2002 UT Austin McCombs MBA Admissions Chat with Matt Turner

2002 UT Austin McCombs MBA Admissions Chat with Matt Turner

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Chat Transcript:

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 9:00:10 PM)
Let's start!

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 9:00:22 PM)
First I want to welcome you all to Accepted.com's UT Admissions Chat.

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 9:00:28 PM)
I also want to welcome Elissa Ellis, UT's Assistant Dean, Matt Turner, Director of Admissions, and Ludy Cuello, second-year student. And last but not least, I want to welcome Paul Bodine, an Accepted.com editor.

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 9:00:36 PM)
Ludy provided the following bio so that you will have some idea of her interests, background, and goals.

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 9:00:54 PM)
Here's Ludy's bio:

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 9:00:56 PM)
"I am a Chemical Engineer graduated at Universidad Simon Bolivar, in Caracas, Venezuela. I worked for 3 years as a process engineer in FertiNitro, a joint venture of US, Venezuelan and Italian corporations to design, build, start-up, and operate the world's largest ammonia and urea complex. Then, I came to McCombs for my MBA and I am a 2nd year concentrating in Operations Management. After graduation, I would like to work in supply chain or logistics for a multinational company. What I like most about McCombs is the collaborative environment of the program. I have never felt that I need to compete with my peers; on the contrary, we are constantly helping each other academically and personally. I will leave this school with life time friendships and great memories of the best 2 years of my life!"

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 9:01:05 PM)
Thanks to everyone for joining.

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 9:01:14 PM)
This evening's chat is going to be a moderated chat. In a moderated chat, all your questions go to the moderator (me). I will choose the questions/comments that have the broadest application and those questions will appear in the main window for Elissa, Matt, and Ludy to reply to. You will only see your question in the main window if it is chosen.

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:01:23 PM)
Ok, let's go!

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 9:01:25 PM)
Please post your questions, and I will choose as many as possible from the ones you post and our guests will respond. You can also post follow up questions.

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 9:01:39 PM)
Final request: We would like to avoid the brief summary of qualifications (or even the long laundry list) followed by the question, "Can I qualify?" Or "What are my chances?" This isn't the forum for that kind of question.

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 9:01:51 PM)
Other than that limitation, this is your chance to ask questions about UT's program and admissions policies.

HE Fang (Nov 26, 2002 9:01:57 PM)
?How many applicants from China were accepted by McCombs last year? Will the McCombs School accept more people from China this year than in years past?

Paymon Farazi (Nov 26, 2002 9:02:00 PM)
Has the downturn in the tech sector changed the focus of your entrepreneurship program and/or the success of its graduates?

mengdan (Nov 26, 2002 9:02:11 PM)
Interview is not held by Admission Committee Members and is optional. How does the committee evaluate such an interview? How much does the optional interview weigh in your admission?

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:02:43 PM)
We had 208 applicants from China last year. I think that was down about 4.5% from the year before. I assume that this year's number will be similar.

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 9:02:58 PM)
Matt, how many were accepted?

scjones (Nov 26, 2002 9:03:05 PM)
With regard to the McCombs rolling admissions policy, how important is it to get an application in as early as possible this year? Based on your numbers so far, will this year be as competitive as last or more or less competitive?

Paymon Farazi (Nov 26, 2002 9:03:07 PM)
Does being an out-of-state candidate help, hurt, or do nothing for my chances?

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:03:08 PM)
The interview, like the scores and the work experience, essays, etc, is a portion of the application and we weight all of those factors for our decision. Of the students accepted last year 40% interviewed either on or off campus.

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:03:26 PM)
We admitted 37 from China last year, so you can see that this is pretty competitive. In fact, China and India are the two most competitive countries, given their enormous populations and very high scores.

Ivan (Nov 26, 2002 9:03:27 PM)
I had 7 years of work experience before returning to school to finish my undergraduate degree. I will graduate in December 2004 after returning for 1.5 years. When is the soonest that I could apply for admission? Thank you.

HE Fang (Nov 26, 2002 9:03:28 PM)
Thank u MattTurnerUT.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:03:48 PM)
The decline in the tech sector has definitely affected the job opportunities for graduates. Our entrepreneurship program really hasn't changed its focus...still a mix of high tech and more traditional entrepreneurship.

snnopy (Nov 26, 2002 9:03:58 PM)
Does a Chinese applicant with a GMAT score of 670 have any chance?

reapplicant (Nov 26, 2002 9:04:06 PM)
Hi, where is the best place for a reapplicant to discuss his/her improvements? Optional Essay? or Self-Assessment essay?

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:04:36 PM)
Scjones....good questions....it is the most important thing to have your strongest application before applying. Then, once you have your best scores, etc., it is important to apply early. Do not rush to meet a deadline if you feel you can improve on your application.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:04:55 PM)
reapplicant...The optional essay is a great place to discuss any improvements you have made in your profile.

AndresOleas (Nov 26, 2002 9:05:08 PM)
Hello from Ecuador, my question is: How easy is to obtain a loan from a US bank, in this case for foreigner applicants?

carmela (Nov 26, 2002 9:05:17 PM)
I am planning to apply for fall 04, and want to know what skill sets UT is looking for from an engineer, and what qualifications I should develop in my skill set b4 applying? Any suggestions for projects I should take on? (My background is chemical engineering and working as a process engineer.)

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:05:30 PM)
My best guess this year is that the apps will be about the same as last year....which were 15% up over the year before.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:05:30 PM)
Ivan: we ask for 2 years full time work experience or "similar" experience before undergrad. If your 7 year experience is comparable in terms of responsibilities and challenges that a 2 year post graduate work experience has, then you should be ok.

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 9:05:53 PM)
Elissa, last year we discussed the Plus program, a practical, experiential and interactive professional development curriculum taught in modules and including a study abroad opportunity. I believe it was brand new last year. How is it working out?

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:06:18 PM)
Carmela, I'd suggest thinking about your weaknesses and how you might strengthen them. For instance, often high tech people have the stereotype attached to them that they are weaker in verbal or interpersonal skills. Head that off by doing the interview.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:06:37 PM)
AndresOleas, at the moment McCombs does not offer an option to be a co-signer on an international loan. Loans are difficult without a U.S. co-signer. Many of the schools that offered these programs are reviewing them and may be discontinuing them in the near future. It's important to secure your funding from sources in your country if at all possible.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:06:47 PM)
Snoopy: yes, GMAT is one of the things we evaluate, as well as many other things. So a 670 from China is by no means something that disqualifies you. We evaluate the complete package.

Rodrigo (Nov 26, 2002 9:06:53 PM)
Does the school have any new programs or joint ventures with other school programs abroad? What are McCombs' plans for improving its curricula for the next few years?

Paymon Farazi (Nov 26, 2002 9:06:56 PM)
Thanks Elissa - is the entrepreneurship program more focused on high-tech or even mixed?

