2006 Michigan Ross MBA Admissions Chat with Jim Hayes

2006 Michigan Ross MBA Admissions Chat with Jim Hayes

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Linda Abraham (Nov 9, 2005 10:01:28 AM)
First I want to welcome you all to Accepted.com's Michigan Ross Admissions Chat.

Linda Abraham (Nov 9, 2005 10:01:45 AM)
I also want to welcome Jim Hayes, Michigan's Director of Admissions and Soojin Kwon Koh, member of the Ross admissions team.

Linda Abraham (Nov 9, 2005 10:01:52 AM)
Thanks to everyone for joining.

julia (Nov 9, 2005 10:03:03 AM)
Are all applicants, including the international students, considered for aid in terms of scholarships or graduate assistantships?

Jason Hittleman (Nov 9, 2005 10:03:17 AM)
For the Evening MBA program, what is the average incoming GMAT score?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:03:52 AM)
At Ross, everyone who applies is considered for scholarship. There is no separate application for the scholarship. The strength of the application for admission is the determinant.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:04:15 AM)
The average GMAT for the incoming Evening MBA class is 660.

julia (Nov 9, 2005 10:04:17 AM)
Since my baby is so young (I just gave birth to a baby this Sep.), I am not a suitable candidate for your child care subsidy. I am wondering if you guys will provide any support to new mothers like me.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:05:12 AM)
Julia, not sure what type of support you mean. We do not have any specific financial support for those who have just given birth.

amy (Nov 9, 2005 10:05:36 AM)
Soojin: I come from a scientific background and I'm wondering if you would recommend taking an accounting or economics class prior to attendance.

neeraja (Nov 9, 2005 10:06:09 AM)
Jim: Is the GMAT score and academics considered on a 50/50 basis or is any one of them given preference over another?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:06:10 AM)
Amy - we have no accounting or economics requirements. We only require college-level calculus with a grade of C or better.

alisyed (Nov 9, 2005 10:06:51 AM)
Jim: How important is the work experience requirement when reviewing applications. Would an applicant coming right out of college be at a grave disadvantage?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:07:09 AM)
With regard to the GMAT and academics, on balance we look for strength in both areas. If one is weaker, then we look for compensating strength in the other.

PB (Nov 9, 2005 10:07:10 AM)
Jim: With Round 1 having closed just last week, how does this year seem to be stacking up compared to the past few in terms of total applicants to the Ross MBA program?

RIch2 (Nov 9, 2005 10:07:32 AM)
Soojin: I interviewed a few weeks back and said that I would be applying first round. However, that did not happen. Do I have to interview again if I am sending my application second round??

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:07:57 AM)
Rich2: No. Your Round 1 interview is fine for a Round 2 application.

julia (Nov 9, 2005 10:08:21 AM)
Soojin: I have read about the SOS club on your website. Would you mind providing some information that relates to those employment opportunities for the spouses of students?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:08:23 AM)
alisyed, we do look for 2 - 3 years of full time work experience. Specifically, we look for well developed teamwork and leadership skills. Generally, those skills develop with work experience.

cindybi (Nov 9, 2005 10:08:37 AM)
Jim: If I apply for the regular MBA and unfortunately fail, could I still apply for the evening MBA?

taz (Nov 9, 2005 10:09:00 AM)
Jim: Are there any disadvantages for reapplicants?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:09:07 AM)
PB, Based on round 1, it looks like application volume will be up this year.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:09:26 AM)
cindybi, no you cannot apply to both programs in the same year.

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:09:28 AM)
julia - we have a few positions around the school that are filled by spouses. Those opportunities are advertised to admitted students' spouses during our admitted student weekend.

Linda Abraham (Nov 9, 2005 10:09:40 AM)
Alisyed, if you look at the recruiter chat (co-hosted with Ross) transcripts you will see that most recruiters prefer work experience.

bobbs (Nov 9, 2005 10:09:57 AM)
Soojin: Essay one talks about a 'professional' leadership accomplishment. Does this mean that this essay has to revolve around something that one achieved at the workplace?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:10:02 AM)
Taz, reapplicants are not at a disadvantage at Ross. In fact, those who get feedback and then reapply do pretty good with the reapplication.

alisyed (Nov 9, 2005 10:10:19 AM)
Soojin : What differentiates an international applicant from a regular candidate in terms of application deadlines?

mrinalbhao (Nov 9, 2005 10:10:27 AM)
Jim: What would you say are the top three things that differentiate Ross from some of the ivy league b-schools?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:10:45 AM)
bobbs: we prefer an example from the workplace. However, if you have an extracurricular endeavor (e.g., community service) which demonstrates your leadership skills, that is also ok.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:11:25 AM)
mrinalbhao 1- Focus on action based learning; 2 - Broad based general management curriculum; 3 - We don't have as much money!

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:11:37 AM)
alisyed: no differentiation other than international applicants need time to get visas before matriculating. Therefore, you need to be apply by Round 2 to have enough time for the visa process.

