Madison Searle

Madison Searle

Read more than 5,000 applications and advised students as former director for three undergraduate honors programs at the College of Natural Sciences at UT Austin

Learn more about Madison >

Mary Mahoney

Dr. Mary Mahoney

Director of medical humanities at a liberal arts college in New York and a tenured English professor, specializing in the personal essay, for more than 20 years

Learn more about Mary >

Valerie Wherley

Dr. Valerie Wherley

Former assistant dean of student affairs at the William Beaumont School of Medicine and former director of pre-health advisement and the Postbac Certificate Program at Sacred Heart

Learn more about Valerie >

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