Carnegie Mellon (CMU) MBA Admissions Chat 2002

Carnegie Mellon (CMU) MBA Admissions Chat 2002

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Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:00:19 PM)
OK. Let's start!

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:00:30 PM)
First I want to welcome you all to's Carnegie Mellon Admissions Chat.

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:00:40 PM)
I also want to welcome Laurie Stewart, CMU's Executive Director of Admissions and Financial Aid; Carolyn Gould, CMU's Associate Director of Admissions and Career Opportunities Center; Joanna Minion, (CMU 2003), president of the Student Admissions Welcome Committee, VP of Graduate Women in Business; and member of the Graduate Finance Association, and David Tener (CMU 2003) who has an undergrad degree in Theater/Directing from Allegheny College and he has an MS in Info Systems Mgt. And last but not least, I want to welcome Paul Bodine, an editor.

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:00:48 PM)
David will arrive shortly.

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:00:58 PM)
Thanks to everyone for joining.

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:01:01 PM)
thanks very much, Linda

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:01:12 PM)
I encourage dialogue and discussion, but I would like to suggest a structure to make it easier to follow the threads of conversation. So here is the protocol: We will post material to the chat. If you have a question on that material, please type a '?' and then your question. The other participants or I will reply. If one of you wants to comment on the current topic, please jump right in. If you want to start a different topic, please type '?'.

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:01:18 PM)
If the crowd this evening grows and a moderated chat would be more beneficial, we'll switch to that format to avoid the chaotic feel that some other chats have had. When we switch to a moderated chat, all your questions will come to me. I will choose the questions that have the broadest application and those questions will appear in the main window for our guests to reply to. If and when we switch to a moderated format, you will only see your question in the main window if and when it is chosen. You will not see it if it is not chosen.

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:01:33 PM)
Final request: We would like to avoid the brief summary of qualifications (or even the long laundry list) followed by the question, "Can I qualify?" Or "What are my chances?" This isn't the forum for that kind of question.

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:01:51 PM)
Other than that limitation, this is your chance to ask questions about CMU's program and admissions policies. But I would like to take advantage of my position as host and ask the first questions.

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:02:13 PM)
Carolyn and Laurie, When you look at a file, what do you look at first? Last? How do you review a file?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:02:39 PM)
I usually begin with the academic profile, Linda, then proceed to the professional profile and references, then the essays--to get a picture of the candidate's goals and thoughts on the questions we ask. We do invite many candidates for interviews--so the interview write-up is a key part of the review too. We're looking for the overall picture that the application file creates

Paul_Bodine (Oct 2, 2002 9:03:23 PM)
CMU Facts: Corporate recruiters rank CMU #3 overall, #1 in operations management, and #2 in e-commerce and IT. (Wall Street Journal)

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:03:52 PM)
I literally read the application FORM first, then proceed to the resume and academics.

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:05:11 PM)
Thanks. What's new at CMU?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:05:33 PM)
We have a new Dean! Kenneth Dunn arrived back at Carnegie Mellon in July. He was previously at Morgan Stanley--and before that a member of our Finance faculty.

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:06:41 PM)
Please post any questions you would like to ask our guests.

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:06:55 PM)
Laurie, what does the academic profile include?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:07:12 PM)
ss_mn--includes all of your past academic transcripts, as well as GMAT scores and TOEFL scores for non-native English speakers

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:07:17 PM)
Joanna, what do you like best at CMU? What would you like to see improved?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:07:52 PM)
hi David--welcome

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:07:55 PM)

Paul_Bodine (Oct 2, 2002 9:07:56 PM)
CMU Facts: U.S. News & World Report ranks CMU #2 overall in MIS and Quantitative Analysis and #3 in Production/Operations Management.

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:08:02 PM)
One of the things I like best is the size of my class. It is small enough to allow for close relationships with most everyone

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:08:08 PM)
Laurie, what about things like CFA designation?

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:08:12 PM)
sorry, I had a little trouble typing in

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:08:18 PM)
Laurie and Carolyn, do you consider waitlisted reapplicants favorably? What would you like to see in a waitlisted reapplicant's application?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:08:24 PM)
sure Linda--that would definitely be part of it, too

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:08:30 PM)
Welcome David, you can also answer this question: What do you like best at CMU? What would you like to see improved?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:08:55 PM)
ss_mn--we have reapplicants every year that are successful

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:09:01 PM)
I'll answer ss_mn . . . we do like to receive applications from individuals who many not have been admitted in previous years. We consider them just like we would new applicants

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:09:06 PM)
Joanna, do you consider the atmosphere more cooperative or competitive?

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:09:14 PM)
I really like the class, I feel that I get along better with them than other classes in which I have been a part.

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:09:15 PM)
more cooperative. You will hear "grades don't matter" everywhere. We're not allowed to tell recruiters our GPA, which really takes the pressure off and makes everyone willing to help each other out.

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:09:37 PM)
reapplicants that are successful do make substantive changes in the application to make themselves more competitive

Sean H (Oct 2, 2002 9:09:44 PM)
Sean Harrington from Boston here. I am looking forward to our discussion next week. As a management consultant, some of my recent projects have focused in the areas of operational performance improvement and supply chain management. I enjoyed these projects, and as a result, I would like to leverage my existing knowledge and the education gained from an MBA to pursue a career in operations management. From my research, it seems as though GSIA is strong in the area of production and operations management. What more can you tell me about this part of the program? Are there any alumni contacts that I can call to learn more about GSIA?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:10:07 PM)
Hi Sean--welcome

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:10:11 PM)
Thank you. That is encouraging because I am a reapplicant :)

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:10:17 PM)
I think that there could be more opportunity for individuals to work on project courses.