VivekM (Nov 9, 2005 10:11:56 AM)
Soojin, what's your background?

DSRG (Nov 9, 2005 10:12:12 AM)
Jim: The application says that if you submit an electronic transcript it speeds up the processing of ones application but a hard copy is still required, making it sound like both are necessary/recommended. But in another location on the application it says do one or the other, not both. Which is it? Also, for an electronic copy, can we just scan in an official hardcopy transcript as a PDF? Thanks.

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:12:24 AM)
VivekM - I am the senior associate director of admissions at the Ross School of Business.

T. Bozek (Nov 9, 2005 10:12:43 AM)
Soojin: I graduated in 1987. To what extent are undergrad GPA weighted for someone in the workforce for this length of time.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:13:04 AM)
DSRG - you can photocopy and scan an official copy for the application. If you are admitted, you will need to provide a hardcopy of the official copy.

Jason Hittleman (Nov 9, 2005 10:13:07 AM)
Jim: How will the proposed building renovation impact the number of students accepted into the program (day and evening)?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:13:22 AM)
T.Bozek: there is no "weighting" of any of the application components. Everything is viewed holistically.

Elise (Nov 9, 2005 10:13:33 AM)
Soojin: How active is your alumni community - do many come back to campus or do they network mostly regionally? I missed the Boston reception - do many alumni come to admissions events?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:13:53 AM)
Jason - we plan to keep the size of both programs constant. No adverse impact because of the renovation.

mhc2004 (Nov 9, 2005 10:13:56 AM)
Jim: What sort of training does Michigan offer in terms of Non-profit Management?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:14:39 AM)
Elise: our alumni network is very strong, all around the world. Many come back to campus to recruit and many help us recruit in their local areas - both for prospective student events and admitted student events. Ross alums are very involved.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:14:48 AM)
We participate in a non-profit management center along with the schools of social work and public policy. Course offerings in not for profits are extensive through this center.

VivekM (Nov 9, 2005 10:15:02 AM)
Jim: What are the management streams in which you feel Michigan is strongest?

Deepu (Nov 9, 2005 10:15:04 AM)
Soojin Kwon Koh: I have working experience of nearly two years. Would that help me gain admission and can it be a cause of consideration for not having TOEFL or IELTS scores?

alum99 (Nov 9, 2005 10:15:45 AM)
Hi Jim, does it make a difference if we go to Ann Arbor for the interview or interview with an alum at remote locations?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:15:51 AM)
Deepu: I am assuming you are an international applicant. Those who have worked in the U.S. for 2 years or received a degree from a U.S. institution need not take the TOEFL.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:15:55 AM)
VivekM: We do not require our students to concentrate although they can if they want to. We are strong in the areas of Marketing, Finance, Operations, Strategy, and International business.

cmhapp (Nov 9, 2005 10:16:10 AM)
Soojin: If one recommendation is already from a current or former supervisor, then is there a preference for the second recommendation to be an academic recommendation?

amy (Nov 9, 2005 10:16:31 AM)
Jim: Your program is very competitive to get into. I am curious if the competitive nature of the admissions process is reflected in the actual program itself?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:16:34 AM)
alum99: no difference in the format of the interview. All options are equally weighted.

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:17:14 AM)
cmhapp: we recommend people who can describe your professional skills, whether related to work or an extracurricular endeavor. An academic recommendation cannot speak to your professional skills and potential.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:17:29 AM)
amy: Ross is competitive to get into (but not impossible), and quite rigorous once you enter. Fortunately, though, 99% of those who enter manage to graduate in two years!

MA (Nov 9, 2005 10:17:35 AM)
Jim: I've seen the published stats (GPA, GMAT, etc.) of the Ross MBA program - what other attributes is Ross looking for in a successful candidate?

DSRG (Nov 9, 2005 10:18:14 AM)
Soojin : How can someone from advertising or another qualitative background who has a lower quant GMAT score (70th percentile) prove he/she can handle the rigors of the program?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:18:37 AM)
MA: aside from the academics, we also look for students who are team-players, collaborative, and who understand and appreciate our approach to management education. Evidence of social responsibility is also important.

RIch2 (Nov 9, 2005 10:18:40 AM)
Jim: In the essays, would you like MORE on work related info or is it okay to balance the scale with BOTH work and extra-circs equally?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:18:57 AM)
DSRG: We will look at your undergraduate coursework and grades. Our only requirement is college-level calculus with a C or better.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:19:01 AM)
Rich2: try to focus on experiences from work.

GoFish2005 (Nov 9, 2005 10:19:18 AM)
Jim: Is it acceptable to omit post-undergraduate course work from the application? I ended up taking courses on a part-time basis after completing my undergrad and would like to know if I need to report those as well.

Alan from NJ (Nov 9, 2005 10:19:40 AM)
Jim: Is there an advantage in working for a big firm as opposed to a smaller company in terms of work experience?