Meenakshi (Nov 26, 2002 9:07:17 PM)
I am an international applicant and my application was forwarded to the Graduate Committee for review on 1st November. My question is for Dr. Turner or Ms. Ellis. I plan to visit UT, Austin on December 13. Is there a good chance that I would be notified of the decision before that?

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:07:39 PM)
Linda, et al...the Plus Program was a huge success this year. It is still in development as only the first semester has passed. But the first semester was full of great learning opportunities for our students: coaching on how to make an effective presentation, interaction with a broad range of companies and non-profits.

Edward Lau (Nov 26, 2002 9:07:55 PM)
?How does McCombs gauge its success in recruitment of the incoming classes?

mengdan (Nov 26, 2002 9:08:04 PM)
I'd like to know more about Plus too.

Rodrigo (Nov 26, 2002 9:08:11 PM)
Hi Ludy, what has been the most interesting experience you have had in the IMBASA? What are your plans to make the group better this year?

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:08:14 PM)
Paymon: being an out of state definitely does not hurt or improve your chances. We just want to select the best pool applicants that fit with our program.

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:08:25 PM)
Meenakshi, we are trying to have our earliest decisions out in the early part of December. That's the best I can tell you at this point.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:08:32 PM)
Plus...the students ended the 2-week Plus program with a competition, then a "pitch party" with alumni, where the alumni had "cash" to invest and the students had a chance to give their "1-minute" elevator pitch. Very fun.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:08:56 PM)
Rodrigo: the most interesting experience was International Night. It was a huge cultural party where MBAs from different countries and US regions prepared food, put out music and had typical clothes and handicrafts. It was the first social event of the Plus Program and definitely a big success!!! It was organized by IMBASA and supported by Plus. Finally: I was President just for 1 year. We just elected the new group of officers that will run the club another year and I am sure they will improve it.

Edmund (Nov 26, 2002 9:08:58 PM)
I heard "GMAT" many times in the chat. Does UT pay significant attention to applicants' GMAT scores?

Jose C. (Nov 26, 2002 9:09:07 PM)
What happens if I get a higher GMAT grade than a TOEFL score, I mean for example 200 CBT in TOEFL, and GMAT 700?

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:09:23 PM)
Edward Lau: We look at a variety of factors in our recruiting. We're very interested in diversity: in educational background, work experience, geographic location, underrepresented minorities, women, etc.

Edward Lau (Nov 26, 2002 9:09:50 PM)
?How does the school help students to assess and development leadership/executive skills?

Clint Wynn (Nov 26, 2002 9:09:52 PM)
After scheduling an interview, is there any way to find out whom your interview is with?

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:09:56 PM)
Edmund, GMAT and GPA are both strong indicators of performance in the core curriculum. They are important components.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:10:02 PM)
Edward: We feel if our recruiting trips, targeted marketing, etc. are bringing us the students that we feel can succeed in our program, then we've been successful.

Guest (Nov 26, 2002 9:10:08 PM)
Can you give us some insight on on-campus recruiting so far this year? Any new initiatives of the career management center to assist McCombs students in this tough economy? Thank you.

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:10:32 PM)
Jose, what is CBT?

reapplicant (Nov 26, 2002 9:10:50 PM)
How does Adcom view 700+ GMATs that do NOT break the 80/80 breakdown b/w quantitative and verbal percentiles?

Shawn (Nov 26, 2002 9:10:59 PM)
How many prior military members has McCombs enrolled?

Jose C. (Nov 26, 2002 9:11:01 PM)
Matt, CBT =Computer base test.

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:11:25 PM)
Reapplicant, we look at the total score and then we prefer that the Q is 40 or higher. As to verbal, this is more subjective. A 35 will automatically waive you of the TOEFL if you are an international student.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:11:41 PM)
Edward Lau, the Plus program is new and it will incorporate several ways for students to develop their leadership/executive skills. This program is a 2-week module in the middle of each semester that allows students to focus on developing these skills through coaching, special courses, competitions, evaluations, and many more. It is designed to give our students a competitive edge in the marketplace.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:12:01 PM)
Clint: we usually don't tell you the interviewer' s name. A MAC member (2nd year MBA student) will interview you and sometimes we know the interviewer some days before due to our crazy schedules!!!

atlanta-mba (Nov 26, 2002 9:12:06 PM)
Elissa, regarding Plus - what is the significance of the "academies" versus the "modules"?

AndresOleas (Nov 26, 2002 9:12:12 PM)
Does UT have a strong relationship with oil companies? If accepted, and after finishing the MBA program, my goal is to work abroad for an oil company, due to my Petroleum engineering background.

Cindy (Nov 26, 2002 9:12:24 PM)
Hi, this is for Matt Turner. I was just wondering whether you HAVE to have working experience to apply. I'm still an undergrad.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:12:25 PM)
Shawn, 20 to 30 each year.

carmela (Nov 26, 2002 9:12:27 PM)
What is the ideal candidate? What qualities are you looking for in the student?

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:12:43 PM)
Jose, you need a 250 absolute minimum of the TOEFL (Computer)...but 260 is greatly preferred.

shreya (Nov 26, 2002 9:13:26 PM)
Can you tell the deadlines for the application for MBA spring 2003?

Max (Nov 26, 2002 9:13:33 PM)
Ludy - what are the "hot" topics on campus for the MBAs this year?

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:13:37 PM)
Cindy, yes you absolutely have to have work experience. Two years is the minimum. The reasons for work are that you are much better prepared to work with your teams and you are better equipped to be employed when you graduate.

Int#268296---Meili_Zheng (Nov 26, 2002 9:13:47 PM)
McCombs greatly attracted me due to its wealth of resources, the diversity and collaboration of people. Most of all, McCombs' strength in Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Globalization distinguished it from other MBA programs I was doing researching on. I learned that there have been some changes in the Entrepreneurship Division. Would you mind talking a little about the changes and how they are affecting or will affect the program?

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:13:48 PM)
Hi Andres. Since we are based in Austin (very close to Houston) we do have relationships with several oil companies. To give you a recent example, I interviewed with ExxonMobil and Shell on campus and many more oil companies came to interview.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:13:49 PM)
Atlanta-mba, the academies are broad and focused on things like small business, international business, non-profits. Within each academy there are a variety of projects. The modules are more targeted at improving a specific skill like writing, presentation skills, negotiations, etc.

Edward Lau (Nov 26, 2002 9:14:44 PM)
?I would like to visit the McCombs campus to learn more about its program. However, due to financial constraints, I can only visit the campus if an acceptance decision has been reached. Would this be viewed as diminished interest by the school?

Rodrigo (Nov 26, 2002 9:14:48 PM)
Ms. Ellis, how would you describe the alumni participation at McCombs and how involved are alumni with their communities?

