Submit a Stellar Application: 42 Terrific Tips

Here's how to craft a winning application so you can get accepted to top colleges and graduate schools.

Submit a Stellar Application contains practical, hands-on advice to help you complete your applications and get accepted.  No grandiose, unproven theories here and no 350-page tome to read. Just succinct, practical tips that will help you soar.

Applicants, you are at a critical intersection in life. You are finishing one stage of your academic or professional career, and about to embark on the next. But first, you need to apply. The process is complex, frustrating, and aggravating. It frequently requires that you submit a detailed form -- paper or web-based -- multiple essays, at least two letters of recommendation, and a resume. Some schools will also require an interview, and if you are subjected to the purgatory known as the wait-list, you will have even more to write.

How can you navigate this maze-like process? Follow the advice found in Submit a Stellar Application: 42 Terrific Tips.

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Submit a Stellar Application contains practical, hands-on advice to help you complete your applications and get accepted. No grandiose, unproven theories here and no 350-page tome to read. Just succinct, practical tips that will help you soar. Here are a few of the gems included in this 87-page e-book:

  • Handling weaknesses. We all have them. Discover how to mitigate yours.
  • Choosing schools. Go beyond the rankings and look at what's really important.
  • Questions to ask before writing your essays. These questions help prevent blank-screen-itis.
  • Your lead. Engage your reader from the very first line.
  • A good failure. Write about one that will help you get accepted.
  • Writing mistakes to avoid. And writing mechanics to employ.
  • Writing a goals essay. Distinguish yourself from applicants with the same goal.
  • Letters of Recommendation. Who should write them and what they should say.
  • Waitlisted. Move from the wait list to the accepted list.
  • And much, much more.

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