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Applying to College with the Common Application

Your goal in filling out the Common Application is to create a compelling, thoughtful, and unique portrait of yourself to share with top college adcoms…in short, to construct as uncommon a Common Application as possible.

The following resources will help you create the best Common Application, impressing readers at top colleges and Ivy League schools and optimizing your chances of getting in to your dream school.

  1. Highlighting Your Strengths in the Common Application, an on-demand webinar.
  2. Ivy League and the Common Application Tips: How to Get Accepted, a free special report.
  3. 4 Tips for Answering the Common App Short Answer Question
  4. Common Application Essay Tips
  5. 2014 Common Application Essay Prompts
  6. Hold Off on the Rush to Write Your Essay
  7. How to Choose X Number of Essay Questions to Answer from Y Number of Choices
  8. Does Everyone Understand Your Service Project?
  9. Summarizing Your Activities on the Common Application
  10. Last Minute Common App Tips
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