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Northwestern Kellogg

Quick Facts

Average 2013 GMAT: 713
Average 2013 GPA: 3.54
2013 Acceptance Rate: 21.6%
2014 Application Deadlines: October 16, 2013; January 7, 2014; April 2, 2014
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Blog Posts

B-Schools with the Highest ROIs

When determining an MBA’s return on investment (ROI), it makes a big difference whether you’re considering the short-term or long-term gain. The Economist recently released data that measures the ROI (measured by taking the difference between pre- and post-MBA salaries and dividing it by the total cost of the program, including forgone salary plus tuition […] Read More

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Where Does Wall St. Hire: U.S. B-Schools Sending Grads into Financial Services

According to GMAC’s just released Prospective Students Survey Report, 37% of prospective MBA students hope to go into finance after they earn their degree, making it the most popular post-MBA destination. If you fall into this crowded category, then you’ll be interested in knowing which b-schools prepare the most grads for jobs in financial services. As […] Read More

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