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:10:32 PM)
SS -- you will need to submit an updated resume and work history, but the bulk of your application can be carried over from the previous year

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:10:34 PM)
Carolyn, do you look on the mere fact of reapplication as a sign of interest in GSIA?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:10:44 PM)
Sean H--the operations area is a strength within our MBA program. We'd be glad to connect you with some students or alumni in Boston who you could talk with. Just contact us at the MBA admissions office.

MBA_bound (Oct 2, 2002 9:11:28 PM)
Hello everyone...I have a question to ask regarding decisions made by the Admissions team.

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:11:32 PM)
Is there an e-mail address Sean should contact?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:11:38 PM)
hi MBA_bound...welcome

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:11:39 PM)
Yes, Carolyn. I have been in touch with the admissions office and understood the procedures.

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:11:47 PM)
I think on a subconscious level we would consider a re-applicant to have relatively strong interest in the school

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:11:54 PM)
I am in the operations management club . We are the largest club in the school. We try to create an opportunity for people to learn about the many different avenues for ops. We also bring a lot of speakers in and host the largest ops case comp in the country

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:11:59 PM)
I was waitlisted for 2002 Fall. I requested your office to take me off the waitlist because of some personal exigencies. I am reapplying this year. Do you view my opting to be taken off the waitlist negatively?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:11:59 PM)
sure (or the one in my profile)

MBA_bound (Oct 2, 2002 9:12:32 PM)
If an applicant was wait-listed would he or she be given the opportunity to find out why?

Sean H (Oct 2, 2002 9:12:36 PM)
David- I would surely be interested in the ops club

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:12:49 PM)
No, ss_mn.

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:13:10 PM)
MBA_bound--we did offer feedback appointments for candidates over the summer

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:13:11 PM)
MBA bound . . there are limited opportunities for feedback due to high demand and a busy staff

Sean H (Oct 2, 2002 9:13:19 PM)
Laurie- I will contact the admissions office to get the names

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:13:22 PM)
great, I imagine that the ops club will be even stronger next year

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:13:28 PM)
Laurie tends to offer those opportunities in August

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:13:53 PM)
Have we missed answering any questions yet?

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:14:00 PM)
Before I reapply this year, I expected to significantly improve my GMAT score, but improved it by only 20 points. Will this not-so-significant improvement weigh against me as a reapplicant?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:14:01 PM)
I was just wondering that, Carolyn

MBA_bound (Oct 2, 2002 9:14:22 PM)
thanks. Got another question...

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:14:25 PM)
Not yet. :-)

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:14:26 PM)
ss_mn . . . it would not HURT your application.

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:14:36 PM)
You have answered all my questions so far. :)

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:14:54 PM)
ss_mn--your GMAT is one part of the profile. we look at your application overall and what has changed overall

MBA_bound (Oct 2, 2002 9:15:12 PM)
With all that has been going on with corporations lately, how is CMU addressing ethics?

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:15:19 PM)
An int'l applicant asked me to ask a question about financial aid for int'l students. Do you provide financial aid to int'l students and are they required to have a cosigner?

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:15:28 PM)
We've always had an emphasis on ethics as can be seen by the fact that one of our essays for years has been on ethics

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:15:40 PM)
MBA-bound--ethics has been part of our curriculum since 1972. For the past few years, one of our essay questions covers an ethical issue that the candidate has faced.

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:15:48 PM)
There have been a number of ethics seminars and new class offerings recently

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:16:29 PM)
I think sometimes applicants have wondered about our ethics essay question and that now it will make more sense to them.

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:16:49 PM)
That -- emphasis on ethics -- is good to hear Carolyn and Linda, especially in this day and age.

Paul_Bodine (Oct 2, 2002 9:16:59 PM)
CMU Facts: In fall 2001, CMU received 1,300 full-time apps and admitted 366, for a 28.2% acceptance rate. (USNews)

upstream (Oct 2, 2002 9:17:01 PM)
Sorry, I am late because of my browser problem. I am not sure if you already answered this question: When can we use the online application?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:17:14 PM)
Linda--right now our financial aid offerings to international students are limited to loans that require US cosigners

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:17:17 PM)
ethics have been overlooked by just about every MBA program for years

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:17:41 PM)
I have a very high quantitative score and a very average verbal *score* in the GMAT. Because I believe that my verbal *ability* is better than that indicated by GMAT, what do you suggest I do to prove this fact to the Admissions Committee?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:17:43 PM)
we ask that all candidates regularly check the aid area of our website as changes happen through the year and we are working on that

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:17:44 PM)
The online applications should be ready next week

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:17:51 PM)
Do you hope to broaden those offerings in the near future or is that unlikely, Laurie?

