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MBA: University of Texas Chat (Jan. 22, 2002)

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Chat Transcript:

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 9:06:08 PM)
Let's start.

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 9:06:10 PM)
First I want to welcome you all to's UT Admissions Chat.

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 9:06:18 PM)
I also want to welcome Elissa Ellis, UT's Assistant Dean, Matt Turner, Director of Admissions, and Namrata Nayyar, second-year student. And last but not least, I want to welcome Cindy Tokumitsu and Paul Bodine, two of's editors.

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 9:06:25 PM)
Namrata is a marketing major at UT. She was a brand manager in India before coming to the US to start her MBA studies.

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 9:06:32 PM)
Thanks to everyone for joining.

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 9:06:42 PM)
We are trying something new tonight. In the past, we have enjoyed the spontaneity of unmoderated chats at However, the increasing popularity of these chats meant that spontaneity was occasionally turning into chaos. So tonight, we are going to go to a moderated chat formal.

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 9:06:49 PM)
In a moderated chat, all your questions go to the moderator (me). I will choose the questions that have the broadest application and those questions will appear in the main window for Elissa, Matt, and Namrata to reply to. You will only see your question in the main window if it is chosen.

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 9:06:58 PM)
Please post your questions, and I will choose as many as possible from the ones you post and our guests will respond. You can also post follow up questions.

Brett Hecker (ID=82) (Jan 22, 2002 9:06:16 PM)
Matt, why has UT chosen to utilize "rolling admissions" vs. the deadlines that most other programs use?

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:07:20 PM)
Good question. Several offices are involved at a place like UT and it is best that way.

Bearmum (ID=58) (Jan 22, 2002 9:07:21 PM)
Hello, I submitted the electronic package on 13th Dec. 2001, sent my application package by FedEx. Per the information on the FedEx website, they also deliver it there before the deadline. But the online information of Texas told me that they received my package at around 20th Dec., that means after the deadline. I am wondering whether there is any problem with such fact.

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 9:07:38 PM)
Elissa, you told me about an exciting program at McCombs: Texas Plus, where in the middle of each semester students switch gears for two weeks to enhance important skills, like job search or business communications. I understand Texas Plus also provides an opportunity to go abroad in the last semester of the program. Could you tell us a little more about this program?

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:08:19 PM)
During their fourth semester, student can opt into taking an international trip...several locations are chosen. There is a fee associated.

Apurba (ID=57) (Jan 22, 2002 9:08:32 PM)
Linda am not sure if I have understood the question asking process

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:08:37 PM)
Bermum, please contact us directly by email to answer specific issues. We'll be glad to help.

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 9:08:53 PM)
You can ask questions, but they won't appear on the main screen until I select them.

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:08:59 PM)
This international trip is the culmination of the 2 year Texas Plus Experience. The other semesters are spent on professional development skills, team building, communication, etc.

Bearmum (ID=58) (Jan 22, 2002 9:09:02 PM)

Apurba (ID=57) (Jan 22, 2002 9:09:05 PM)

Tina (ID=71) (Jan 22, 2002 9:09:08 PM)
How has the number of applicants been affected by the number of people out of work this year? Will the McCombs School accept more people this year than in years past?

cannarsa (ID=76) (Jan 22, 2002 9:09:25 PM)
How has the Hopwood decision effected the minority/diversity at UT? What efforts are being made other than the consortium to recruit minority students?

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:09:43 PM)
We'll accept about the same....400...and apps are up about 22%, but 44% domestically.

ELJETFAN (ID=91) (Jan 22, 2002 9:09:48 PM)
Could the students give us a brief synopsis of their backgrounds?

Skbhorn (ID=80) (Jan 22, 2002 9:09:54 PM)
Matt, is shooting for March as an application submission deadline a disadvantage?

Apurba (ID=57) (Jan 22, 2002 9:10:08 PM)
my problem is that I have been in the US for last 2 yrs and am not able to get my transcripts from India where I have done my Engg. I do have the originals with me to show once given can the copies of it work....attested by a University professor here in Utah?

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:11:23 PM)
Minority enrollment has been down since Hopwood, mostly because we are not allowed to use affirmative action. We've compensated by doing more target marketing to a variety of groups including diversity, women and specific international countries.

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:12:24 PM)
Apurba, please contact my Assoc. directly regarding specific

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 9:12:29 PM)
I worked in for three and a half years in total-first in operations and sales at a large consumer packaged goods company and then moved to brand eventually. I am concentrating in marketing with a specialization in global business management .

hjyim (ID=65) (Jan 22, 2002 9:12:45 PM)
I heard that international applicants are reviewed at same time late Feb. is there advantage to early apply?

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:12:56 PM)
Skbhorn....the point is to have the best application possible, but also earlier is better. The final deadline is April 15

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:13:10 PM)
By increasing our marketing efforts, we're hoping to increase numbers of applications of qualified candidates.

MasterGator (ID=94) (Jan 22, 2002 9:13:12 PM)
ElissaEllis How long must you be a Texas resident to be eligible for in state tuition?

bill (ID=78) (Jan 22, 2002 9:13:34 PM)
? any specific advice on the essays -- besides answer the questions, of course -- I mean, what are some examples of approaches that have worked with successful applicants versus those that fall flat with you?

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:13:46 PM)
Hy....internationals are highly encouraged to apply by Feb. 1. However, we'll still consider apps after then. It's just an issue of seats being given out!