Fang HE (Nov 26, 2002 9:14:53 PM)
?Can I choose some curriculums on energy from other departments of UT Austin?

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:15:00 PM)
Shreya, the deadlines for spring are February 1 for internationals and March 15 for domestics.

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:15:03 PM)
Carmela, after you prove you can manage the core curriculum (GMAT, GPA, etc.) and have adequate work experience, then it is a matter of fit, focus, research, enthusiasm. You really want to "shine" as much as possible and show how you will get involved in the McCombs Community.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:15:17 PM)
Hi Meili_Zheng. The entrepreneurship program will continue to be a very strong program at McCombs. The fact that a few of the entrepreneurship professors left the school can not hurt the great program that we had and still have. For example, I am not concentrating in entrepreneurship, but we have so many good profs that next semester I'm taking 2 courses on entrepreneurship!

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:16:38 PM)
Hi Max: please clarify what you mean by hot topics! Like fun events?

Jose C. (Nov 26, 2002 9:16:38 PM)
Thanks, Matt.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:16:45 PM)
Rodrigo, alumni participation at McCombs is quite good. We have many alumni who want to participate in our on-campus activities. We also have a great database to which students have access. Alumni chapters have been established all over the world: Latin America, China, Germany, Mexico. Alumni are very receptive to student interaction. They help us with our optional interview program.

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:16:47 PM)
Edward, it would be great if everyone could do a campus visit, since you will spend 2 yrs of your life in B School and it is important for you to feel you fit in to the culture. However, if you can't make it, it in no way implies that you lack interest.

Ivan (Nov 26, 2002 9:16:49 PM)
Does McCombs value a very strong entrepreneurial business background equal to a strong non-business background? Wouldn't my business background be more applicable than say someone with a strong scientific background or does a diverse student body take precedence?

Teddy Dykoski (Nov 26, 2002 9:17:47 PM)
Hello. I have taken the GMAT once, and plan on applying for fall 2004. How does UT evaluate my GMAT score if I take it more than once? Will they only look at the highest score? Will they frown upon taking it multiple times?

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:17:49 PM)
Fang He, you can take up to 9 hours outside of the b-school with the approval of an academic advisor.

Paul_Bodine (Nov 26, 2002 9:17:58 PM)
Do you think that the MBA and MSE program through the Engineering dept. is as integrated as it could be?

stephw (Nov 26, 2002 9:19:03 PM)
During my GMAT preparation course, I took two mock GMAT tests and scored progressively higher scores. However, when I took the real GMAT, my score was markedly lower, due to, I feel, test anxiety. I will retake the test 12/12, yet I am nervous that if I score lower again this will prohibit me from being a viable candidate for the MBA program. How important are the GMAT scores?

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:19:07 PM)
Teddy, we absolutely ONLY consider the highest score you make on the GMAT. It can never hurt you (here at McCombs) to retake the GMAT.

ucb98 (Nov 26, 2002 9:19:11 PM)
How difficult is it to get in-state tuition the second year? I've heard that you need to demonstrate your intentions of remaining in Texas after graduation. How is this best accomplished?

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:19:13 PM)
Ivan: McCombs definitely values variety because we really want to have a very diverse group of the strongest applicants.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:19:38 PM)
Paul Bodine--all of our joint programs are a combination of two programs -- sometimes programs that can seemingly be disparate. If you are interested in a program like this, you should carefully examine each program, what the opportunities will be post-graduation, make sure the program will actually achieve your objectives.

snnopy (Nov 26, 2002 9:19:54 PM)
Is six years experience in a securities company an attractive qualification to UT?

mengdan (Nov 26, 2002 9:20:04 PM)
Do you treat off-campus alumni interviews equally with on-campus current student interviews?

Guest (Nov 26, 2002 9:20:09 PM)
Ludy, is it common to receive applications from Petroleum engineers?

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:20:27 PM)
udb98, your residency is determined largely on your work experience prior to coming to UT. Usually 12 months gainfully employed in Texas prior to admission is the rule for residency. And once this is determined, you are not changed to in-state in the 2nd year. There are many exceptions. If you write to our McCombsMBA address, we can direct you to a residency officer.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:20:41 PM)
mengdan, the interviews with alumni and students are treated equally on campus and off-campus...both the same weight.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:21:02 PM)
Hi Stephw. We evaluate the GMAT together with all the other things that we ask for in your application. Our ranges of accepted students vary from 570-790. Don't be nervous!

BW_TX (Nov 26, 2002 9:21:06 PM)
How critical is expressing a detailed view of post-MBA employment goals? Or in expressing a proposed major? I have both consulting experience with large and small businesses, as well as internal corporate background - both have their strengths in terms of my long-term goals. Will it hurt to not have my future plans more flushed out?

carmela (Nov 26, 2002 9:21:13 PM)
What is the admission rate for people with 3 years work experience or less?

scjones (Nov 26, 2002 9:21:22 PM)
I scored a 620 on the GMAT and am hoping to get my application in soon. How strongly do you suggest I take the test again?

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:21:37 PM)
Snnopy, all work is considered. Work that is relevant would be work that shows career progression and consistency in career path.

Cindy (Nov 26, 2002 9:22:07 PM)
MattTurnerUT: Does the work experience have to be related to my carrier? I am an engineering undergrad and I've had experience in retail for about 1 and 1/2 years. Does that count??

Edmund (Nov 26, 2002 9:22:09 PM)
What major industries is the UT MBA class made up of?

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:22:12 PM)
Hi Carmela: our average is 4.5 years, but we don't have specific statistics on the people with 3 years or less. Our range starts at 2. I had 3.

jain (Nov 26, 2002 9:22:17 PM)
Hi Matt, I reapplied this year for the Fall 2003 Full time program and I need to know if there are any stats as to how many people reapply?

Rodrigo (Nov 26, 2002 9:22:24 PM)
Thank you, Ms. Ellis.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:23:12 PM)
BW TX: It's important to be able to articulate your career goals in your essays. We won't bring your goals to graduation to check and see if you followed through :)...but it's important to be able to articulate a general career direction and understanding of what why an MBA will be valuable.

Fang HE (Nov 26, 2002 9:23:17 PM)
Thanks, ElissaEllisUT.

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:23:22 PM)
Jain, I can't recall exactly the number of re-apps, but I hazard to say about 150 or so. I do know that about 45% of re-apps get in on the 2nd attempt. Re-applicants usually ask for feedback on their denial over the summer, and we provide individual feedback. The re-apps usually do a much better job at their apps the 2nd time.

shahi (Nov 26, 2002 9:23:24 PM)
Hi, I am interested in knowing the GMAT Range for entering the McCombs MBA.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:23:50 PM)
scjones: our range starts at 570 and our average is around 680, but depending on which country you come from can make that decision. For example, people from Latin America have lower averages and people from Asia have higher ones. And remember, the GMAT is just another statistic in your application!