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:18:33 PM)
ss_mn . . . pay some attention to your writing in the essays. We have an optional essay you could use to address that if you felt very concerned about it

guss20 (Oct 2, 2002 9:18:50 PM)
Laurie, How does CMU differentiate itself from other strong tech schools like MIT?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:18:53 PM)
ss_mn--essays are important there (Carolyn types faster)

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:19:24 PM)
David, how do you think ethics should be addressed in b-schools?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:19:28 PM)
Carnegie Mellon is unique in the course structure/flexibility

upstream (Oct 2, 2002 9:19:30 PM)
Do you have global exchange program to Japan?

JVA (Oct 2, 2002 9:19:37 PM)
I understand that interviews are by invitation only. Approximately how long after an application is submitted would an interview be scheduled?

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:19:43 PM)

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:19:50 PM)
we're strong in technology, finance, operations and entrepreneurship, for example, and students can study an area in great depth -or- gain breadth by studying many areas they are interested in

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:19:56 PM)
I think that everyone is suddenly talking about it. Before it was just not there

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:20:01 PM)
CMU has many strengths, many even that I feel are overlooked. Finance here is excellent (my concentration).

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:20:08 PM)
guss20 . . . we also believe we have a VERY cooperative environment, a great strength for our students. Faculty are amazingly accessible, remarkable for a top program.

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:20:33 PM)
I agree that the atmosphere is cooperative

upstream (Oct 2, 2002 9:20:39 PM)
David, which school is the exchange partner in Japan?

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:20:41 PM)
Laurie, some applicants have expressed concern about CMU's entrepreneurship because it is not considered to be located in an entrepreneurial hotspot. How would you answer them?

Paul Bodine (Oct 2, 2002 9:20:47 PM)
CMU Facts: Engineering was the undergraduate major of 45.4% of applicants accepted by CMU in the 2001-2 season. (USNews)

Sean H (Oct 2, 2002 9:20:50 PM)
I would imagine that CMU would be looking for an applicant to discuss ethics in their app this year- and not just in the ethics essay?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:20:52 PM)
JVA--you may hear about an interview within a few days or anytime up until you receive your admission decision

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:21:11 PM)
ok, I do not know the Japan question

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:21:24 PM)
as far as p-burgh it is very much a hot spot. There are ample ops here, more so because I think that it is under appreciated.

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:21:33 PM)
Sean, CMU (and almost all schools) want applicants to demonstrate integrity, not just discuss ethics. Please correct me if I'm wrong, CMU guests.

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:21:38 PM)
Sean -- truthfully, we probably wouldn't look for applicants to discuss ethics. Every applicant has a different story to tell, so we try to keep our minds open regarding the contents of their essays (although they should answer the questions posed)

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:22:00 PM)
as far as entrepreneurship - CMU is known in many locations where VC is available.

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:22:04 PM)
upstream--right now we're offering study abroad in Europe; Asia is in the plans for the future

MBA_bound (Oct 2, 2002 9:22:12 PM)
? How instrumental is CMU's alumni network along with career services in working with recent grads with job placement? Is there a large network pool or alumni willing to offer help especially in a tough economy like this one?

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:22:24 PM)
Does it burden the admissions committee (time wise) if I submit reapplication with revised essays?

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:22:41 PM)
There is a HUGE!!!! alumni network. Almost all recruiters here are GSIA alum

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:22:42 PM)
MBA bound . . . we are not a large program, so we don't have huge numbers of alumni. On the other hand, perhaps because of our size and collegial environment, our alums tent to be exceptionally devoted to the school and students.

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:23:00 PM)
Linda--our alumni have had significant success as entrepreneurs--approx 40% have been involved in startups

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:23:18 PM)
Laurie, that's a very revealing stat.

MBA_bound (Oct 2, 2002 9:23:21 PM)
That's good to know....

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:23:36 PM)
My boss this summer was a gsia alum

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:24:06 PM)
ss_mn--I encourage you to revise your essays if you think you can improve them or add new information

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:24:08 PM)
I was in a job that did not have many gsia alums, but I think that it will now

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:24:12 PM)
Our alumni volunteer to help career efforts in many ways from reviewing students' resumes, to conducting mock interviews, serving as alumni mentors for students, and just generally getting their company to recruit at Carnegie Mellon.

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:24:46 PM)
Could you point me to a resource that lists alumni contact information?

Paul_Bodine (Oct 2, 2002 9:25:04 PM)
CMU Facts: CMU students can pursue an M.S. in computational finance and an M.S. in electronic commerce through both the business school and the computer science school. (WSJ)

JVA (Oct 2, 2002 9:25:16 PM)
? Have you seen any slow down in recruiting with the current economic environment?

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:25:19 PM)
Carolyn or Laurie, is there an advantage to applying in different rounds? Do you accept more people first round than second, second than third?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:25:23 PM)
ss_mn--the MBA admissions office can be a good resource for contacting our alums

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:25:26 PM)
the students participate a lot in getting new schools on campus

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:25:31 PM)
There has been some slow down in recruiting, not because people aren't interested, but because the companies are not able to hire MBAs

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:25:35 PM)
Thanks, Laurie.

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:25:38 PM)
definitely, but, there are still jobs to have out there

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:25:51 PM)
Linda--the best advice on timing is to apply as early as possible, but don't rush your application. Wait a round if you think that you can make your application stronger by polishing essays, improving GMAT, etc.