Melissa Mabley (Nov 9, 2005 10:20:17 AM)
Soojin : You require a college-level calculus class be completed prior to beginning the program, but not prior to admittance, correct? Would it be important to enroll in a class prior to submitting an application, and if so, should we note this on the application?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:20:31 AM)
GoFish2005: You should provide transcripts for any and all coursework you have completed.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:21:23 AM)
Alan from NJ: there is no advantage or disadvantage for working for a large firm. We look more at accomplishments in the workplace, versus the size of the organization you worked for.

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:21:36 AM)
Melissa: You're right. Calc is a requirement for enrollment, not admission. However, if you haven't completed the requirement, any admission will be conditional upon successful completion.

amy (Nov 9, 2005 10:21:41 AM)
Jim: I understand that teamwork is a strong focus in your program. How is this reinforced within the curriculum?

VivekM (Nov 9, 2005 10:21:57 AM)
Soojin : How much time are full-time students able to devote to the different clubs available in the school?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:22:34 AM)
VivekM: As much as they carve out time for. It's a matter of defining your priorities and managing your schedule.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:22:43 AM)
amy: One example would be the way students are evaluated in the MAP program. At the end of seven weeks working in a company, everyone receives the same grade.

Mahesh (Nov 9, 2005 10:22:54 AM)
Soojin : My first GMAT score was not good, however my second score is within 80% range. How does Ross treats multiple GMAT scores?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:23:33 AM)
Mahesh: We take the best score. Kudos to you for trying to improve your score!

delta0rionis (Nov 9, 2005 10:23:46 AM)
Jim: How is feedback given for reapplicants?

VivekM (Nov 9, 2005 10:24:07 AM)
Jim, what percentage of full time students get internships?  What's the break up for different management streams?

Ejeh (Nov 9, 2005 10:24:27 AM)
Soojin : How important is the interview in the admission process?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:24:44 AM)
Ejeh: it is one component among many in the application process.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:24:52 AM)
deltaOrionis: hopefully you will be successful the first time. If not, then you can request feedback on the failed application. We do that by phone and basically describe to you what you could have done better. In this way, you should be better prepared if you decide to reapply.

Sam Donald (Nov 9, 2005 10:26:15 AM)
Soonjin: If one is interested in pursuing a career in a relatively obscure field, such as MicroFinance in developing countries; A) Does Ross have programs that could support such an interest and B) Would you recommend a broad-based leadership-oriented focus like Ross's versus a more International NGO-specific program like, say, Thunderbird?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:26:26 AM)
VivekM: the internship is not required but almost everyone does one. The advantages include gaining relevant work experience, but also building networks and relationships with the sponsoring company. Many students receive offers of full time employment at the conclusion of the internship. The function of the student does not matter.

mhc2004 (Nov 9, 2005 10:27:00 AM)
Soojin: If one is interested in pursuing a dual-degree, say with public policy, how does one do that? Should one express this desire in their application to the B-School and vise versa?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:27:35 AM)
Sam: Ross has a very flexible program that allows you to take electives across many programs at the University of Michigan. You could tailor your MBA to focus on your area of interest. In addition, our William Davidson Institute specializes in work with developing countries, including in the finance area.

Kiran (Nov 9, 2005 10:27:40 AM)
Jim, if a candidate has both undergraduate and graduate degrees, which GPA does Ross consider?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:28:19 AM)
mhc: Our online application allows you to check a box indicating your interest in a particular dual degree. You will still need to apply to each program/school independently. Admissions decisions are also made independently.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:28:27 AM)
Kiran: We look at both, but the focus is on the undergrad since everyone is required to have that. Many applicants will not not have an advanced degree.

delta0rionis (Nov 9, 2005 10:28:50 AM)
Jim: If you are hoping to do a dual degree, do recommend applying to both at once or getting into one then the other?

VivekM (Nov 9, 2005 10:29:49 AM)
Soonjin: Compared to other schools, why does Michigan insist on completing interviews before submitting the application?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:29:54 AM)
deltaOrionis: that really is up to you. Many students apply to both programs at the same time, but a fair number also apply to the other program once they are already enrolled in one program. Either way, we can work with you. There is more information on our website.

alisyed (Nov 9, 2005 10:30:05 AM)
Soonjin: Are international students coming out of US colleges considered international during the admission process?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:30:30 AM)
vivek: All schools have different interview policies. We prefer to have the interview reports at the time of application so that we can evaluate the candidate as a whole.

mhc2004 (Nov 9, 2005 10:30:56 AM)
Soonjin: To what extent does being a Michigan resident impact acceptance rates?

GoFish2005 (Nov 9, 2005 10:31:04 AM)
Soojin: What types of things does the Women in Business Initiative facilitate? What are some examples of things women can get involved in within that initiative?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:31:10 AM)
alisyed: It depends on what you enter on your application as your permanent residence.