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:24:19 PM)
The GMAT range is 560-800]

Guest (Nov 26, 2002 9:25:02 PM)
I think someone asked this question earlier, but I'm not sure if it was answered: What, if any, increase are you seeing in applicants this year? Is the pool more or less competitive?

Matt (Nov 26, 2002 9:25:05 PM)
I would like to know more about the summer Spanish program. Can someone give more details about the program itself and how one would get accepted?

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:25:18 PM)
Cindy, all undergrad majors and all work experiences "count." The issue is that you need to make a convincing case for how your college and work experience tie into your future career goals. Your skill sets need to be in line with your goals, in other words.

Max (Nov 26, 2002 9:25:20 PM)
Ludy - No, more like are there certain issues that seem to be more talked about this year among the students (i.e. placement, faculty, curriculum, academic support). Each year I imagine that some topics are more prevalent than others.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:25:25 PM)
Edmund, the industries are pretty varied...lots of engineers from high-tech or oil and gas, financial analysts, health care, consultants (associates), and many more.

Edward Lau (Nov 26, 2002 9:25:37 PM)
?I plan on pursuing a career in brand management. How successful has McCombs been in placing students in brand management positions? What marketing companies have recruited from McCombs in the past two years?

Rodrigo (Nov 26, 2002 9:25:43 PM)
Are there any programs at McCombs for students' spouses, such as job placements or other activities?

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:26:31 PM)
Ok Max finally! Hot topics are the Plus program b/c it's been a great way to develop those soft skill that MBA programs usually don't teach but recruiters really want. Of course, the recruiting and job search has been very hot due to the difficult economy, but I believe our career services office is doing an awesome job of bringing firms to campus.

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:26:58 PM)
Matt, all new admits are sent info about the Spanish Language track after they are admitted. Usually, you are expected to have had 2 yrs college Spanish to be in the fall class. If you are quite rusty, and/or haven't had 2 yrs, then the summer course might be a good idea. Full details are made available if you are admitted.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:27:08 PM)
Edward Lau: Brand management has been a very popular career choice for McCombs graduates. We have placed a large number of our marketing students in brand management jobs from Pillsbury, Kraft, Sara Lee, Frito Lay, Dr. Pepper/7Up, and others.

Guest (Nov 26, 2002 9:27:46 PM)
What percentage of your graduates work in Texas after graduation? Is there a wide variety of geographic regions represented in the career center?

nvajdos (Nov 26, 2002 9:27:54 PM)
What international relationships currently exist as it relates to summer internships, and how strongly are they encouraged?

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:27:55 PM)
Edward Lau, we have a great program that brings in reps from companies such as Dell, 3M, and Motorola to work with a group of students who had an internship with them the previous summer. They bring in real world case studies and ask the students to propose solutions. This class is called customer strategies.

Paul_Bodine (Nov 26, 2002 9:28:00 PM)
Has the new Energy Finance concentration been modified at all post-Enron?

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:28:09 PM)
Rodrigo: yes, we even have a student org called SAS: Students and Significant Others. The spouses and SO get together and sometimes with the students and go out, party, etc.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:29:25 PM)
Paul: the base curriculum has been changed, which is usually a process that has to be done with much care and time. But the Energy Finance program has brought speakers, some of them ex-Enron, to talk about it. Also in many classes there is discussion about all of those issues.

Fang HE (Nov 26, 2002 9:29:51 PM)
I come from China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC). UT Austin is the most renowned university in the petroleum industry. I'm very interested in the energy industry. Can you talk a little about your programs focused on energy?

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:29:52 PM)
Nvajdos, we have a good international alumni network We also have a counselor in the Ford Career Center who works primarily with international students or domestic students who want international jobs/internships. We are in development of an international internship database that can be accessed by students.

Max (Nov 26, 2002 9:30:30 PM)
Can you discuss any distinguishing factors of your marketing department? Thanks.

Jeff & Pao (Nov 26, 2002 9:30:43 PM)
We've heard that sometimes when verbal scores are low you send MBA candidates first to the English as a Second Language Services. Is this opportunity still available?

Shawn (Nov 26, 2002 9:30:48 PM)
Thanks, Ludy.

scjones (Nov 26, 2002 9:31:04 PM)
Thanks, Ludy!

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:31:30 PM)
Fang HE: we have the 1st energy finance program among the top b-schools; some schools have followed us. Please visit our website to learn more about the Energy Finance Program. In addition, many petroleum companies based in Houston come to recruit on campus. I mentioned ExxonMobil and Shell, but many more have come this fall.

snnopy (Nov 26, 2002 9:31:39 PM)
Do the UT MBA students have many chances to enter into the investment bank after graduation?

mengdan (Nov 26, 2002 9:31:46 PM)
Has your career service established any effective program to help international students with individual jobs?

Rodrigo (Nov 26, 2002 9:31:55 PM)
Ludy, as president of IMBASA, what has been your most difficult challenge and how were you able to overcome it?

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:32:08 PM)
Jeff & Pao, that has never been a requirement. On occasion we might recommend that. In fact, I'd recommend that to any international student who feels his/ her English may be weak, but we've not required that.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:32:22 PM)
Max, Our marketing department has a particular center that is called Customer Insight This center looks at the crossover between technology, operations, and product marketing. It's a great curriculum for someone interested in brand management or product management.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:32:48 PM)
Rodrigo: probably the motivation of my team when we are full time MBAs looking for a job and studying for exams.

Vik (Nov 26, 2002 9:32:49 PM)
I am graduating in Dec 2003 from University of Wisconsin with a Business major (MIS and Finance concentration), can you please tell me if I am eligible for applying for an MBA for year 2004?

Jeremy (Nov 26, 2002 9:32:51 PM)
What is the current turnaround time on applications that were submitted for the first deadline?

shreya (Nov 26, 2002 9:33:05 PM)
Are there any priorities for the students of developing countries?

reapplicant (Nov 26, 2002 9:33:14 PM)
Is there an additional cost for the Plus Program beyond the normal tuition?

Travis (Nov 26, 2002 9:33:20 PM)
Thus far, have you seen more or less military applicants given the tense world situation?

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:33:28 PM)
Vik, you are if you will have 24 months of post-bac work experience (full time).

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:33:47 PM)
Mengdan: we have a full time career services counselor working with international students' job searches. One of their last accomplishments has been the creation of a database with all the companies that recruit internationals and sponsor visas, and also with companies abroad that recruit MBAs.

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:33:56 PM)
Jeremy, historically we've taken about 13 wks from the moment the application is "complete". However, this year I'm trying my personal best to cut that down to something closer to 2 months AFTER complete date. We hope to have the first admits notified in early December this year. Also, keep in mind that the whole Univ. is basically shut down for all practical purposes for several weeks around Xmas.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:34:02 PM)
Snnopy: Since investment banking is very tough this year for all MBAs, there have not been a lot of opportunities. However, we have one of the best (if not THE best) investment funds in the country. The students are well equipped when they leave to go into investment banking. The 25 students that participate in this program each year have great opportunities to enter into these careers. We had 100% placement last year with that group.