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:25:58 PM)
Certainly there has been a slowdown in recruiting, although very comparable to the other top schools

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:26:22 PM)
I think our placement stats are higher than most, and certainly not any lower

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:26:27 PM)
Laurie and Carolyn, what does the Admissions Committee like to see in an applicant's resume: a chronology of work history with key accomplishments or a career progression with emphasis on skills developed?

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:26:37 PM)
Carolyn, what are you advising your students to do differently when looking for a permanent job or internship in the current environment?

Jerry Sun (Oct 2, 2002 9:26:47 PM)
Hi Laurie, I'm interested in the joint degree program Master of Business and Master of Software Engineering (MBMSE). But is it an MBA degree or half MBA half M.S.? Also for requirements, does it require applicants to take both GMAT and GRE tests?

upstream (Oct 2, 2002 9:26:56 PM)
How do you look at AWA score? Do you have guidelines for GMAT subcomponents, like comfortable percentile?

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:27:14 PM)
Linda, we are encouraging people to do more networking -- as we say, people hire PEOPLE, not resumes!

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:27:45 PM)
Jerry--we offer the joint degree (MBMSE) and MBA/MSE. You actually earn the MBA with second option. To do the joint/dual degrees, you need to meet the admissions requirements for both software engineering and MBA. So yes, you need GMAT and GRE

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:28:01 PM)
The current economy makes it harder for companies to engage in massive recruiting efforts -- many of them prefer to save their recruiting dollars and be approached by the students. It is a big paradigm shift for the students, to go from reacting to who is coming to recruit on campus, to being proactive in their job hunts.

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:28:41 PM)
I think that the down slide in the econ means that you have to be more proactive

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:29:02 PM)
The economy has undergone a sea change in the last couple of years and so must job seekers.

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:29:10 PM)
Jerry--you should contact the software engineering program to get their admissions requirements, too

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:29:14 PM)
yes, many more jobs come from personal effort rather than on-campus recruiting

Jerry Sun (Oct 2, 2002 9:29:35 PM)
Thanks Laurie. But I already have a Master's Degree in Computer Sciences. I wonder under any circumstances, can the GRE be waived? Should I contact the software engineering department?

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:29:39 PM)
Do you find yourselves looking more at previous professional contacts from prior jobs?

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:29:41 PM)
That is one of the nice things about being in school at this time -- you really get coached on how to conduct job hunts, and that coaching will last the rest of your life!

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:29:52 PM)
yes, Jerry--that would be the best approach

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:30:05 PM)
one of the things that the ops club has done is to hire a consultant to come in and teach six sigma methodologies, which resulted in several additional internships. We are trying to offer it again this year and to get the school to add it as a part of the curriculum

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:30:32 PM)
upstream--regarding AWA. when someone does really well on that, it is a plus in the candidacy

Paul_Bodine (Oct 2, 2002 9:30:43 PM)
CMU: Only Wharton, Chicago, and Yale have a higher percentage of international students than CMU (39%) among the top 25 U.S. B schools.

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:30:55 PM)
obviously, one of the biggest efforts of all of the clubs (particularly now) is job placement

JVA (Oct 2, 2002 9:31:06 PM)
? Do the majority of students accept full time jobs in the Pittsburgh area, or are they spread across the country?

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:31:02)

across the country

upstream (Oct 2, 2002 9:31:18 PM)
Thanks, Laurie.

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:31:20 PM)
ss_mn asked a question above about how the resume is used in evaluating an application.

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:31:21 PM)
JVA -- most people do NOT accept jobs in Pittsburgh

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:31:28 PM)
we try to drive more recruitment ops in the area that we focus and I think that other clubs do the same

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:31:32 PM)
Laurie or Carolyn, what does the Admissions Committee like to see in an applicant's resume: a chronology of work history with key accomplishments or a career progression with emphasis on skills developed?

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:31:34 PM)
Pittsburgh is not the biggest MBA hiring market by any means

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:31:45 PM)
ss_mn--we look to see that the candidate has been making an impact in their professional life. We like to see growth in responsibility over time, evidence of teamwork and leadership experiences.

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:31:45 PM)
is Paul Bodine a real person?

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:31:48 PM)
Students are recruited much more nationally

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:31:59 PM)
Paul is an editor. Yes, he's a real person.

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:32:05 PM)
SS . . . I don't think there is one preference

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:32:06 PM)
interesting; it is like having theme music.

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:32:25 PM)
I tried to stay in Pittsburgh over the summer and there were somewhat limited on-campus recruiting offerings

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:32:44 PM)
The other thing about Pittsburgh is the cost of living is quite low

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:32:46 PM)
Thanks, Laurie and Carolyn.

Sean H (Oct 2, 2002 9:32:47 PM)
how does CMU decide who must participate in the QSRP program?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:32:51 PM)
everyone's path is different, ss_mn

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:32:59 PM)
that is a good question

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:33:01 PM)
Making salaries not appear as competitive as salary offerings in other cities, but truth be told, you can live better here due to that low cost of living

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:33:14 PM)
Paul posted a great fact about CMU's diversity. I like that.

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:33:17 PM)
Sean--we will recommend QSRP for anyone that we think will benefit from attending

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:33:21 PM)
It is amazingly inexpensive to live here

MBA_bound (Oct 2, 2002 9:33:23 PM)
? Laurie or Carolyn, Are there any advantages or perhaps disadvantages for minority applicants applying through the Consortium for Graduate Study as opposed to just applying straight through CMU?

