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Why Should I Consider an Allied Health Career?
If the road to medical school seems too long, or you have financial constraints that prevent you from applying, you might want to consider a career that offers many of the same experiences a physician can have, but without the extensive schooling. Read More!


The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Physician 
If you have the information you need, it will make a world of difference! We've compiled these 12 tips to help you navigate your way from PA applicant to PA student. Get Your Guide Now!!

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How to Get Into Dental School

So, you want to be a dentist? This post will guide you through the dental school admissions process and how to get accepted. Read an overview of the process, application timelines, requirements, and more. Save this link!

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When looking for help with my medical school application, I noticed Alicia has had consistent success with a ~90% acceptance rate, and as I worked with her, I began to see why. She was extremely helpful in developing my ideas and putting them into words. She is a talented writer with in-depth admissions knowledge and she helped bring my writing to the next level. In addition to helping with my application, she was supportive and encouraging throughout this long and stressful application cycle. I am very happy to have worked with Alicia and I am thrilled to enroll in medical school this summer.

- AJ

I worked with Cydney for the 2020-2021 application cycle.

I was a reapplicant for the AMCAS and TMDSAS applications and was ultimately accepted to my top choice medical school, McGovern Medical School, in the Texas pre-match! Cydney’s feedback not only helped to improve my application to be much more competitive, she also helped me to understand and learn more about how to properly and actively write about myself for such applications. During my interview I received multiple comments on my writing, with one interviewer saying she knew she would enjoy speaking to me after reading my application. Cydney’s help in crafting my personal statement and other optional essays (for TMDSAS) by guiding me through ways of piecing together my experiences is what I believe tipped me over the edge to an applicant the admissions committees were excited about. Overall, she is extremely efficient and knowledgeable about the entire process, and I highly recommend anyone applying to medical school to work with her.

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Within two weeks after my first interview, which happened to be at my top choice for attendance (and an MD school no-less), I got a phone call from the Dean of Admissions that I had been accepted! They even told me that I was a very competitive applicant and one of the first people accepted into their class. I was over the moon by this news, and Barry was one of the first people I reached out to regarding this. I felt like we had reached this accomplishment together as a cohesive team working toward a common goal. And we did it!

Whenever anyone asks me about how I got to this point of holding an acceptance at one of the top medical schools in the country, I explain that I couldn’t have done it without Accepted, specifically with Barry. Here I am, an applicant who was initially told by others to give up, now labeled as one of the most competitive applicants they have had this year. I tell everyone to reach out to Accepted whenever they’re ready to start the process. Admissions companies are expensive, but Accepted is far more reasonably priced than others, and the money is well-worth it! You will not be disappointed in your investment; it is the best choice I have made in years.

- Sarah

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