Bailey (ID=96) (Jan 22, 2002 9:14:27 PM)
Can you talk a little about the finance program. I know of such initiatives like the MBA fund and the finance club, how do you feel about the strength of the finance program in relation to other programs in the top 15

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:14:41 PM)
Bill, great question!  You need to show enthusiasm, something interesting about yourself, drive, etc. Evidence of hard work, leadership potential, and pizzazz!

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:14:46 PM)
Twelve months of employment prior to admission. To be sure about specific residency requirements, visit the Texas MBA web page...there' s a link with more info.

Dave Schwartz (ID=106) (Jan 22, 2002 9:15:09 PM)
I have an interview scheduled on-campus this Friday but I submitted my application in December. Has my application undergone a review already or is no review undertaken until the interview is complete.

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 9:15:29 PM)
The next question is for all of you starting with Namrata. If you were to choose 3 attributes you would like to see in UT students, what would they be?

ryano (ID=100) (Jan 22, 2002 9:15:36 PM)
How important are the GMATs to the overall admissions decision? i.e. if GPA is high, but GMAT low, how does that factor?

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:15:37 PM)
The finance program at UT has great faculty and a lot of variety. There's energy finance, real estate finance, the MBA Investment Fund, Private Equity Center, etc. The great thing about finance is there are lots of opportunities to get hands-on experience while you're learning the theory. The corporate ties are significant and George Gau, the department chair is a great resource. You'd definitely get quality instruction, interested and interesting faculty, and lots of opportunities to learn.

AC (ID=107) (Jan 22, 2002 9:16:16 PM)
I would like to know about Austin's focus on Strategy?

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 9:16:36 PM)
I think that the three attributes to look for would be a willingness to be involved- to give back- we are very big on that here in Texas, a positive, resilient attitude- you have got to be a self starter and open mindedness- be willing to experiment with yourself and be open to new ideas and opportunities!

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:16:45 PM)
Ryano....GMAT (both verbal and quantitative) and GPA are both quite important. They help us to assess whether you'll survive in the core curriculum.

Apurba (ID=57) (Jan 22, 2002 9:16:50 PM)
what r the 3 most imp deciding factors for the admission committee

Satnam (ID=116) (Jan 22, 2002 9:16:58 PM)
In India we have % as the basis of grading. In my university it was very difficult to score more than 70% so I got 63%. How will UT Austin take that against GPA.

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:17:27 PM)
Dave, we don't make a decision until you've interviewed.

Jessica (ID=75) (Jan 22, 2002 9:17:53 PM)
I have an interest in "social entrepreneurship" and "corporate social responsibility". What is U. Texas doing in this area? Net Impact club, etc. Are there any grants/special loan forgiveness programs for non-profit work?

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:18:32 PM)
AC--I'm guessing by this you mean how we integrate corporate strategy into our curriculum?

AC (ID=107) (Jan 22, 2002 9:18:43 PM)

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 9:18:56 PM)
Jessica, we have a very active chapter of Net Impact here at UT. Apart from that we also have opportunities to take courses in societal marketing, entrepreneurship both within the b-school and outside.

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:19:00 PM)
AC--we have a corporate strategy course that is taught by excellent faculty and is really a capstone to all the core MBA classes.

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:19:04 PM)
Satnam, our GIAC office will calculate the upper-division scores of all international needn't worry about that. We have some of the best people in the country working there. We are familiar with all int'l grading systems. International students will also have their TOEFL scores closely examined.

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:19:49 PM)
AC--We also have a number of entrepreneurship classes that give you different views of small businesses and how to build a strategy in that environment. Do you have a more specific question?

bubun (ID=105) (Jan 22, 2002 9:20:17 PM)
If I have a masters will that be an additional launching pad aiding in my admission?

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:20:22 PM)
Apurba....smarts (scores), work experience, and general interests/ involvement/ you'll give back to the McCombs community.

Jessica (ID=75) (Jan 22, 2002 9:20:31 PM)
Thank you Namratanayyar, follow-up question, in which schools could I take electives?

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:20:45 PM)
Bubun, it may help slightly, but usually not in a major way.

Dwight (ID=109) (Jan 22, 2002 9:20:48 PM)
Has this year's admissions been more competitive / more applicants due to the economic fallout?

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 9:21:23 PM)
What are some of the feedback mechanisms for students, particularly with respect to the curriculum etc.

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:21:41 PM)
Jessica...Texas Plus will change your opportunities to take certain classes outside of the business school. We're evaluating which courses we'll include in the Texas Plus schedule so that our students will have some flexibility.

AC (ID=107) (Jan 22, 2002 9:21:49 PM)
Can I design my own concentration at Austin? Is the curriculum flexible enough?

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:21:59 PM)
Dwight...yes, total apps are up 22% and US apps are up 44% at this point in time. In general, yes, this does make it slightly more competitive ...but keep in mind that we are still looking for a strong set of skills...and not just scores.

ELJETFAN (ID=91) (Jan 22, 2002 9:22:19 PM)
How competitive is it to become a portfolio manager for the MBA Investment Fund? Given my career goals, it is one of the major reasons I am applying to McCombs. Very few, if any, MBA programs have that much capital to invest.

hjyim (ID=65) (Jan 22, 2002 9:22:35 PM)
I'd like to have off-campus interview by phone is that possible?

Satnam (ID=116) (Jan 22, 2002 9:22:38 PM)
Matt - what do you define as strong skills.