Paul_Bodine (Oct 2, 2002 9:33:29 PM)
thanks, ss_mn :)

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:33:35 PM)
I do not have a problem with theme music

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:33:46 PM)
Just muzak. :-)

Jerry Sun (Oct 2, 2002 9:33:52 PM)
Laurie, how competitive is the application process? What was the last year's admission rate?

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:33:54 PM)
MBA bound . . . neither an advantage or disadvantage

upstream (Oct 2, 2002 9:34:10 PM)
How strong do you think GSIA puts students into IT consulting?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:34:18 PM)
MBA-Bound--if you'd like to have a chance at the Consortium Fellowship, you should use the Consortium app. Our review process is the same whether your app comes from the Consortium or directly

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:34:45 PM)
Upstream . . . right now consulting is hit very hard. However, in ordinary years, our students are very strong candidates for IT consulting.

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:34:46 PM)
upstream - IT consulting recruiting is one that has decreased the most recently (or any consulting)

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:34:13 PM)
thanks for posting the info, Paul :-)

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:34:35 PM)
Jerry--last year we received 1800 applications for the full-time program and our acceptance rate was around 25%. We had a great pool--the process was competitive.

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:35:24 PM)
Laurie, do you believe that application numbers will increase, decline, or remain steady this year?

Jelly_Fish (Oct 2, 2002 9:35:26 PM)
Laurie, what's their average GMAT, working experience?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:35:30 PM)
you can find the profile for the entering class on our website at

Jelly_Fish (Oct 2, 2002 9:35:59 PM)
thanks, Laurie

Jerry Sun (Oct 2, 2002 9:36:02 PM)
Thanks Laurie. I'll definitely check the web site out.

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:36:04 PM)
Laurie, Carolyn, or David: Does the GSIA have any India connections -- programs or projects that emphasize on developing nations (just as the William Davison Institute of University of Michigan)?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:36:23 PM)
Linda--it's a little early to tell, but our early recruiting events have been busy!

Jelly_Fish (Oct 2, 2002 9:36:34 PM)
David and Joanna, what do you think is CMU's strongest area of concentration?

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:36:38 PM)

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:36:52 PM)
The recognized strongest are Ops and IT. However, I'm in finance and think it is also excellent

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:36:58 PM)
ss_mn . . . we don't really have formal programs emphasizing developing nations, but that is what a flexible curriculum and accessible faculty are for.

Sean H (Oct 2, 2002 9:37:08 PM)
David- six sigma- more great news about the ops club. will teaching club members six sigma become a regular occurrence?

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:37:16 PM)
I think that as much as I would like to say ops, we had a little bit of a dry spell.

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:37:24 PM)
Laurie and Carolyn, will CMU consider applicants straight out of college? with less than 2 years of experience?

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:37:26 PM)
they just hired 3 new profs so it should pick up.

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:37:32 PM)
You can do independent studies with faculty if you have a particular interest

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:37:45 PM)
ss_mn--I would add that last year's study abroad program was aimed at learning about business in countries with economies in different stages of development, focusing on Germany, Slovakia, etc.

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:37:49 PM)
I don't think any discipline lacks here

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:37:50 PM)
one of the things is that the students do a lot to make things happen. If you want something to happen all you have to do is to make it happen

MBA_bound (Oct 2, 2002 9:37:50 PM)
? Which field do most entering students come from? Mostly business, engineering, or humanities etc ?

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:38:05 PM)
ss_mn - this program is in Eastern Europe

Paul_Bodine (Oct 2, 2002 9:38:21 PM)
CMU Facts: The top 5 recruiters of 2001 CMU MBAs were Booz-Allen, Deutsche Banc, McKinsey, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and A.T. Kearney. (WSJ)

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:38:22 PM)
One of the faculty that I can think of with an interest in developing nations is Paul Goodman

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:38:58 PM)
Carolyn is right--and he has done some interesting research in India

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:38:59 PM)
Thanks, Carolyn. I would be interested in speaking with him.

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:39:08 PM)
you can find info about him on our faculty profile page

guss20 (Oct 2, 2002 9:39:19 PM)
Laurie, my undergrad is from India. We do not have a GPA system. The grades are based on percentages and these varied from school to school, making it tough to convert to a GPA. Any suggestions on how one should go about converting percentages to a GPA??

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:39:37 PM)
guss20--we don't ask you to convert to a GPA; we ask you to tell us about your grading system and how you performed within it. (change in application this year)

Sean H (Oct 2, 2002 9:40:15 PM)
Paul- that's pretty interesting. I used to be with PwC and Deutsche Bank is my client right now

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:40:28 PM)
So class rank becomes pretty important, right Laurie?

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:40:30 PM)
Thanks Laurie. I will look up your website for his info. (I have become intimately familiar with your website :-) )

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:40:53 PM)
that's good, ss_mn :-)

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:41:09 PM)
Class rank is usually not included in a student's transcript, so it is not made very important

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:41:44 PM)
if it is included, and a student ranked highly, it is a plus in their candidacy

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:41:45 PM)
I noticed that the GSIA homepage has changed in the very recent past. Looks good now :-)

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:42:11 PM)
The website is going to continue to have major changes

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:42:16 PM)
thanks ss_mn--our web people would be glad to hear that

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:42:30 PM)
We are going through a college-wide process to make it more navigable and informative

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:43:17 PM)
Sounds great, Carolyn.