BW_TX (Nov 26, 2002 9:34:07 PM)
Once admitted and enrolled, is acceptance into programs related to Research Centers (such as CCI or CREC) limited?

reapplicant (Nov 26, 2002 9:34:17 PM)
What % of 1st year students are on scholarship or fellowship?

AndresOleas (Nov 26, 2002 9:34:20 PM)
What courses or subjects do you recommend taking before joining the MBA? In my case, I'm an engineer.

Edward Lau (Nov 26, 2002 9:34:31 PM)
?I know that the Quality Management Consortium gives students opportunities for experiential learning through projects with local companies. Are there similar opportunities to go beyond the Austin area, for instance west coast of midwest?

Edmund (Nov 26, 2002 9:34:33 PM)
What about the tech companies? Do tech companies often recruit UT students?

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:35:06 PM)
reapplicant, the plus program is an additional cost that is represented as a mandatory fee on your tuition bill. Each semester the cost will be about $1100.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:35:30 PM)
Shreya: we want to have a very diverse and strong pool of applicants from all over the world. We do not have any "priorities" and we get many strong applications from developing countries.

stephw (Nov 26, 2002 9:36:04 PM)
How much importance is placed on the letters of rec. included in our application packets?

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:36:19 PM)
BW_TX, applications to those programs are not limited unless demand just sky-rockets. At the moment, supply and demand have not been a problem. It was difficult a couple of years ago when everyone was going into high-tech. Some of the programs do require an application process, but most students are accepted.

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:36:21 PM)
Travis, it's too early to tell. So far, I've seen some excellent military applicants come through, but I wouldn't say they were greater or fewer in number.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:36:29 PM)
Andres: I don't recommend anything since you have a strong quantitative background as an engineer. At UT you will have the opportunity of doing an Accounting boot camp as well as a career services one.

ucb98 (Nov 26, 2002 9:36:40 PM)
How is UT's placement in California? I noticed it dropped from 12% to 9%. Do you attribute this to the downturn in the tech economy? Would the McCombs MBA be a good choice for someone who wants to work in tech/entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley?

Int#268296---Meili_Zheng (Nov 26, 2002 9:36:48 PM)
In addition the plus program, which is available to all, "the Washington Campus" and "the MBA Investment Fund" also caught my attention in McCombs. What contribution have these hands-on programs made to the MBA program as a whole? What percentage of MBA students benefit from them?

shahi (Nov 26, 2002 9:36:58 PM)
If I want to work for the non profit sector, what are the opportunities in the McCombs program?

Rodrigo (Nov 26, 2002 9:37:04 PM)
Thank you, Ludy. One more thing. Can SAS help in finding a job for SO's or is it focused on social activities?

Paul_Bodine (Nov 26, 2002 9:37:38 PM)
Thanks, Ludy.

Max (Nov 26, 2002 9:37:43 PM)
Good to know. Thanks, Ludy.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:37:48 PM)
Edmund: tech companies have been beaten with this economy, but remember that UT has a lot of tech companies headquartered here and Dallas is also very close, so we definitely get several tech companies to recruit here.

Fang HE (Nov 26, 2002 9:37:52 PM)
Thanks, Ludy.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:38:00 PM)
AndresOleas, we recommend accounting, calculus, and statistics unless you have had these as an undergrad. We offer accounting boot camp and math/stats review before orientation each year, so you can always take advantage of that.

Max (Nov 26, 2002 9:38:00 PM)
Very interesting. Thanks, Elissa.

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:38:19 PM)
Reapplicant, we gave out 64 recruitment scholarships last year to the tune of $135,000 in cash and $170,040 in tuition savings.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:38:48 PM)
Edward, in the plus program you will have the opportunity to work with a variety of companies from all over the U.S.

AndresOleas (Nov 26, 2002 9:39:14 PM)
Thanks, Elissa and Ludy.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:39:16 PM)
Edmund, we are a great resource for tech companies. When they're looking, they come to McCombs.

BW_TX (Nov 26, 2002 9:39:22 PM)
ElissaEllisUT: Are the research center program applications required before or after an enrollment and/or matriculation decision?

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:39:25 PM)
Stephw: letters of recommendations are one of the things we look for as well as all the other requirements. They are all weighted more or less the same. The important thing is to have them made by someone that really knows you, preferably a supervisor.

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 9:39:53 PM)
Elissa, since tech is hiring much less these days, what are you advising your graduates to do?

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:40:39 PM)
ucb98, the drop is definitely due to the downturn in the economy, especially in the bay area. We have a great alumni group in the bay area that you can tap into and we have traditionally placed 12-15% of our class in California.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:40:45 PM)
Shahi: I'm not too familiar with non-profit, but the Washington campus focuses on that. We have a great student org called net impact, and in fact we are hosting the national net impact conference next year, which is a great opportunity for people in non-profit to get involved with companies in that sector and make a very big impact.

james (Nov 26, 2002 9:40:50 PM)
When you look at an application, what do you look at first? Last? How do you review an application?

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:40:51 PM)
Meili_Zheng, the Washington Campus program has become very popular again. I can't give you numbers, but I think something like 20-35 go per year....over 3 different time schedules. Washington Campus allows for a week of intense study in DC regarding government's relation to business. It is very popular.

Jeff & Pao (Nov 26, 2002 9:40:53 PM)
Can you tell us how hard it was for current UT students to get an internship this year?

shahi (Nov 26, 2002 9:41:04 PM)
Are there any scholarships for international students, and if so, what are the criteria for giving these scholarships?

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:41:19 PM)
BW_TX, after enrollment they are mostly procedural.

Jeremy (Nov 26, 2002 9:41:50 PM)
Would you say that the applications are down from the previous couple of years, and if so can you provide an estimate?

jain (Nov 26, 2002 9:42:04 PM)
I submitted my application at the end of  October; by when can I expect an interview call?

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:42:16 PM)
Rodrigo: I think SAS also works together to help with jobs. I am not part of the club but I've heard that they do help each other on that matter.

Ivan (Nov 26, 2002 9:42:20 PM)
Do I have to have all of my undergraduate work completed before applying? Can I apply in my last semester as an undergraduate? I have 7 yrs. prior professional work experience.

snnopy (Nov 26, 2002 9:42:32 PM)
May I take the courses in the accounting department if I am admitted?

Shawn (Nov 26, 2002 9:42:53 PM)
What is the approximate percentage of accepted applicants in the first round?

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:42:54 PM)
With the downturn in tech hiring, many of our students have turned to finance. However, if students are very interested in tech, it's good to pursue your dream. We want to try and help get them into the fields in which they want to work. They may have to take a different route than they had originally planned.

