Hourly MBA Resume Editing

You have a résumé or job history draft, and it’s shaping up well. Yet, you want a fresh, critical eye to review it. You wisely recognize that your Significant Other, who tends to give your important documents a quick review, or Joe, who shares your cubicle, may not have the résumé-writing expertise or broad knowledge of MBA admissions you want for the job. So you’ve come to Accepted. You’ve come to the right place.

For those of you who have already written your résumé, are confident of your writing abilities, and want to save some money, Accepted’s Reseume Review and Editing Service has the following advantages:

  • Flexibility.
  • One-on-one service from a seasoned professional consultant.
  • Prompt two-business-day turnaround.
  • You pay for what you need.

Here’s how Review and Editing’s two-step approach works:

  1. Review — After you write your résumé, you send it to your consultant who reads it and critiques it on a "macro" level. Looking for maximum impact, he asks the following questions: Have you emphasized achievement as opposed to merely describing responsibility? Are there holes in your résumé? Is the formatting clean? Is your résumé impressive? He then provides you with feedback and recommends ways to improve it. You revise the résumé and send it back.
  2. Polish — This time, although he checks the macro level, your consultant focuses on the micro, the nitty-gritty details of writing: grammar, spelling, word usage, succinctness, etc. After completing his editing, he sends you the edited version of your résumé.

Well, are you going to call Joe to edit your MBA résumé? No way! Go to the Accepted professionals to make your MBA résumé or job history shine.

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