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:31:26 AM)
mhc: no impact.

mhc2004 (Nov 9, 2005 10:32:22 AM)
Jim: If you take the GMAT more than once, does one score have more weight than another, or are they averaged?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:32:58 AM)
For details about our Women's Initiative, please visit http://www.bus.umich.edu/WomensInitiative/.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:33:03 AM)
mhc2004: It does not matter how many times you took the GMAT. We take the highest score (unless you indicate to us that you want us to use a lower one!!).

bobbs (Nov 9, 2005 10:33:32 AM)
Jim: In essay 2 you ask to describe the initiatives you have taken over the past two years to develop professionally. Which approach is preferred - a more comprehensive list of initiatives or a sampling of initiatives but going into better depth in each one?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:34:38 AM)
Bobbs: the latter approach would be preferred. We are simply looking to see that you are willing to take ownership for your own development. Here at Ross the opportunities to "co-create" your MBA experience are extensive.

Mahesh (Nov 9, 2005 10:35:00 AM)
Jim: Does having too much experience, more than 7, go against my chances of getting admitted?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:35:24 AM)
Mahes: 7 years is not too much experience, and would not work to your disadvantage here.

mhc2004 (Nov 9, 2005 10:37:18 AM)
Soonjin: I attended the Women in Business seminar last Friday. What percentage of the student body is women? Is this a priority for Ross?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:37:54 AM)
mhc: 31% of the student body is women. Yes, recruiting high talent women is a priority for Ross.

tamura (Nov 9, 2005 10:38:00 AM)
Soonjin: Is it considered bad if I update my GMAT score after submitting my application?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:38:06 AM)
Ejeh: Currently, there are 4 students in the program from the continent of Africa.

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:39:06 AM)
Yes, we consider the highest test score, even when submitted later.

RIch2 (Nov 9, 2005 10:39:10 AM)
Jim: I was interviewed by an Admissions Officer on campus. I think she was harder on me than an alumni who interviewed my friend off-campus. I felt pretty demoralized. Do you have any comments for me?

Del (Nov 9, 2005 10:39:35 AM)
Soonjin: Could you touch on some of the things you look for in recommendation letters? How can I prepare the people who are writing them?

bobbs (Nov 9, 2005 10:39:48 AM)
Jim, you talked about 'Ross' approach to management education. Would that be action-based learning,an emphasis on collaboration and a focus on developing general mgmt skills or something more?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:39:50 AM)
Rich2: I have no comment. The interview may have gone well for you.

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:40:20 AM)
Del: We look for examples to support any comments made about the applicant. A glowing recommendation without clear examples will ring pretty hollow.

T. Bozek (Nov 9, 2005 10:40:27 AM)
Soonjin: What is the purpose of the interview? What assessment results do you get from the interviewer?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:40:43 AM)
Bobbs: Our approach is broad based general management focus with an emphasis on developing teamwork and leadership skills through action based learning.

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:40:58 AM)
T. Bozek: It adds another dimension to the overall application; it brings to life the person we see on paper through the application.

Mahesh (Nov 9, 2005 10:41:01 AM)
Jim: Since there are lot of people from IT/Computer Science background applying to MBA schools, have you set limits for admitting students from a particular industry?

alisyed (Nov 9, 2005 10:41:21 AM)
Soonjin: If one is interested in mixing programs, like applying to the international business program, but also wants to incorporate some of the IS courses, is that possible?

VivekM (Nov 9, 2005 10:41:47 AM)
Jim how does Ross help career changers? I am looking for a career shift from IT to Strategic Consulting.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:41:53 AM)
Mahesh: no -- we do not screen on certain backgrounds. Rather, we hope to attract a variety of backgrounds to the program. The strength of the application is all that matters.

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:42:05 AM)
alisyed: we believe in co-creating your MBA experience. As such, students can take numerous electives both within and outside of the business school, in other programs on campus.

ck (Nov 9, 2005 10:42:16 AM)
Soonjin: You said earlier that one of the things you look for in a candidate is one who appreciates your approach to management education - what exactly is your approach?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:43:11 AM)
VivekM: Our Office of Career Development will assist you in that regard. They offer career advice, interview and resume prep, networking skills development. And they bring to campus over 250 companies wanting to talk to you about your career interests.

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:43:18 AM)
ck: Our approach is a broad based management education, action based learning, co-creation of your MBA experience. Please visit our website for more info on our program.

Joel (Nov 9, 2005 10:43:19 AM)
Jim, does Ross value one side of the GMAT higher than the other? I know that some programs give more weight to the quantitative score.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:44:39 AM)
Joel, we look at the overall score. If that is on the lower end of our range, then we look at the various components. There is a significant quant component in our core, so we want to see that the quant score is good.

Rafael - Caracas Venezuela (Nov 9, 2005 10:44:47 AM)
Jim: In the case of an international student, is it necessary to legalize transcripts in the county of origin's Department of International Affairs?

John (Nov 9, 2005 10:45:01 AM)
Soonjin: About the 'Ross School of Business Scholarships', how many of these scholarships are typically awarded and what is the average award amount?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:45:40 AM)
Rafael: We need official transcripts from where you went to school. If they are in a language other than English, then we need a certified translation.