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 9:22:54 PM)
AC, you certainly can- some specializations are more restrictive than others- for example the IM concentration lays out specific courses. But it is still very very flexible.

bubun (ID=105) (Jan 22, 2002 9:23:14 PM)
If I have a background in operations management can I shift to finance ?

Bailey (ID=96) (Jan 22, 2002 9:23:14 PM)
how do you feel Texas fairs with respect to placing graduates into private equity/investment banking

pathung (ID=99) (Jan 22, 2002 9:23:17 PM)
how extensively will the waitlist be used this year? will R1 W/L be rolled over to R2, or will W/L simply have to wait till the end of the admissions process?

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:23:18 PM)
Dave--We have several methods. First, most of the faculty are very interested in hearing what the students think of their course. Some even do mid-semester reviews. We also do end of semester reviews and a final survey of all graduating students that covers the entire curriculum. We have focus groups as follow-up to discuss these issues. There are also advisors for each cohort who collect this information for discussion within the MBA Program office.

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 9:23:36 PM)
Ac, do you have a specific concentration in mind?

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:23:43 PM)
Hj....we are currently not doing phone interviews. To maintain consistency, we prefer all candidates to schedule the optional interview as it appears on the website.

memer23 (ID=122) (Jan 22, 2002 9:24:23 PM)
What about recruiting? I have heard that most recruiting is for placements within the state of Texas. Are there many opportunities to be recruited for a NYC placement upon graduation?

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:24:57 PM)
Elj....the investment fund is pretty competitive. 20 students per year are chosen from the first year...first semester Fin Mgmt class.

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:25:05 PM)
Bailey--Location is always going to be an issue, but the Finance Department and the Ford Career Center have built amazing relationships with these types of companies and individuals. The MBA Investment Fund...if you are selected for a GREAT way to access this network. There are also Venture Capital Fellows, a Private Equity Center dedicated to building more relationships...this was just funded through Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst out of Dallas...three of which are McCombs alumni.

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 9:25:26 PM)
memer, we have opportunities for students everywhere- not just within Texas, but in the east coast also.

cannarsa (ID=76) (Jan 22, 2002 9:25:27 PM)
How does UT view re-applicants? Better or worse chance of admission?

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:25:47 PM)
Pathung....we will probably be using waitlists earlier this year...possibly right from the beginning.

Manoj (ID=124) (Jan 22, 2002 9:26:07 PM)
How important are GMAT Scores

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:26:30 PM) warm my heart! But they need to do a good job of actually IMPROVING something in their app. I strongly encourage re-writing all essays, for instance.

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 9:27:08 PM)
bubun, a lot of people come back to school to do precisely that. I have seen ppas become brand managers and non profit people become i-bankers. granted it is more challenging- but definitely doable!

ELJETFAN (ID=91) (Jan 22, 2002 9:27:11 PM)
Do many students conduct research with faculty members? I am personally interested in researching the Enron situation.

Apurba (ID=57) (Jan 22, 2002 9:27:38 PM)
is the financial part of the application to be filled while applying or after given admissions, as it's easier to get bank loans once u have the admission to convince banks

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:27:50 PM)
Memer...I agree with Namrata...we have opportunities all over the US....depending on what you want to do and how you spend your 2 years can significantly impact your ability to get to NYC. We have a very active MBA alumni chapter in NYC as well and they are always willing to help current students find employment.

Satnam (ID=116) (Jan 22, 2002 9:27:53 PM)
What are some of the ways in which I can show my leadership and management skills in essays.

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:28:02 PM)
Manoj....GMATs are fairly important...they help us to determine you ability to survive the core curriculum. Year after year, they do correlate with the grades in the core curriculum. We prefer to see 40 or higher on the Quantitative score.

Dave Schwartz (ID=106) (Jan 22, 2002 9:28:41 PM)
Notwithstanding the time management challenges common to most MBA programs, do you feel challenged by the program?

AC (ID=107) (Jan 22, 2002 9:28:50 PM)
I want to design a concentration based around Corporate and small business strategy along with courses in real estate and energy finance.

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:29:04 PM)
Satnam, describe what you've managed and how you have led....even if in unusual circumstances. But be sure to actually answer the essays questions.

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 9:29:12 PM)
Do you expect busy recommenders to fill out your specific form? Do you look negatively on letters sent by the recommender to all the schools an applicant is applying to and merely attached to your form?

CK_Liaw (ID=121) (Jan 22, 2002 9:29:21 PM)
Hi namrata. as the president of the Customer, how do you like the courses in this area?

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:29:32 PM)
Eljetfan...research with faculty is an option. There are independent studies available. You can hook up with faculty that you meet during other classes to do these special projects. I'm sure there will be opportunities to look at Enron.

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 9:29:33 PM)
Ac- there is an active group here with interests in real estate and a great courses in entrepreneurship and small business

hjyim (ID=65) (Jan 22, 2002 9:30:07 PM)
I know energy finance is only program your school have of MBA schools. how many subjects can I take ?

Dave Schwartz (ID=106) (Jan 22, 2002 9:30:19 PM)
Can you elaborate on the support offered to spouses of McCombs students, in particular social and employment activities/support?

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:30:22 PM)
AC--That's very doable here at McCombs.

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:30:40 PM)
Linda, the majority use the form provided. No, I don't necessarily look negatively on letters that are addressed specifically to long as they adequately describe the work and personality of the person involved. However, it's not a good idea to read a letter specific to another school (with their name in it!)

pathung (ID=99) (Jan 22, 2002 9:31:11 PM)
what has UT's % in West Coast (Silicon Valley) placements in the recent years, in the field of consulting?