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:43:18 PM)
did we miss any questions?

JVA (Oct 2, 2002 9:43:22 PM)
? How much consideration is given to an applicant's undergraduate institution and the difficulty of their major?

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:43:25 PM)
Yes, mine.

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:43:28 PM)
Laurie and Carolyn, if one is denied admission for the full-time MBA program, can he or she request that the same application be considered for your flex-time option?

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:43:56 PM)
JVA . .. a fair amount of consideration. Institution and major are the lens through which we interpret the grades.

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:44:06 PM)
I think that the stats are a little different from this year

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:44:07 PM)
How do you view applications from those who just graduated college? Have two years or less of work experience? Or on the other end have more than six years of experience?

Jerry Sun (Oct 2, 2002 9:44:10 PM)
Laurie, what are the financial aid opportunities? If there is any form of financial aid, does it cover the tuition? And how big percentage of students entering the program get the financial aid?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:44:11 PM)
thanks Linda--yes, we are considering candidates of all experience levels. We prefer candidates to have at least two years of experience, but will consider candidates with less. Candidates with less experience need to be really strong on all the other dimensions

guss20 (Oct 2, 2002 9:44:28 PM)
So how does the adcom evaluate an international degree?

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:45:00 PM)

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:45:19 PM)
We are very open regarding work experience. While typical candidates benefit from having at least two years of full-time experience, others with less experience sometimes fare well in the admissions process

Sean H (Oct 2, 2002 9:45:34 PM)
do applicants ever submit anything other that essays for the optional essay? is this welcomed? I have heard some stories about applicants who have done this.

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:45:43 PM)
How do you feel about three-year bachelors degrees or candidates who already have earned an MBA? in the US? abroad?

Jelly_Fish (Oct 2, 2002 9:45:44 PM)
Laurie, previously you mentioned the program is not a big one, so is the class run on small size basis?

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:45:47 PM)
Lots of experience is generally a plus in a candidate's application -- they have more to share with their fellow students

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:46:18 PM)
Linda--we will consider the 3 year degree

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:46:21 PM)
The BCom (three year from India) is perfectly acceptable.

upstream (Oct 2, 2002 9:46:30 PM)
What percent of students are married? How does GSIA support students with family?

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:46:41 PM)
There is a partners club for "partners" of GSIA students (spouses, significant others, etc..) This partners club can help with networking, job search, etc. for partners of GSIA students

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:46:54 PM)
Having an MBA already is a little trickier -- the candidate needs to provide us with a compelling reason why it is worth his or her time/effort to get our MBA

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:47:00 PM)
upstream--about one-third of our first year students are married

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:47:17 PM)
Joanna, I noticed that you are very active in the admissions welcoming committee. What does it do?

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:47:45 PM)
We offer tours, class visits, and lunch with current students for prospective students

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:47:47 PM)
Jelly--class sizes are small at Carnegie Mellon--the average elective has about 35 students

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:48:44 PM)
AWC is a similar forum to this in that it allows students interested in CMU a closer look and an opportunity to meet with current students

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:48:52 PM)
the core classes are a little bigger (70)

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:49:00 PM)
guss20--about 35-40% of our students are international, so we see a lot of international transcripts

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:49:02 PM)
What is AWC?

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:49:13 PM)
oops. Admissions Welcome committee

MBA_bound (Oct 2, 2002 9:49:24 PM)
Carolyn or Laurie, do you find that the applicants tend to come more from business backgrounds than engineering backgrounds, etc or vice versa?

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:49:47 PM)
Joanna, could you comment a little on the opportunities for students interested in finance and IB?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:49:57 PM)
MBA-bound--our MBA students are about 50/50 split of technical/non-technical backgrounds

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:50:06 PM)
recruiting, or class wise for finance?

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:50:11 PM)

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:50:13 PM)
technical = engineering, sciences

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:50:41 PM)
You only NEED three classes for a finance concentration, but I am finding that there are at least two classes a semester in finance that I want to take. Finance/IB recruiting - much of the recruiting here (at least half I would guess) is for finance/IB positions. I meant two classes a mini...

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:51:25 PM)
I am planning to visit CMU in the next few weeks. Will the admissions office grant me an interview, if I make such a request?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:51:40 PM)
about 25% of this year's class have business backgrounds, 16% economics

Jelly_Fish (Oct 2, 2002 9:51:44 PM)
Joanna, why do you evaluate CMU's finance program so high? Can you be more specific?

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:51:48 PM)
Joanna and David, are you happy with the overall teaching quality and classes? Are the professors available and approachable?

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:52:01 PM)
mostly the faculty, but let me elaborate

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:52:12 PM)
ss_mn--you need to fax us a request for an on-campus interview that has the first 2 pages of the application form and your resume

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:52:14 PM)
with very few exceptions, I have been very happy

Sean H (Oct 2, 2002 9:52:17 PM)
signing off - Laurie, see you in Boston

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:52:26 PM)
I find them accessible

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:52:27 PM)
Thanks for coming Sean.

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:52:29 PM)
we make every effort to accommodate visitors for interviews if we can

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:52:36 PM)
thanks Sean--see you soon

Jelly_Fish (Oct 2, 2002 9:52:36 PM)
David, what's your area of concentration?