DSRG (Nov 9, 2005 10:45:47 AM)
Jim:  Any advice for the ethical dilemma essay? What makes a good versus a bad story to tell and are there any types of stories that should be avoided?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:45:52 AM)
John: we have several levels of scholarships. The number of awards varies from year to year based on budget and the applicant pool. All applicants are considered for these awards at the time of application.

Rafael - Caracas Venezuela (Nov 9, 2005 10:46:25 AM)
Soonjin: In regard to essay 4, can you please give a further description of what you mean exactly by professional ethics?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:47:04 AM)
DSRG: I would certainly avoid examples that may be considered in bad taste, but in general, try to select an example that demonstrates how you make decisions in difficult circumstances -- one in which your ethical standards were challenged.

Jimmy Abarca (Nov 9, 2005 10:47:06 AM)
Jim: How do you evaluate a reapplicant's application? Do you even take into account last year's application, or do you only look at this year's application?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:47:53 AM)
Rafael: We are looking for a situation that you may have experienced in your workplace that, in your opinion, pushed the boundaries of your ethical standards. Your ethical barometer may differ from someone else's, so we're interested to know what you view as a dilemma and how you resolved it.

Del (Nov 9, 2005 10:48:01 AM)
Soonjin: What stands out in a recommendation letter?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:48:11 AM)
Jimmy: We require a cover letter updating us on career progress since the last application, and addressing any weaknesses in the previous application. From there the review is focused on the current application.

cindybi (Nov 9, 2005 10:48:21 AM)
Jim: Is it better that my recommenders answer each of the 8 questions online or just unload a general recommendation letter?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:48:54 AM)
Del: A good recommendation letter will provide examples/substantiation for their comments. A glowing recommendation letter without examples will not be to your advantage.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:48:57 AM)
cindybi: Please ask your recommenders to specifically address the eight questions in our online recommendation letter.

ck (Nov 9, 2005 10:49:01 AM)
Soonjin: For essays, where you do not specify whether you would like us to respond with a professional example, do you prefer that we focus more on responses within our profession or outside (extracurricular, life experiences, etc.?)

Elaine (Nov 9, 2005 10:49:19 AM)
Jim: What are some of the most frequent reasons applications are rejected by the Ross MBA program? Also, is there an application fee; is so, how much is the fee?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:50:01 AM)
ck: Preference is generally for professional examples. In some instances, extracurricular may be applicable as well. We discourage digging too far back in your history (e.g., undergrad days).

Aya (Nov 9, 2005 10:50:09 AM)
Soonjin: For essay 3 which discusses career goals, how specific should I be? I would like to broaden my opportunity by completing the Ross MBA.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:50:22 AM)
Elaine: Primary reasons for rejection are low GMAT scores, generic replies to the essay questions, lack of specificity in the reasons for MBA and for the particular school.

RIch2 (Nov 9, 2005 10:50:44 AM)
Jim: For the optional essays, should we answer both, one or neither? Is there a preference? Personally, I think it's more taxing on the adcom since there is more to read.

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:51:07 AM)
aya: We want to know that you have an idea of where you want to go and why an MBA makes sense. We understand that the exact industry, company, position may be a little fuzzy right now and that it may change once you start your MBA but having a vision is important.

Ray (Nov 9, 2005 10:51:13 AM)
Soonjin: The deadline for Round 2 is in January. If I was promoted and received a substantial raise in February, would I be able to report the new info to adcom?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:51:34 AM)
Rich2: They really are optional. I would encourage you to answer them only if you believe that by doing so, you would strengthen your application. No penalty if you answer neither.

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:51:53 AM)
ray: You're welcome to do so. You're also welcome to make a note of it in your application that a promotion is anticipated.

ServiceGuy (Nov 9, 2005 10:52:16 AM)
Jim: Would it be detrimental to the application process if someone were to posses an advanced degree already (not an MBA)? Would that give any more weight to an application?

Mahesh (Nov 9, 2005 10:52:26 AM)
Soojn: Do you place any significance when an applicant has a certification, such as DBA (Diploma in Business Admin.) - which is the first part of the CFA. Also, how much weight is given for a person who is already in a managerial position?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:53:30 AM)
ServiceGuy: The possession of an advanced degree already is not detrimental. Many of the applicants to our program already have a masters degree. It does not necessarily give more weight to the application though.

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:53:34 AM)
mahesh: You're welcome to note any certifications in your application. We give less weight to the title than to the skills and achievements you bring with you.

Ejeh (Nov 9, 2005 10:53:39 AM)
Soonjin: I was wondering how my interview would be conducted since I am based in Nigeria and may not have the opportunity to visit. Do you have an alumni in Nigeria or do you conduct a phone interview?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:54:30 AM)
Ejeh: You can check our website for alumni interviewers in your area or you may also schedule a phone interview.