Meenakshi (Nov 26, 2002 9:42:59 PM)
What are the criteria for deciding which country pool the application will go into? For example: undergraduate degree, work experience, current citizenship etc.

lakshmim (Nov 26, 2002 9:43:16 PM)
How popular is McCombs with the consulting firms? I am interested in a program focusing on strategy and change management. Please tell me a little more about it.

scjones (Nov 26, 2002 9:43:27 PM)
How many first years will McCombs accept this year? And what was your ratio of admits to actual program entrants last year?

Vik (Nov 26, 2002 9:43:37 PM)
Are residents of Canada treated as regular international students or do they have a different status?

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:43:42 PM)
James, we first want to make sure you'll survive the MBA program. This means looking at your educational background and GMAT score. Many, many people survive this step, so then your application goes through student review (MAC committee) and staff review where we are looking closely at your essays and all the more subjective issues.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:43:50 PM)
Jeff and Pao: it was hard for all MBAs to get internships and full time this year. I was surprised by the # of recruiters that came to UT compared to those that visited my friends in other schools. I don't know anybody that did not get some type of job experience this summer at UT. Of course some of them (few) were not paid, but you had something for your resume.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:43:59 PM)
Shahi, All of our scholarships are open to the entire student body. They are strictly awarded based on merit. We also have scholarships available to our second year students that are awarded in April/May of their first year.

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:44:42 PM)
Jeremy, apps were up last year about 15% over the previous year. While it is too early to tell, I'd guess they'll be similar this year to last year. Not down.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:44:53 PM)
snnopy, the accounting department is in the business school and you will be required to take two courses in accounting: financial and managerial.

shahi (Nov 26, 2002 9:45:21 PM)
Thanks, Ludy. Can you give me more info on the Community Dev and Social Enterprise program?

Rodrigo (Nov 26, 2002 9:45:25 PM)
Thanks again, Ludy. I appreciate your help!

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:45:38 PM)
Ivan: yes, you can apply, we just can't accept you before you get your title.

Paul_Bodine (Nov 26, 2002 9:45:40 PM)
Do you expect applicants to report *all* non-degree coursework or just the non-degree coursework they want you to know about?

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:45:53 PM)
Jain, we don't call you for an interview. You determine yourself whether you want to have an interview and you must schedule this yourself within 3 wks of applying. You don't have to have the interview w/in 3 wks, but you must schedule it. It's all online and very user friendly.

Michael (Nov 26, 2002 9:46:41 PM)
What has been your recent experience with placement of those interested in entrepreneurial ventures? I would like to work for a small even micro company upon graduation. Do those types of companies recruit at McCombs?

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:47:07 PM)
Vik: Canadians are considered the same as any int'l applicant.

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:47:26 PM)
Shawn, there is not a first round. We work on "rolling" admissions. We fill as many seats as we can from the pool that we have in front of us at any given moment.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:47:35 PM)
lakshmim, the consulting firms have traditionally been excellent recruiters of our graduates. Again, the opportunities for last year were tough, but we expect that when they begin hiring again, they'll be looking for graduates of McCombs.

Shawn (Nov 26, 2002 9:48:19 PM)
What is the most unique characteristic about the McCombs experience? (Not to include the sudden change in weather conditions.)

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:48:21 PM)
Shahi: I am not familiar with that program. I know that it is a course dictated by one of our favorite profs, Dr Tomlinson, who also coordinated Plus. You work with a local company here in Austin doing some type of projects in non profit sector.

raymand (Nov 26, 2002 9:48:31 PM)
What percentage of applicants are chosen to interview, and among them, what percentage was accepted last year?

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:48:32 PM)
scjones, we will accept around 750-800 students (400 or so will enroll). Last year our selectivity was 29%.

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:49:02 PM)
Meenakshi, all international applicants are pooled by their respective country. You will be judged against that specific pool (in terms of GMAT, education, work, etc.). We want a diversity of countries represented.

Int#268296---Meili_Zheng (Nov 26, 2002 9:50:04 PM)
To all fellow applicants: I have had the pleasure of visiting UT. Not to mention it's a beautiful school and has very modern facilities, the diversity of the student body, the collaboration of people, and most of all, to me personally, the great fit in "Entrepreneurship, Tech and Globalization" definitely separates McCombs from many other MBA programs. I have to say McCombs to many is an excellent choice. Good luck to every applicant and to myself. Thank you, Dr. Turner, Dr. Elissa and Ms. Ludy, for such a wonderful opportunity to talk to you all.

jain (Nov 26, 2002 9:50:05 PM)
Thanks a lot, Matt!!

Travis (Nov 26, 2002 9:50:13 PM)
I am in the military. Should I be admitted to McCombs for Fall 2003 and end up being deployed overseas should a war break out, would I be allowed to defer my enrollment to Fall 2004?

shreya (Nov 26, 2002 9:50:21 PM)
I have just graduated this Sept and I don't have any experience except some volunteering. Does that mean I am disqualified for the application?

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:50:32 PM)
Shawn: by far and without any doubt the collaborative and friendly environment among the students. It was the greatest surprise and I am extremely glad to be here b/c it's 2 years of sharing with great people.

Ivan (Nov 26, 2002 9:50:35 PM)
Ludy: So I can apply, and my application will be reviewed while I am in my last semester, or will it be placed on hold? Or will it be a conditional acceptance if I get accepted?

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:50:54 PM)
Paul, if you can easily provide a transcript for the coursework, then list the school on the application and provide transcripts. If, however, the program was a professional development program or other certificate program for which it will be difficult to document your studies, then please omit that from the application. Otherwise, our GIAC office will be patiently waiting for a transcript that you will never supply.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:51:05 PM)
Michael: these types of companies aren't regular recruiters on campus. They just don't have the resources to go the traditional route to recruiting. However, we have a great system called AccessUT which allows them to post job opportunities to the web. That way students can go direct to their offices for a visit. We also have a great alumni network of people who are in entrepreneurial positions with smaller companies. The resources to find these jobs are definitely here, so it would be up to you to work with the system to find the job you're looking for.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:51:18 PM)
Ivan: yes, apply. If you are considered a strong applicant and we want to accept you, we will hold your decision until you prove that you graduated, but your application will be reviewed in advance.

Vik (Nov 26, 2002 9:51:57 PM)
Thanks, Ludy.

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:51:59 PM)
Travis, good questions. ALL ADMITTED STUDENTS are allowed the option to defer their admission for one year, and one year only. So, you'd be fine, as long as the war ended soon!!!

ucb98 (Nov 26, 2002 9:52:06 PM)
I have slightly above avg. GMATs and GPA, but stellar work experience. How do you weight the big three with regards to scholarships and out-of-state tuition wavers? Do I need a 730+ to get a break or can my work experience garner consideration?

mickeycn (Nov 26, 2002 9:52:12 PM)
If I am not satisfied with my current GMAT score and want to take it for the second time, when is the acceptable deadline?