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:52:40 PM)
ops and marketing (international) and maybe strategy

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:52:52 PM)
For example, next mini a class is taught by Joel Stern, who co-developed the Stern-Stewart EVA that many companies (including Alcoa, where I worked this summer) now use

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:52:55 PM)
Very encouraging, Laurie. Thanks.

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:52:57 PM)
That's an unusual combination.

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:53:20 PM)
David is a great example of the flexibility of our program!

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:53:23 PM)
at J&J almost everyone seems to go through marketing. I also would very much like to go abroad

Jelly_Fish (Oct 2, 2002 9:53:42 PM)
David, can you absorb so much knowledge? :)

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:53:47 PM)
I may have other concentrations by the time I leave

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:53:47 PM)
Will you David?

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:53:51 PM)
There are a number of different finance topics that classes are offered in - options valuation, financial analysis, and various "studies" type classes

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:54:22 PM)
sometimes. I came from a theater background where I was acting in and directing plays. So I have a lot to learn

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:54:31 PM)
will I ...?

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:54:38 PM)
Sorry. Will you go abroad?

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:54:40 PM)
It is easy to get a broad range of knowledge here because the classes are in "minis" so everything is taught twice as fast, so you can learn twice as much

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:54:55 PM)
I am planning to go abroad mini 4. During mini 4, there is an 8 week program in Germany, Czech Republic, and Slovakia

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:54:56 PM)
I will go abroad here, and I hope to in my career as well

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 9:55:24 PM)
David you seem to have pretty eclectic interests.

Jelly_Fish (Oct 2, 2002 9:55:26 PM)
going abroad? For your 2nd year study or after graduation?

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:55:52 PM)
as far as absorbing knowledge, sometimes I bite off more than I can chew. I am taking 6 classes and it is just too much, but I need to do it to get them in. (see above as to the eclectic comment.)

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:56:10 PM)
Jelly . . . you can't go abroad for a year. You can for a mini-semester (7 weeks) or a full semester.

Jerry Sun (Oct 2, 2002 9:56:25 PM)
Laurie, can you talk about the financial aid opportunities? How big of a percentage of students entering the program get the financial aid?

Jelly_Fish (Oct 2, 2002 9:56:27 PM)
that's exciting

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:56:45 PM)
The program sounds fantastic

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:56:54 PM)
for second year, the Germany/Czech/Slovakia trip

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:56:54 PM)
Jerry--most of our scholarship funds are merit based, so many admitted students are notified about scholarships about a week after they get their admission letter. We have a financial aid office for our graduate business students and we work very hard to put together a package that allows eligible students to attend

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:57:06 PM)
7 weeks

MBA_bound (Oct 2, 2002 9:57:33 PM)
Joanna or David, can either of you describe a typical day as a student as GSIA?

Jelly_Fish (Oct 2, 2002 9:57:52 PM)
Laurie and Carolyn, is there a deposit requirement after you get admitted?

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:57:54 PM)
it always involves work and a group

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:58:08 PM)
yep, class and group meetings fill up most of my day

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:58:10 PM)
Jelly . . the deposit is $1000US, non-refundable

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:58:14 PM)
many times it involves going out afterward

Jelly_Fish (Oct 2, 2002 9:58:17 PM)

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 9:58:23 PM)
I think, every school has a unique program that sets it apart from the rest (e.g. LEAD of University of Chicago or MAP/IMAP of University of Michigan). What is CMU's unique program?

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:58:33 PM)

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:58:40 PM)
Germany trip

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:58:50 PM)
the whole thing

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:58:52 PM)
Well, the deposit, if you should indeed attend, is subtracted from your first semester costs

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:58:56 PM)
the awc

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:59:00 PM)

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:59:07 PM)

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:59:10 PM)

Paul_Bodine (Oct 2, 2002 9:59:11 PM)
What do you make of the fact that WSJ's recruiters-based ranking lists CMU so highly (#3) while in other rankings CMU is usually outside the Top 10?

Jerry Sun (Oct 2, 2002 9:59:22 PM)
Laurie, If I want to be considered for the financial aid, do I need to mention it in my application package?

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:59:30 PM)
CMU's unique program? Well, maybe that we have an innovative environment. We license the FAST program and management game to other top universities

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 9:59:35 PM)
well, CMU has only been out of the top ten since the mid 90s, and I think that the WSJ ranking is unique because it looks at other things besides numbers (I know that that seems strange from a quant school), but we do not have the same numbers that other schools do. We do not make students take the gmats again

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 10:00:45 PM)
Good info., Carolyn. Thank you.

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:00:46 PM)
Paul . . . unfortunately, most other rankings include measures that confound themselves with school size, making it very difficult for smaller programs to rank as highly.

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:00:56 PM)
There is an outdated feeling that CMU has lower communication skills, but I think that is no longer true

Paul_Bodine (Oct 2, 2002 10:01:08 PM)
Interesting, thanks.

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:01:17 PM)
also, the WSJ is ranking based on what recruiters say. these are the people that matter as far as getting a job

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:01:33 PM)
it is def no longer true

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 10:01:38 PM)
My research revealed that CMU is excellent in technology. Only other school that comes close is MIT.