T. Bozek (Nov 9, 2005 10:55:14 AM)
Soojin, What is the interviewer looking for when interviewing applicants? What system do they use to assess the interview?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:56:23 AM)
t. bozek: We're looking for fit, interpersonal skills, professionalism. There's no scientific assessment system. Just like with the rest of the application, comments about the interviewee are noted and included in the application and considered as one piece of it.

classymk (Nov 9, 2005 10:56:26 AM)
Jim: Some admission director said that +/- 10% of the word limit on the essays is considered okay. Does Ross also share this view?

bobbs (Nov 9, 2005 10:56:31 AM)
Soojin, you mentioned before about co-creation of the MBA experience as Ross allows students to take electives within or outside the business school. Many other Ivy Leagues allow that, so where does the major co-creation happen at Ross?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:57:11 AM)
classymk: We do not count the words, but I would say that if you are within 10% either way, that would be fine.

neeraja (Nov 9, 2005 10:57:22 AM)
Jim: When Ross evaluates an application, of two people with very similar backgrounds, similar GMAT scores how does, the admission decide as to whom to take in?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:57:56 AM)
bobbs: Good question. At Ross, nearly half of your classes are electives, so there's a lot of opportunity to tailor your program. I'm not sure what the other schools allow.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:58:00 AM)
Neeraja: All other things being equal, and we could not admit both, we would go with the higher GMAT.

Del (Nov 9, 2005 10:58:22 AM)
Soonjin: What makes the Ross program truly unique from other top MBA programs such as Wharton or Harvard?

delta0rionis (Nov 9, 2005 10:59:26 AM)
Jim: What was the single worst answer you've ever gotten to an admissions essay question?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 10:59:56 AM)
Del: Ross offers more action-based learning opportunities than any other MBA program. One example of that is our MAP program in which students spend the last 7 weeks of their first year working on a real-life business issue, with no other classes during this time.

PB (Nov 9, 2005 11:00:13 AM)
Soonjin: When you consider an application, what can help to compensate for a lower GMAT quant score - strong performance in quantitative academic coursework, quantitative work experience, professional certifications, etc.?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:00:13 AM)
deltaOrionis: A person used the optional essay to describe all the ways in which he felt he did not meet our admissions criteria.

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:00:58 AM)
pB: You got it! Plus, we look at the application in its entirety; the quantitative skills are only one part of an applicant's story. Essays, recommendation letters count too.

Mahesh (Nov 9, 2005 11:01:31 AM)
Soonjin: How do you distinguish between flashy recommendations and the ones that are genuine? I plan to get recommendations from people who know me and have worked with me for last few years, but I'm not sure if they can write according to the schools expectations. So even if my letters are genuine reflection of my career and self, I feel they may fail to please the adcom.

Del (Nov 9, 2005 11:01:49 AM)
Jim - Where can I find the eight questions of the online recommendation letter that you mentioned?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:01:57 AM)
mahesh: We're looking for people who can back up their praise with solid examples.

neeraja (Nov 9, 2005 11:02:08 AM)
Soonjin: In the optional essay, what kind of additional information would be appropriate to strengthen the application? Could you suggest some examples

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:02:28 AM)
Del: Go to the application PDF file on our website: www.bus.umich.edu/Admissions.

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:03:24 AM)
neeraja: Generally, your application should be able to stand on its own with out doing the optional essays. If you feel that there is something that needs to be addressed and wasn't answered in the essay questions (e.g., gaps in your resume or transcript), those should be addressed int eh optional essay.

alisyed (Nov 9, 2005 11:03:34 AM)
Soonjin: How important is the college that you graduate from in the application process?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:04:07 AM)
alisyed: we look at college, coursework, and grades, in addition to the other components of your application.

Megan Tevlin (Nov 9, 2005 11:04:14 AM)
Jim: How much does our application rely on our recommendations? I have supplied sufficient information to the recommenders that have worked with me the most and seen my abilities in action but both are VERY busy in their own work and life. How much of a disadvantage am I at if they don't answer the recommendation forms adequately? I do not have other people who have as much insight into my abilities to choose from. Suggestions?

Carmen (Nov 9, 2005 11:04:38 AM)
Soojin: Can a recommender be any person that has supervised how I work? Even if this person only was my boss for one year?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:05:09 AM)
Carmen: Yes, that would be fine, as long as someone has known you long enough to assess your professional capabilities and potential, then that's fine.

classymk (Nov 9, 2005 11:06:03 AM)
Soonjin: My undergrad institution did not follow a GPA system. It followed an absolute marks system. What can I do in the relevant section of the application? Also, how do I demonstrate that I have very good academics, only a few percentage points behind the top?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:06:22 AM)
Megan Tevlin: The recommendation letters are very important since they are the one part of the application that is prepared by someone other than yourself. I would coach the recommenders that their replies need to be fairly expansive in order to paint you in the best light. You should give them plenty of lead time and get started on the recommendation letters early. Then check in with them (tactfully) from time to time to ensure that they are moving this forward.