Jeremy (Nov 26, 2002 9:52:16 PM)
Where do most students live when attending McCombs i.e. campus, downtown, etc.?

Jeff & Pao (Nov 26, 2002 9:52:22 PM)
We also would like to know about the facilities (housing, etc) for couples that both want to pursue an MBA.

gota (Nov 26, 2002 9:52:28 PM)
Hi. I am a Japanese applicant interested in on-campus interview. However, there seems to be no slot left till the end of March. Is this a usual thing?

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:52:30 PM)
raymand, our interview process is optional at the moment, but we would encourage you to take advantage of it just to learn more about the school and talk with an alum or current student. The percentage of those who are enrolled who interviewed is 46%.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:53:01 PM)
Shreya: we ask for 2 years full time work exp or "similar" experience. If you feel that your exp is similar in responsibilities and challenges, you should explain that on your 3rd essay.

Meenakshi (Nov 26, 2002 9:53:26 PM)
Thanks, Dr. Turner.

shahi (Nov 26, 2002 9:53:39 PM)
Ludy, can you please give me mail ID of any of the students who are associated with the the community dev. program?

AndresOleas (Nov 26, 2002 9:53:48 PM)
I have worked for two American companies here in Ecuador. Does that gives any extra weight to my application?

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:54:00 PM)
The deadline for any new materials to add to your application would be March 15th (given that that is the deadline for applications). However, the later you wait, the more difficult it will be to get in as the spaces in the class fill up.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:54:07 PM)
Jeremy: it varies a lot. Some people live close to campus, but since that is also very close to the undergrads, a lot of people live about 10-15 min from school. There is a very big shuttle route that covers many areas and is free.

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:54:38 PM)
ucb98, that's really hard to answer. Generally speaking, however, the competition for recruiting scholarships is fierce and usually a high GPA or GMAT is involved. However, there are other considerations.

Shawn (Nov 26, 2002 9:55:01 PM)
Thanks, Ludy!!

Edmund (Nov 26, 2002 9:55:06 PM)
In the UT admission process, is there a GMAT or GPA cut off?

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:55:16 PM)
Jeff and Pao: my husband and I are both 2nd year MBAs here. We have had the greatest time!!! There are many housing options. I have a friend that lives in the university apartments, but you need to apply far in advance. We live 15 min from campus.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:55:37 PM)
Gota, that seems odd. I think something might not be working when you view the available spots. You can email mccombsmba@bus.utexas.edu with more questions. Or you can always sign up to do an interview with an alum in your area.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:56:04 PM)
Right now I don't know the names. Remind me at ludy.cuello@mba03.bus.utexas.edu and I will send you some contacts.

lakshmim (Nov 26, 2002 9:56:13 PM)
Thanks, Elissa.

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 9:56:21 PM)
When you look at a file, what do you look at first? Last? How do you review a file?

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:56:29 PM)
Edmund, there's not really a cut-off, just a range that normally gets accepted. GMAT is 560-800 and GPA is 2.25-4.0.

MBA_bound (Nov 26, 2002 9:57:35 PM)
Do students have the ability to take language classes besides Spanish at a beginner level?

mickeycn (Nov 26, 2002 9:57:43 PM)
Is the application deadline specified on your website the deadline for you to receive all application materials, or the deadline an applicant sends out his/her application materials shown by the post mark?

Int#268296---Meili_Zheng (Nov 26, 2002 9:57:55 PM)
Dr. Turner: if there is one piece of advice you would give to a prospective MBA student, what would it be?

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:58:08 PM)
AndresOleas, working for US companies abroad MIGHT give you a slight advantage only in that you are perhaps more likely to understand a work culture that is more similar to the US. Recruiters will respect that, but let me emphasize that much more important is the quality and quantity of work, irrespective of the company.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:58:45 PM)
MBA_bound, the Spanish program is the only one that is officially a part of the MBA program. You can take other courses, but we normally don't allow beginning language credits to count toward your MBA degree.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:58:48 PM)
Linda: we weight everything in an application. We start by looking at the scores, 2 MAC members review the entire application looking for a fit with our program, and then it goes to Dr Turner for the final decision.

gota (Nov 26, 2002 9:58:53 PM)
Elissa, thank you very much. I look forward to seeing you on campus then!!

mickeycn (Nov 26, 2002 9:59:03 PM)
How can I register for an off-campus interview?

Edmund (Nov 26, 2002 9:59:08 PM)
Are the ranges you just posted full ranges or 80% median?

AndresOleas (Nov 26, 2002 9:59:11 PM)
Thanks, Mr. Turner.

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:59:43 PM)
Mickeycn, ideally the deadline would mean that all materials are rec'd and the app is complete by that date. However, if you've got it started, that will usually work. Our deadlines are not hard and fast; we still review good applications that are submitted late, though the seats usually fill quickly.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 9:59:46 PM)
Edmund, the ranges are full ranges.

Jeff & Pao (Nov 26, 2002 10:00:04 PM)
Thanks, Ludy. We submitted our application (from Lima Peru) in late October. Do you think we will be able to apply for the university apartments?

Edmund (Nov 26, 2002 10:00:06 PM)

Rodrigo (Nov 26, 2002 10:00:08 PM)
Thank you, Ms. Ellis, Dr. Turner, and Ludy for your comments, participation and the opportunity to speak with you. It has been extremely insightful and helpful. Thanks again!

Travis (Nov 26, 2002 10:00:12 PM)
Thanks for the info and your time, I enjoyed the chat.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 10:00:18 PM)
Mickeycn: the procedure is on our website. Basically, you have to submit your TexasCommonApp and pay the fee. Then you have access to the OI site and you select the off campus option. You'll see a list of alumni in your area. Contact one of them.

Jeremy (Nov 26, 2002 10:00:20 PM)
Once a decision is made for admissions, is there a process where you could determine your weaknesses in order to address them if necessary?

Paul_Bodine (Nov 26, 2002 10:00:34 PM)
Do you agree that the summer internship is increasingly being used by companies to decide who they eventually hire post-MBA?

reapplicant (Nov 26, 2002 10:00:41 PM)
Are MBA students eligible for married student housing? If so, what is the availability of such apartments?

shahi (Nov 26, 2002 10:00:51 PM)
Can I please know the minimum GMAT for Indian students?

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 10:00:54 PM)
Meili_Zheng, one piece of advice for all prospective students: carefully research the school you are applying to and demonstrate enthusiasm for coming to the school.

mickeycn (Nov 26, 2002 10:00:54 PM)
If I want to take the GMAT test again , when is the deadline for an acceptable test score?