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:01:46 PM)
no question

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:01:52 PM)
CMU and MIT have always competed

guss20 (Oct 2, 2002 10:02:06 PM)
Laurie, do you view multiple jobs as a negative (4 in the last 6 year, two were startups that failed)

Paul_Bodine (Oct 2, 2002 10:02:09 PM)
Recruiters ranked CMU over MIT in technology, according to WSJ.

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:02:22 PM)
right now CMU leads in comp eng and architecture (at least)

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:02:32 PM)
guss20--we want you to explain the path you've taken to us through your essays, and if you're concerned that something might be perceived as a weakness, you should plan to address it in an optional essay

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 10:03:01 PM)
Does CMU have any plans to set up a program of "auditing" applicants, as Wharton has done? I mean verifying info on the applications, not auditing applicants.

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:04:01 PM)
Linda--we haven't made plans to contract with an outside firm, but we do verify information on applications through our process

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:04:14 PM)
If I'm not mistaken (correct me if I am wrong, Laurie), we don't have a plan to audit applicants. HOWEVER, we have always read applications very carefully, and check out things that don't "compute".

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:04:52 PM)
I am going to exit here, does anyone have any more questions to me specifically?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:04:54 PM)
that's right--we do check things out as we work through the process

JVA (Oct 2, 2002 10:04:59 PM)
? Will any of you be at the San Francisco GMAC tomorrow?

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:05:02 PM)
thanks so much for joining, David!

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:05:09 PM)
always fun

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 10:05:10 PM)
Sometimes when I give presentations, someone in the audience will ask about "exaggerating"...

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:05:14 PM)
JVA--two of our colleagues and some alumni will be there

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:05:20 PM)
I won't be :(

MBA_bound (Oct 2, 2002 10:05:22 PM)
Thanks for all your help David

DavidTenerCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:05:29 PM)

Paul_Bodine (Oct 2, 2002 10:05:29 PM)
Should the resume that applicants submit with their application or for their interview differ at all from their standard job-hunt resume?

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 10:05:40 PM)
I always say that if things don't add up or don't sound plausible, the easiest avenue for an admissions committee is to respond with a rejection.

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:05:42 PM)
Jean Eisel (our associate dean) and Dana Sember (asst director of admissions) will be in SF

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 10:05:55 PM)
I want to do this in advance, just so that I may not miss the opportunity...

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 10:05:56 PM)
Laurie, Carolyn, David, and Joanna: Thank you for answering my questions. This has been of great help to me. I will be visiting CMU in the next couple of weeks. I am in hopes that I would get a chance to meet all or some of you :-)

guss20 (Oct 2, 2002 10:05:59 PM)
How about the one in Boston on the 8th?

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:06:04 PM)
The resume can be a standard job hunt resume.

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 10:06:16 PM)
Last few questions...

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:06:17 PM)
guss20--I will be in Boston--so stop by and say hello!

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:06:28 PM)
That would be nice ss_mn . . . you're very welcome.

JVA (Oct 2, 2002 10:07:02 PM)
Thank you, this has been helpful!

guss20 (Oct 2, 2002 10:07:03 PM)
Sure I will. Thanks for your time. Will see you in Boston

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:07:12 PM)
You're welcome JVA

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:07:24 PM)
thanks to everyone for joining us tonight--and good luck with your MBA application!

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:07:32 PM)

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:07:35 PM)
Good luck!!

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 10:07:36 PM)
Thank you again all for participating this evening. Special thanks to Laurie, Carolyn, and Joanna for joining us and to Paul Bodine for his assistance.

Paul_Bodine (Oct 2, 2002 10:07:38 PM)
Excellent presentation, thanks!

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 10:07:38 PM)
I know that you are coming to Minneapolis on Dec. 2. I welcome you to this beautiful city in advance. I hope to see u there too :-)

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 10:07:44 PM)
We look forward to seeing you at future chats. Here is a list of currently scheduled chats:

upstream (Oct 2, 2002 10:07:52 PM)
Thank you all.

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 10:07:52 PM)
Oct 14 -University of Michigan Business School with Kris Nebel, Director of Admissions, Al Cotrone, Director of the Office of Career Development, and two UMBS students; Oct. 22 - Dartmouth's Tuck with Kristin Laca, Tuck's new Director of Admissions and three Tuck students; Chicago, Cornell, UT, and Darden on deck in November!

Jerry Sun (Oct 2, 2002 10:07:54 PM)
Thank you Laurie.

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:07:55 PM)
Joanna, Carolyn, Paul and Linda--thank you so much!

JoannaMinionCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:08:09 PM)
no problem, I hope this was helpful!

MBA_bound (Oct 2, 2002 10:08:17 PM)
Thanks for all of everyone's insight...

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:08:18 PM)
Any time, Laurie (well, not LITERALLY!)

LaurieStewartCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:08:23 PM)

Paul_Bodine (Oct 2, 2002 10:08:45 PM)
Good luck everyone . . .

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 10:08:45 PM)
You're most welcome. It was our pleasure. You all did a great job of providing valuable information.

ss_mn (Oct 2, 2002 10:08:57 PM)
Thank you, Linda, for facilitating this.

CarolynGouldCMU (Oct 2, 2002 10:08:57 PM)
Thanks for having us, Linda and Paul

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 10:08:59 PM)
Please check for exact times and details for upcoming chats.

Linda Abraham (Oct 2, 2002 10:09:07 PM)
Have a very good evening! Good luck with your applications!

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