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10 PhD Interview Tips

10 PhD Interview Tips

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Hi Rachel,

I'm happy to let you know that I got accepted to Georgetown's MA program! They offered decent merit aid plus an assistantship, and I actually just paid the seat deposit today (which reminded me of your message).

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful help with my whole application, and the personal statement in particular. The writing process that you guided me through was invaluable in teaching me to communicate big ideas through the lens of my own personal story in a way that resonates. More than just a one-off essay, that discovery has continued to pay dividends, giving me the skills to create compelling narratives that build bridges between life experience and academic interests.

Thanks again, Michael

Working with Dr. Rothman was instrumental to my success during my PhD interviews. We began to work together with limited time, just a few days before my interviews were scheduled, and Dr. Rothman was very flexible in working around my tight timeline. I also began the process low on confidence and high on anxiety: The pandemic had cut short my research experience, which anyone applying to PhD programs knows is typically the most important element of your application.

Dr. Rothman is not only highly knowledgeable about the application process in general but is also himself a trained biomedical researcher. He knew exactly what kinds of questions I was likely to be asked, and his scientific background allowed him to probe expertly into my research interests.

During our first meeting, he was able to quickly identify where my preparation was lacking, and which areas my interviewers were likely to focus on. He pushed me to better understand the broader narratives and goals of the projects I was involved in rather than simply my individual role within those projects. He also reminded me to always slow down and breathe!

With Dr. Rothman’s help, I had just enough time to complete my preparation and I entered my interviews calm and confident. I was admitted to my top choice PhD program.

Hi Linda,

Thank you so much, it is very exciting news! Your online videos were very insightful and motivating. Esmeralda was amazing and really helped me shine. I appreciate all the help. We will be in touch.


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