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 10:01:01 PM)
I don' know. Ask Natalia.DeCastro@mba03.bus.utexas.edu. She is from Peru and lives there with husband. She is also a  MAC member. Tell her I gave you her e-mail.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 10:01:40 PM)
Reapplicant: write Natalia, too (I just copied her e-mail). I know you have to apply in advance and it is hard to get them.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 10:02:19 PM)
Paul Bodine: the internship is definitely an opportunity for the companies to get a sneak-peek at a hire, but I'm not sure that this is becoming more prevalent. In fact, I think companies are looking for more interactive ways that have immediate pay-offs...things like we are doing with plus where they can work with the students for 2 weeks and see their thought process, how they interact with their team members, etc. It gives them a faster interaction and they can make even better internship hires after this experience.

Guest (Nov 26, 2002 10:02:30 PM)
Thanks to all for taking time out of their evening to answer questions. Truly honorable!!!

Int#268296---Meili_Zheng (Nov 26, 2002 10:02:36 PM)
Dr. Turner: My undergraduate GPA is not really impressive since I didn't study hard or use even half my "capacity". Beyond work, I have been taking some credit classes in the US and got all A's (so far total 11 credits). Will that make up my GPA when you evaluate my profile?

Int#268296---Meili_Zheng (Nov 26, 2002 10:02:39 PM)
Thank you, Dr. Turner.

mengdan (Nov 26, 2002 10:02:43 PM)
Ludy, Could u hook me up with some current Chinese student at UT Austin?

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 10:02:45 PM)
Shahi, the range on Indian admits last year: I don't have exact figures in front of me, but they went from something like 680-800 on the admits. The average admitted score was 726.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 10:02:58 PM)
Jeremy: if an applicant gets denied, he/she has the opportunity to solicit detailed feedback. We do it over the summer since in the Spring we are very busy finishing the app process.

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 10:03:57 PM)
Any more questions?

Edward Lau (Nov 26, 2002 10:04:02 PM)
Thank you, Matt, Elissa, and Ludy for answering our questions! It was very informative and helpful.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 10:04:13 PM)
Mickeycn: if you are retaking the GMAT, you need to let us know so we hold your file until we get the new score. We don' have final deadlines since we are rolling admissions, but it benefits you to take it earlier.

Rodrigo (Nov 26, 2002 10:04:57 PM)
Thanks, Linda.

Fang HE (Nov 26, 2002 10:05:04 PM)
Thank you very much. I hope that all of us can meet in UT Austin in fall 2003. Good luck to everybody.

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 10:05:07 PM)
Meili_Zheng, any (graduate) coursework you do after your undergrad degree will be averaged in to your upper-div GPA calculated by GIAC. And we will look carefully at your transcript, too. International students in general need to worry less about the GPA and more about TOEFL and demonstrating any other excellence in English (outside courses, work done in an English speaking country, etc.) There is little time for outside work on English once you are in the program.

snnopy (Nov 26, 2002 10:05:09 PM)
What was the range of GMAT score on Chinese admits last year? Thanks

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 10:05:14 PM)
Mengdan: sure, e-mail me at ludy.cuello@mba03.bus.utexas.edu. In addition, take a look at IMBASA's website; some of our Chinese students are listed there in the members page. And we just had elections and 2 Chinese got officers positions!!!

shahi (Nov 26, 2002 10:05:16 PM)
Thanks, Matt. How rigid is this criteria and what are the other factors that impact the final decision of accepting an applicant? Also, if I am in the US, would it give an edge over other applicants?

reapplicant (Nov 26, 2002 10:05:48 PM)
Thanks to all for an informative discussion. Special thanks to Dr. Turner, Elissa, & Ludy for taking time to chat and Linda for hosting the event.

jain (Nov 26, 2002 10:05:50 PM)
Matt, I am also from India but have been working in Hong Kong for more than two years in an American Company as a Business Analyst. Would that have any positive effect on my application, or it will be still considered the same as for all others from India (especially when you are comparing the GMAT scores)?

mengdan (Nov 26, 2002 10:05:53 PM)
Thanks so much, Ludy.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 10:06:07 PM)
snnopy, similar to India -- 680 to 780.

BW_TX (Nov 26, 2002 10:06:14 PM)
Do personal referrals from McCombs grads help a relatively strong application, or does it have no affect? In this particular case, it is a character and communication skills only reference, since I haven't worked directly with the alumni.

Jeff & Pao (Nov 26, 2002 10:06:16 PM)
Thank you very much Ludy, Elissa, Linda and Matt.

lakshmim (Nov 26, 2002 10:06:18 PM)
Would you recommend an international student to apply online first and then send all the other documentation (transcripts, recs, etc.) or is it better to send everything at one go?

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 10:06:47 PM)
BW_TX, we always like referrals from McCombs grads. It should be supplemental to your regular recommendations.

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 10:06:54 PM)
Thank you again all for participating this evening. Special thanks to Elissa Ellis, Matt Turner, and Ludy Cuello for joining us this evening and to Paul Bodine for his assistance. Our guests have done an outstanding job of answering your questions.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 10:07:13 PM)
Lakshmim: apply online first and then e-mail the rest of the materials. The best advice is to mail all items together, but you don't want to hold your online app b/c of that.

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 10:06:07 PM)
We look forward to seeing you at future chats. Here is a list of currently scheduled chats:

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 10:06:17 PM)
Dec. 3 - NYU; Dec. 10 - UNC; Dec. 16 - Indiana.

ElissaEllisUT (Nov 26, 2002 10:06:21 PM)
Thanks to all of you for participating! We're glad you joined us!

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 10:06:22 PM)
Shahi, admissions is more an art than a science, to some extent. That's why they hire me, and not a machine. So very few criteria are rigid. Yes, any work experience in an English speaking country or the US is usually a plus for most international apps.

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 10:06:24 PM)
Coming in January: USC and INSEAD.

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 10:06:31 PM)
Please check http://www.accepted.com/chat/schedule.aspx#mba for exact times and details.

Paul_Bodine (Nov 26, 2002 10:06:37 PM)
Thanks, Texas! Very informative.

MattTurnerUT (Nov 26, 2002 10:06:38 PM)
Guys, it's been a pleasure! Best of luck!

BW_TX (Nov 26, 2002 10:06:40 PM)
Thank you everyone. Your answers have been helpful and hopeful.

Jose C. (Nov 26, 2002 10:06:42 PM)
Best wishes to everybody; make your dreams come true.

mengdan (Nov 26, 2002 10:06:45 PM)
Thank you all.

LudyCuelloUT (Nov 26, 2002 10:06:45 PM)
Thanks to all and good luck!!!

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 10:07:07 PM)
I'm going to go back to the unmoderated mode so your posts will immediately appear on the main screen.

jain (Nov 26, 2002 10:07:22 PM)
Thanks a lot for your time!!

shahi (Nov 26, 2002 10:07:25 PM)
Thank you all for your time and information.

Linda Abraham (Nov 26, 2002 10:07:44 PM)
Good luck!

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