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:31:38 PM)
Hiyim, the curriculum is flexible, but if you want to concentrate and show that on your resume, it's a good idea to be able to back it up with a transcript. I'd say 12 hours in energy finance would make it since that leaves lots of other room for additional elective courses.

Apurba (ID=57) (Jan 22, 2002 9:31:42 PM)
if the recommendation letter has the heading by recommender as TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN...does that work all right?

cannarsa (ID=76) (Jan 22, 2002 9:31:42 PM)
Matt...Follow up...What if we use the consortium form for recommendation letters instead of UT's form

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 9:31:47 PM)
Dave, we have a growing network here- sas- spouses and significant others. it is a support group for spouses to network, share job leads etc

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:32:19 PM)
Apurba, yes.

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:32:52 PM)
Cannarsa....we'd accept it....but we'd prefer to have a separate one.

mike (ID=103) (Jan 22, 2002 9:32:56 PM)
Since your interview is optional, how much importance do you put on it compared to work experience, GMAT, etc?

marko (ID=61) (Jan 22, 2002 9:33:04 PM)
how about support for full time students? What type of financial assistance do you offer beyond financial aid and loans? How about health care? How difficult is it to secure housing?

mkodman (ID=102) (Jan 22, 2002 9:33:13 PM)
I know that the adcom is very busy reviewing apps and they were waiting for some printed literature, but do you have any updates as to when the notifications will begin, and how they will be conveyed (i.e. phone, mail, etc.)?

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:33:17 PM)
Apurba, it can be done either way.

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:34:01 PM)
Mkodman....we should begin notifying admits probably next week.  We usually phone domestic admits and email int'l ones.

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 9:34:08 PM)
marko- you can apply for a TAship when you get here- that is about 600-700$ a month. housing has been challenging in the past- but recently it has gotten a lot easier. Regardless marko, start looking early!

Edgar (ID=98) (Jan 22, 2002 9:34:11 PM)
I want to get into a double degree program, but I don't receive the admission letter until April. I know schedules are in this month. What can I do to schedule the courses I want?

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:34:23 PM)
Pathung...west coast placement last year was about 13% of our graduates. I'm not sure what the percentage of consulting in the west coast was, but the consulting percentage overall was 32%. If you want to go consulting then those firms are usually flexible with location if you state a preference.

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:34:37 PM)
Mike, the optional interview is there to give you another chance to "shine" if you want it, but it doesn't hurt you NOT to interview. Interviewing can help...and potentially hurt.

AC (ID=107) (Jan 22, 2002 9:34:48 PM)
Does Austin emphasis on a competitive environment or a more collaborative one?

Manoj (ID=124) (Jan 22, 2002 9:34:56 PM)
I am quite comfortable in other areas. Quantitative section score is 43, but overall GMAT is 550, I wonder sometimes if my application will be rejected outright looking at GMAT Scores

MattWilliams (ID=101) (Jan 22, 2002 9:35:00 PM)
My background is in healthcare. I would like to work in a finance or entrepreneurial situation. Is that type of change post-mba possible?

cannarsa (ID=76) (Jan 22, 2002 9:35:25 PM)
As far as Diversity you try to have a diverse representation of geographical areas, both internationally and domestic.

Apurba (ID=57) (Jan 22, 2002 9:35:33 PM)
what's a usual b-students routine

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:35:49 PM)
Edgar, double degree or joint-degree?

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:35:58 PM)
AC, the environment here is definitely collaborative.

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 9:36:07 PM)
AC-UT is a competitive school but the environment is definitely more collaborative-we put value on helping each other and place a lot of emphasis on group work.

Edgar (ID=98) (Jan 22, 2002 9:36:08 PM)
double degree

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:36:22 PM) app is rejected outright...regardless of GMAT score. All go through review.

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:36:56 PM) is possible....depending on your skills and credentials.

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:37:01 PM)
Marko...we don't encourage you to get a Teaching Assistantship your first's just too hectic. But you can always get one your second year.

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:37:09 PM)

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 9:37:14 PM)
Apurba- the first year is very challenging. You have a lot of group work, in addition to class time, self study and recruiting events-also there are so many opportunities to get involved in clubs and social events so it isn't all work work work!

memer23 (ID=122) (Jan 22, 2002 9:37:15 PM)
Can you tell me the % of East Coast placements and also the % of placements in the marketing field?

Travis (ID=86) (Jan 22, 2002 9:37:36 PM)
I am currently in the military and, due to the institution's nature, experience frequent turnover of supervisors and commanders. How would you recommend I go about my letters of recommendation? Use my current supervisor? Past? Most time working with? How are recommenders weighed who don't work directly with you but know you extremely well?

Dave Schwartz (ID=106) (Jan 22, 2002 9:37:43 PM)
What is the state of recruiting at UT in light of recent economic developments? Can you quantify the impact this year?

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:38:26 PM) should contact since double-degrees require a lot of explanation affect relatively few. Thanks.

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:38:42 PM)
Memer...East Coast Placement was 8% and marketing was 24%.

Brett Hecker (ID=82) (Jan 22, 2002 9:38:46 PM)
How strong is the UT Alumni network? What type of formal/informal communication takes place after graduation?

