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Why Should I Consider an Allied Health Career?

If the road to medical school seems too long, or you have financial constraints that prevent you from applying, you might want to consider a career that offers many of the same experiences a physician can have, but without the extensive schooling. 

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Writing Your PA School Personal Statement With Impact [Bonus PA personal statement example included]

To stand out in this crowded field, your personal statement for your PA application has got to shine from the first sentence to the last.

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How to Get Into Dental School

So, you want to be a dentist? This post will guide you through the dental school admissions process and how to get accepted. Read an overview of the process, application timelines, requirements, and more. 

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It was a very competitive year. Each school got about 300 more applications.... Also, you were amazing to work with. We got 4 essays done on a holiday week! Thank you so much for your assistance and patience. I really couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much.

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