Greg (Nov 9, 2005 11:06:53 AM)
Jim, would a student applying directly from undergraduate school have a significant disadvantage because of the lack of full-time work experience even though they may have had many strong internship experiences (Fortune 500 Companies) throughout the four years?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:07:14 AM)
classymk: I'm not familiar with an absolute marks system. Regardless, we see applications from all over the world, with different rating systems. We have a good handle on the rating systems from programs in different countries.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:08:27 AM)
Greg: in most cases, internships do not provide enough of an opportunity to develop the teamwork and leadership skills that we seek. Unless you are truly exceptional, you would probably be at a disadvantage without 2 - 3 years of full time work experience.

Carmen (Nov 9, 2005 11:08:54 AM)
Soojin: Is it necessary to have a recommendation from a current supervisor?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:09:54 AM)
carmen: It is preferred, but we understand that some supervisors may either not know you well enough to give you a thorough recommendation letter or that you may not want them to know. In either case, try to find a supervisor, not co-worker, who knows your skills and potential well.

peter (Nov 9, 2005 11:10:03 AM)
Hi Soonjin: Is it appropriate to talk about non professional experience in detail in the optional essay?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:11:06 AM)
Peter: It depends on the non-professional experience. If it is something that you think is important for us to know and that it will add value to your application, then you are welcome to do so (e.g., an extracurricular activity in which you are actively involved.)

cindybi (Nov 9, 2005 11:11:13 AM)
Soonjin: My recommenders asked me what's your expectation for word-length. They're really busy so I'm afraid they can't spend too much time on a lengthy recommendation letter.

ravkaps (Nov 9, 2005 11:11:20 AM)
Jim: How would you describe the extra curricular life at Ross?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:11:46 AM)
cindybi: They should answer all of the questions we asked, with clear examples. There is no prescribed word limit.

Kiran (Nov 9, 2005 11:12:00 AM)
Soojin, would you say that Ross' students are more competitive in nature or more team-oriented?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:12:40 AM)
Kiran: hands-down team-oriented. We look for that in our applicants and we foster that in our curriculum.

ravkaps (Nov 9, 2005 11:13:05 AM)
Soojin: Should I report my grades in the scale I have received them at my undergrad institution?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:13:31 AM)
ravkaps: Extra curricular life at Ross is ROBUST! We do not have classes on Fridays, so Thursday night is happy hour. There are about 40 student clubs here in the Business School and Ann Arbor is the perfect college town with clubs, museums, cafes, libraries, museums, safe neighborhoods, and convenient to the airport.

GoFish2005 (Nov 9, 2005 11:13:43 AM)
Jim: How competitive is it to get the IMAP of your choice? If you definitely want international (vs. MAP), is there a good probability that you will have some international options?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:13:44 AM)
ravkaps: Yes, report your grades in the scale you received them, along with a transcript. That will help give us a framework for how to consider your performance.

julia (Nov 9, 2005 11:14:02 AM)
Soonjin: If I have finished all the other components of application in time, but can not conduct the scheduled interview before the deadline, will you hold my application for the interview or just defer it to the next round?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:14:40 AM)
julia: Your interview should be completed by the deadline of the round in which you want to apply.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:15:01 AM)
GoFish2005: last spring, just about half of the MAP opportunities were outside of the U.S, There is a high probability that you could get an international MAP if that is what you want.

maverick (Nov 9, 2005 11:15:05 AM)
soojin: Do I have to have new recommendation letters for this year because I applied last year? Are those still valid?

Kiran (Nov 9, 2005 11:15:20 AM)
Jim: Does an applicant need to explicitly request an exemption for TOEFL (based on U.S. work experience)?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:16:07 AM)
maverick: Please refer to the instructions on our website for reapplicants. We recommend providing a new recommendation letter, assuming you've been working since your previous application.

kimmonic (Nov 9, 2005 11:16:14 AM)
Soonjin: If I had a 3.3 GPA in undergrad, but a 3.8 GPA in my masters education, is the undergrad still weighed more heavily?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:16:45 AM)
kimmonic: There is no weighting of a GPA or any other component of the application. All things are considered as part of the whole application.

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:16:45 AM)
Kiran: If you were educated in a language other than English, or if you have not lived in the U.S. for at least two years out of the last five, you would need to do the TOEFL. You would need to formally request an exemption.

Ejeh (Nov 9, 2005 11:16:47 AM)
Jim: How strongly is entrepreneurship stressed at Ross?

targetfall06 (Nov 9, 2005 11:17:00 AM)
Soonjin : I apologize for this very specific question but can you provide any information regarding the Ross alumni numbers in India?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:17:20 AM)
targetfall06: We have a LOT of alums in India!

Carmen (Nov 9, 2005 11:17:31 AM)
Soojin: Is it considered a disadvantage for an applicant to have recently switched jobs?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:17:51 AM)
carmen: Not necessarily, but we'd like to understand why you changed jobs though.