Manoj (ID=124) (Jan 22, 2002 9:38:56 PM)
What all does self study include - is it more of research kind of study

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:39:28 PM)
Travis, excellent question for everyone. You should get a recommender who knows your work BEST regardless of who that is. The only thing I should qualify is if you obtain letters exclusively from an old employer (or previous commander) then you might explain why you are not using your current employer/commander in your 3rd (optional essay).

Apurba (ID=57) (Jan 22, 2002 9:40:16 PM)
thx namrata.

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:40:28 PM)
Dave, recruiting has definitely been tough especially without the consulting firms. Austin was hit pretty hard with the high tech bust. But, I know our class of 2001 is doing fairly well with employment. They're finding jobs. There's a great network of alumni out there that are helping. The Ford Career Center has done a lot of work this year contacting all of our employers personally, soliciting alumni for job postings (they sent in 80 opportunities within two weeks of our request), additional networking opportunities, additional counselors on staff to help, etc.

budfox (ID=130) (Jan 22, 2002 9:40:30 PM)
could you give us an idea of how many applications you have received and how many seats have been filled in the fall 2002 class?

mike (ID=103) (Jan 22, 2002 9:40:46 PM)
Is the technological background an advantage for apply UT?

jennie (ID=118) (Jan 22, 2002 9:40:53 PM)
I enrolled in an MBA program in another U, but still wish to come to study in McCombs. I knew there is no transfer credits, I am just too enthusiastic about studying at McCombs. I am an international student holding F-1 visa.

Dave Schwartz (ID=106) (Jan 22, 2002 9:41:05 PM)
Have consulting firms completely cancelled recruiting at UT?

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 9:41:20 PM)
manoj- self study refers to the time you will put in for individual class requirements as opposed to group work and lecture time

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:41:37 PM)
Quantifying this year's placement success is a little harder since we're in the middle of it all.

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:41:51 PM)'ll have to apply...and if accepted....begin from the beginning...this is pretty much standard practice among graduate programs.

CK_Liaw (ID=121) (Jan 22, 2002 9:42:18 PM)
Elissa, what learning-by-doing opportunities are available in UT? opportunities like consulting projects in a real business setting...

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:42:54 PM)
Dave--They haven't cancelled recruiting at UT. They're just making very limited and strategic decisions in these areas. You'll find that across the country not just at McCombs. It's definitely a short-term problem. Our relationships are strong with the consulting firms.

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:42:36 PM)
CK_Liaw...there's MOOT Corp...the granddaddy of all business plan competitions, here's community consulting practicums done through Net Impact that highlight small business issues, there's the MBA Investment Fund where you manage $14 million in assets, and many more.

Edgar (ID=98) (Jan 22, 2002 9:43:18 PM)
How strong is UT in Corporate Finance and Financial Service?

Apurba (ID=57) (Jan 22, 2002 9:43:26 PM)
is there an opportunity to study in LSB through the international program?

hjyim (ID=139) (Jan 22, 2002 9:43:41 PM)
because I'm very interested in energy industry I like to know what % of students are studying energy finance.

Brett Hecker (ID=82) (Jan 22, 2002 9:43:48 PM) 
How do you keep UT alums involved in your program?

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:44:43 PM)
Edgar...both of these are very strong parts of our finance curriculum and opportunities after graduation.

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:44:46 PM)
Hj...I'd guess about 10%....if you include all those connected to energy and not simply finance (though those make up the lion's share).

Skbhorn (ID=80) (Jan 22, 2002 9:44:59 PM)
Matt, regarding recommendations letters, how is the age, professional and business experience of the person writing the recommendation weighted in conjunction to how well they know you?

memer23 (ID=122) (Jan 22, 2002 9:45:39 PM)
Can you tell us a bit more about the new Texas Plus program?

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:45:39 PM)
Brett...Alumni are very involved through our admissions process (referrals and interviews), alumni chapters worldwide (where we have events that we invite current students and alumni to). We have an advisory board that meets 3 times a year to discuss alumni issues.

Apurba (ID=57) (Jan 22, 2002 9:45:56 PM)
is learning a new international language like Spanish a compulsory part for an international business major..?

bailey (ID=141) (Jan 22, 2002 9:46:02 PM)
how competitive is it to secure a spot on the MBA investment fund. The theme seems to be those selected have a much easier time securing jobs in corporate finance.

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:46:05 PM)
Apurba....we have 23 study abroad partners, but LSB is not among them. We do exchange with Manchester and Warwick (in the UK) and we have exchange programs in Asia, Europe and all over Latin America.

Edgar (ID=98) (Jan 22, 2002 9:46:07 PM)
Where can I find information about the Health Insurance?

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 9:46:07 PM)
Can you tell us a bit more about the new Texas Plus program?

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:46:13 PM)
Brett...We also invite alumni to speak in the classroom, participate as judges in the many case competitions, etc.

Apurba (ID=57) (Jan 22, 2002 9:46:17 PM)
fine matt.

jcook (ID=135) (Jan 22, 2002 9:46:24 PM)
What countries and companies will be included in the Texas Plus program this year? Can anyone elaborate on the experience of it as well?

jennie (ID=118) (Jan 22, 2002 9:46:55 PM)
Is Option II MBA for international applicants too?

cannarsa (ID=76) (Jan 22, 2002 9:47:05 PM)
Taking classes at local University....How does your staff view that in terms of admissions?

budfox (ID=130) (Jan 22, 2002 9:47:34 PM)
Could you please tell us about the Austin Technology Incubator? is it an arm of UT? How accessible is it to students?

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:47:52 PM)
Texas Plus will be a 2-week program in the middle of each semester. All academic classes will stop and the program will be delivered in that time. It will include communications skills, team building, case competitions, etc. The details will be available on a web site that is being developed currently. Admitted students will be sent this link for more information.

marko (ID=61) (Jan 22, 2002 9:47:59 PM)
With recent examples of corporations running amuck, what role does corporate social responsibility play in a McCombs School business education?

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:48:18 PM)
JCook: This year students went to Latin America and Asia (Thailand and Singapore)

Apurba (ID=57) (Jan 22, 2002 9:48:30 PM)
when do u advise the new admittance to come to Austin ?

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 9:49:11 PM)
Apurba-the very latest you want to get here is early-mid august

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:49:16 PM)
JCook: I don't have a list of the specific companies at this time. They may vary depending on who leads the trip.

Edgar (ID=98) (Jan 22, 2002 9:49:17 PM)
Where can I find information about health insurance?

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 9:49:28 PM)
if you can get here faster it would help from the apartment search point of view.

pathung (ID=99) (Jan 22, 2002 9:49:38 PM)
Elissa, is Costa Rica on UT's list of Latin American sponsor countries? What other L.A. countries are on the list?

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:49:40 PM)
Cannarsa, what matters most is your undergraduate degree and GPA: sometimes local colleges (if you mean community colleges) offer a way to make up certain deficiencies in your background. Say, if your GPA was low and your Q score on the GMAT was not stellar, you might take some Quantitative classes in a community college to demonstrate your abilities there.

bailey (ID=141) (Jan 22, 2002 9:49:53 PM)
when will admission decisions begin to be disseminated

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:50:24 PM)
The Option II MBA is a weekend executive program, so usually international applicants don't participate. Most of them have companies that sponsor them where they work during the week.

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:51:21 PM)
Pathung...for Texas Plus this year they went to Sao Paulo, Rio and Santiago. This may change next year depending on where they have contacts.

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 9:51:34 PM)
Edgar u can go to and find a link under services for students at .that should answer your health insurance questions.

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:51:49 PM)
Pathung....we exchange with ITESM, Monterrey, Mexico....and IESA Caracas, Venezuela...and FGV Sao Paulo, Brazil....and Catholic U, Santiago, Chile...and ESAN, Lima, Peru.

Greg (ID=44) (Jan 22, 2002 9:52:23 PM)
I would suspect that many applicants may be applying now who bring a unique experience (essay #2) of working for an Internet company, or some sort of tech company, that has failed. Needless to say, a lot can be learned from such a venture. How closely are these applicants, possibly unemployed nowadays, looked at and are you finding that some/many of the applicants you have admitted have had this experience?

Apurba (ID=57) (Jan 22, 2002 9:52:43 PM)
where can we get contact details for UT alumni ....?

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:52:57 PM)
budfox...The Austin Technology Incubator is not a direct arm of UT, but it is accessible to the students through the MOOT Corp. Each year the winners of this competition receive a spot in the incubator.

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:53:37 PM)
Greg, good question. There is no disadvantage to being laid off or having experienced a failure. In fact many applicants show that they have learned a great deal from these experiences. Be sure, as always, to talk about your skill sets, what you did, what you excelled at, and what you learned. There is no shame to the lay off, etc.

hjyim (ID=139) (Jan 22, 2002 9:54:17 PM)
And can I contact people working in energy industry during classes? I mean.... are there seminars regarding current energy issues?

tejasnomad (ID=143) (Jan 22, 2002 9:54:23 PM)
What is the expected cost of the international seminar during the 2nd year of Texas plus?

budfox (ID=130) (Jan 22, 2002 9:54:38 PM)
ATI follow the only the winners of the MOOTCORP get access to ATI? is there any other facility at UT which acts like an incubator?

AC (ID=107) (Jan 22, 2002 9:55:19 PM)
Given the change in the economic environment world wide, how has UT Austin geared itself to face it better? What specific efforts has UT made or is making to ensure that its students are much more or as competitive as those from other business schools?

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 9:55:37 PM)
hjyim- do you mean when you get to UT or now when you are in the process of applying?

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:55:42 PM)
If you are interested in contacting alumni, you'll need to register at .Once you register you can have access to the alumni gallery.

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:56:20 PM)
Tejas, $2700 is the amount for the international Texas Plus; otherwise the other semesters are $1100 each.

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 9:56:37 PM)
Matt is that for in-state residents?

Greg (ID=44) (Jan 22, 2002 9:57:04 PM)
Matt, to follow-up with my question about the dot.coms and layoffs, have you seen a significant rise in these applicants, and if so, do you estimate that more are being admitted or receiving the infamous 'ding letter?'

cannarsa (ID=76) (Jan 22, 2002 9:57:07 PM)
What is the housing situation in Austin? Cost? Availability?

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:57:33 PM)
Linda, the Texas Plus amounts are the same regardless of residency status.

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 9:57:47 PM)
cannarsa- this depends entirely on how close to campus you want to live

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 9:58:17 PM)
For all of you, what do you think is the best and most distinctive aspect of the McComb's experience? What do you think it needs to improve or what is it working to improve?

cannarsa (ID=76) (Jan 22, 2002 9:58:21 PM)
one bedroom close to campus, any ideas of cost?

tejasnomad (ID=143) (Jan 22, 2002 9:58:26 PM)
Do you expect to admit many this year with 2 years of work experience?