Greg (Nov 9, 2005 11:17:58 AM)
Soojin, how heavily does the calculus requirement weigh on the application process? What if other quant class grades are very good (3.7-4.0 range) but the calc. score is around a 3.0?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:18:35 AM)
Ejeh: One of our research institutes (Zell Lurie Institute) is focused on nothing but entrepreneurial studies. There is an extensive course offering, a venture capital fund, and a grant program in which winners are provided funding to start a business while still in the MBA program. Additionally, they sponsor an annual entrepreneurs conference.

kimmonic (Nov 9, 2005 11:18:37 AM)
Jim: Is it possible to go overseas for the summer internship?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:18:53 AM)
greg: Again, we don't "weight" anything. The calc requirement is just a requirement so we know you can handle the quant courses here. A "C" is sufficient.

PB (Nov 9, 2005 11:19:37 AM)
Soonjin: Does visiting the campus for a tour/interview send a positive "signal" to the admission committee that the applicant is serious about Ross?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:19:47 AM)
Kimmonic: Yes, it is possible to do the summer internship overseas. You'll need to work with our Office of Career Development to determine which companies are looking to fill internship positions overseas.

kimmonic (Nov 9, 2005 11:20:03 AM)
Jim: I'm confused - someone had answered that the undergrad GPA is more important because not everyone has a masters education...?

targetfall06 (Nov 9, 2005 11:20:45 AM)
Soonjin: If an applicant has not had any community service experience, would you suggest that the applicant explain the absence of community service through the optional essay?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:20:45 AM)
PB: if you're asking whether it gives you an advantage, it does so mainly in terms of giving you a first hand look at what we have to offer so that you can be sure of a good fit. You can experience student life, classes, the community/culture. It's really to your benefit to check us out in person!

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:21:08 AM)
Kimmonic: I indicated that everyone who applies has an undergrad degree so we focus on that. Many applicants have not gone to grad school so it's impossible to look at a grad school GPA in those cases. Hope that clarifies what I meant.

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:21:52 AM)
targetfall06: Different people do different things with their time outside of work. Some do community service, others may play in a rock band or run marathons. We're looking for a diversity of experiences and applicants who show the ability to get involved in things outside of work.

Del (Nov 9, 2005 11:22:07 AM)
Jim: Does the Zell Lurie Institute have equal involvement with the evening MBA and Executive MBA programs as well?

targetfall06 (Nov 9, 2005 11:22:15 AM)
Soonjin: Does Ross allow students to bid for interviews ? I ask this because a bidding system would help career changers, such as me.

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:22:26 AM)
targetfall06: Yes.

Jimmy Abarca (Nov 9, 2005 11:22:44 AM)
Jim: As a Consortium applicant, is it to my advantage to interview at Michigan, or is it the same if I just interview close to home at USC?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:23:03 AM)
Del: The ZL Institute is available to participants in all of our MBA programs. The only limitation is your ability to take advantage if you are in the evening or the executive program.

VivekM (Nov 9, 2005 11:23:31 AM)
Soonjin: Do students from full time MBA programs share classes for some courses (e.g. electives) with students from other programs, like the evening MBA, etc?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:24:00 AM)
Jimmy: Close to home is fine. I know the ADs at the other Consortium schools and they are reliable.

Del (Nov 9, 2005 11:24:00 AM)
Jim: Can you cite any specific leadership qualities you are looking for? Any examples?

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:24:01 AM)
vivekm: In some cases, yes, but it depends on the elective. No core courses are shared with other programs.

Alex from Mexico (Nov 9, 2005 11:24:23 AM)
Soonjin: In the Calculus Requirement Form, what kind of answer do you expect in the "grade received" box? The box is too small.

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:24:58 AM)
Alex: A letter or number grade. Regardless, we will look to your transcript for verification of that grade.

targetfall06 (Nov 9, 2005 11:26:15 AM)
Soonjin : What would be the one aspect of Ross that you believe is unique when compared to other schools?

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:26:21 AM)
Del: So much of what happens at Ross happens in teams so we are looking for evidence that you are a team-player. That does not mean that all of your teaming experiences have been positive, but we do look to see that you are willing to consider the views of others and then move ahead to complete a task or solve a problem. Examples may include project management experiences, or group leadership roles. You do not have an official leadership title.

Del (Nov 9, 2005 11:26:45 AM)
Thanks to you both. You've been really helpful and this has been time well spent. I'm increasingly impressed with Ross.

VivekM (Nov 9, 2005 11:26:48 AM)
Thank you everyone, the session was very informative. Time to sleep in India.

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:26:57 AM)
targetfall06: Our opportunities for action-based learning - classes and extra-curriculars where you can "learn by doing" as opposed to "learn by listening."

Linda Abraham (Nov 9, 2005 11:27:21 AM)
Thank you again all for participating today. Special thanks to Jim and Soojin.

SoojinKwonKohRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:27:36 AM)
Thanks to everyone for joining us!

JimHayesRoss (Nov 9, 2005 11:27:44 AM)

Linda Abraham (Nov 9, 2005 11:28:34 AM)
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