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 9:58:31 PM)
typically on campus student housing is anywhere from 500-1000 - at the high end per month for a one bedroom apartment. sharing is cheaper option

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 9:58:48 PM)
Greg, it is still too early in the admissions cycle, and I rather suspect that the % of admits/denies will be the same with that group as with all the others with the possible exception that many of these people have great work experience, and so might be some of our stronger applicants. That's more guess than fact, on my part at this time.

Danni (ID=142) (Jan 22, 2002 9:58:52 PM)
includes utilities?

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 9:59:20 PM)
cannarsa-if you started looking early you could find one for 600-800. we're talking walking distance from school

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 9:59:25 PM)
AC--It's tough all over, but it's temporary. We're managing our relationships and making sure they don't evaporate during the downturn. We've worked with the students to make sure they're out there and being seen by recruiters. They're still as competitive because they've been trained and educated well here at McCombs. Right now the game is about keeping your spirits up and not giving up. Everyone, including the deans are out there looking for opportunities for the students.

jennie (ID=118) (Jan 22, 2002 9:59:35 PM)
If I get admitted, when can I be notified. I am in the U.S.

Danni (ID=142) (Jan 22, 2002 9:59:44 PM)
namratan - how early is early?

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 9:59:49 PM)
Danni- some do some don't. mostly utilities are extra. I would make a housing trip in June-July to scope out the area

budfox (ID=130) (Jan 22, 2002 10:00:15 PM)
I was told that the applicants from some countries score higher in GMAT. Do you grade all students at a common scale or the GMAT score is considered differently for applicants from different countries?

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 10:01:07 PM)
Linda, I'd say the most distinct aspect is the friendly and cooperative environment among the students.

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 10:01:23 PM)
Thanks. I was feeling ignored!

budfox (ID=130) (Jan 22, 2002 10:01:30 PM)
how does the placement office at UT help the students in securing jobs upon graduation?

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 10:01:39 PM)
Linda- one of the most distinctive aspects was being a in town like Austin-everyone just loves it here and never wants to leave. There is something about a college town with great weather.

AC (ID=107) (Jan 22, 2002 10:01:57 PM)
Nice to hear that. Elissa also how much emphasis does UT lay on campus visits. Due to professional commitments I am unable to schedule a visit. Is my application "weak" as compared to others?

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 10:02:24 PM)
this is the fairest way to get a representative group from around the world. Some countries are more competitive in respect to GMAT than others...but all have their strengths.

hjyim (ID=139) (Jan 22, 2002 10:02:51 PM)
namratan- I mean... if I get admitted, can I have opportunity to meet people actually working in US energy industry.

Apurba (ID=57) (Jan 22, 2002 10:03:07 PM)
so does this mean that there is an upper limit for students from a particular country?

memer23 (ID=122) (Jan 22, 2002 10:03:14 PM)
UT seems to have kept their tuition cost down (which is great!).  How have you managed to do that?

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 10:03:17 PM)
The Ford Career Center has 4 career counselors by specialization that meet with students. They have student peer advisors that work with first years. They have summer camps that train you in everything you need to know. They'll have programs integrated into Texas Plus in the future. They have a full-time fair and an intern fair. They work with student organizations on career-related programming. They have alumni panels, etc. etc.

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 10:03:28 PM)
hjyim-certainly - there is an organization called the energy finance club. They network with people with similar professional interests- and have seminars and recruiting visits to energy companies

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 10:03:48 PM)
AC--I'd try to schedule an interview with an alumni if you can.

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 10:03:53 PM)
Tejas.....generally we are looking for 3-5 years....the bare minimum is 2 years (post-bacc). If you apply with only 24 months of work, we will expect unusually strong work from those 2 years.

jcook (ID=135) (Jan 22, 2002 10:04:06 PM)
UT has been mentioned as one of the MBA programs that is making a point to recruit more women and has joined the effort with other business programs, such as U of M, Columbia, Northwestern. What is UT doing today to attract more women to McCombs?

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 10:04:18 PM)
AC--I'd try to schedule an interview with an alumni if you are unable to visit campus.

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 10:05:23 PM), not really. No specially minimums...but there are ranges and averages that tend to hold --generally-- from year to year.

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 10:05:30 PM)
Namarata, how are you and your fellow second year students fairing in your job search?

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 10:05:44 PM)
memer--we have a pretty tight operational budget and our faculty work hard. we depend on students input and willingness to help out a lot. For instance, the Texas Admissions Committee is a volunteer group led by three graduate assistants. They do so much for the admissions office.

Danni (ID=142) (Jan 22, 2002 10:06:01 PM)
namrata -especially int'l students

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 10:06:03 PM)
Linda- it has been decidedly tougher this year due to the economic climate but companies are still hiring- it is just that there are different methods to get jobs this year.

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 10:06:28 PM)
JCook: great question...we've definitely increased our marketing efforts to women...sending out additional information on the McCombs experience that specifically applies to them. We're also a part of a national organization that is looking at how to increase the pipeline of women in business...involvement in this has opened many doors of opportunity.

budfox (ID=130) (Jan 22, 2002 10:06:30 PM)
how does the UT placement office help in enticing companies to the campus?

bill (ID=78) (Jan 22, 2002 10:06:43 PM)
?is there such thing as too much experience, i.e., a mid-career applicant who has already had a successful career?

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 10:06:44 PM)
How are they different?

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 10:07:04 PM)
you will need to be extra proactive in meeting alumni, networking, researching and finding the job that you want. there is more emphasis this year on a self directed job search. it isn't as easy, Linda- but companies out there are still hiring-an mba is still highly valued

jcook (ID=135) (Jan 22, 2002 10:07:36 PM)
Elissa - are you referring to the committee of 200 or Catalyst?

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 10:07:41 PM)
JCook: We also have a women's conference that is outstanding. It's a great focus for our current students and alumni.

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 10:07:42 PM)
Bill, great question. There is no "upper limit" to work per se, but the burden is for you to very explicitly state why you think you need an MBA at this moment in your life. Our Career Services staff are concerned if students are trying to make a career shift without realizing that it is unlikely (given your previous high salary) that you can expect to make near what you were making before.

AMEX (ID=150) (Jan 22, 2002 10:07:53 PM)
Namra, do you feel intellectually challenged by the program? Do you feel like you've learned a lot or were just moving from one fire drill to the next?

cannarsa (ID=76) (Jan 22, 2002 10:08:46 PM)
will UT offer feedback on applicants that are not accepted?

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 10:08:47 PM)
5 more minutes, folks.

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 10:08:50 PM)
JCook: There's a national organization being formed between the schools you mentioned, C200 and about 6-8 corporate sponsors. It's a new non-profit that was written up in the WSJ not too long ago. We're one of the founding members. It will have scholarships, national programming, research, etc.

marko (ID=61) (Jan 22, 2002 10:08:54 PM)
do you work at all with native American groups or projects?

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 10:09:36 PM)
Amex, I have felt continuously challenged by the professors, the courses and the opportunities available to me! the other great aspect of being here is that you make friends with similar goals and ideals, and they can challenge you the most!

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 10:10:30 PM)
Marko, We're a part of the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management and they have relationships with these groups...we access them through the consortium.

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 10:10:33 PM)
Cannarsa, yes absolutely. Just drop us a "please give me feedback on my denial" email and we'll answer it personally by mail (in the summer when the app season is largely over). We've had good feedback from these feedbacks!

AMEX (ID=150) (Jan 22, 2002 10:10:46 PM)
Namra, having gone through the program, is there anything you would like to see improved or changed?

Greg (ID=44) (Jan 22, 2002 10:10:55 PM)
What other MBA programs do you feel are your top competitors and what do you believe separates McCombs from them?

Anne-Kathleen K (ID=147) (Jan 22, 2002 10:11:01 PM)
How important is it that the previous work experience be in the field of business? I am making a career change...

tejasnomad (ID=143) (Jan 22, 2002 10:11:45 PM)
How does UT treat consulting firms that rescinded offers or majorly delayed start dates?

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 10:12:21 PM)
Amex, I am excited to see the UT plus program come to fruition.. I think that will add an international requirement that was not compulsory before. Business has become so global that some sort of international experience then becomes essential to developing yourself

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 10:12:25 PM)
Anne, the more your skillset can be applied to the business worlds' the better, so be sure if you have "unusual" work experience that you highlight the skills that can apply anywhere... like team work, leadership, responsibility, discipline, analysis, etc.

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 10:13:37 PM)
Greg, the top 20 are pretty well known and we consider those near us in the rankings to be our top competition. Mostly we lose people to public schools of similar rank...UC Berkeley, UNC, Darden, Indiana, etc. We definitely separate ourselves through entrepreneurship, technology, Latin America, location (Austin), great MBA community.

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 10:15:10 PM)
Tejas: We've worked closely with all of them. We're not taking a short term approach and penalizing them for what they were doing on a national basis during the economic downturn. We helped them with their approach with students. We helped to counsel the students when it happened. We've maintained relationships with all of them because it's shortsighted to think ending that relationships would do any good for our future students.

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 10:15:18 PM)
Thank you again all for participating this evening. Special thanks to Elissa Ellis, Matt Turner, and Namrata Nayyar for joining us this evening and to Cindy Tokumitsu and Paul Bodine for their assistance.

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 10:15:29 PM)
We look forward to seeing you at future chats. Here is a list of currently scheduled chats:

MattTurnerUT (ID=70) (Jan 22, 2002 10:15:32 PM)
As a final note, I encourage everyone to spend significant time and thought on their apps and essays. There really is a tremendous difference between enthusiastic applicants who have put in the time and effort and ones where things are rushed and rather hastily put together. Good apps are fun to read! I look forward to reading them!

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 10:15:37 PM)
January 28: Tuck; February 4: Chicago.

marko (ID=61) (Jan 22, 2002 10:15:41 PM)
thank you!

NamratanayyarUT (ID=72) (Jan 22, 2002 10:15:42 PM)
Thanks everybody- great chatting- good luck!

ElissaEllisUT (ID=83) (Jan 22, 2002 10:15:53 PM)
Enjoyed it! Let us know directly if you have more questions!

cindy tokumitsu (ID=112) (Jan 22, 2002 10:15:54 PM)
Thank you very much, everyone from UT, for an informative chat. Good luck to all the applicants!

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 10:16:00 PM)
Please check our MBA Chat Schedule for exact times and details.

memer23 (ID=122) (Jan 22, 2002 10:16:04 PM)
thank you!

MHanna (ID=84) (Jan 22, 2002 10:16:08 PM)

Linda Abraham (ID=77) (Jan 22, 2002 10:16:12 PM)
Have a very good evening! Good luck with your applications!