Consultant Profile: Brigitte Suhr

Brigitte Suhr-Accepted

Brigitte Suhr is a University of Virginia Law grad. Brigitte spent 15 years traversing the globe in an international human rights law career before starting a consulting business that included evaluating more than 2,500 applications for UVA Law. She knows what law schools want and don't want in applicants.  

I want to work with Brigitte!

Throughout my career I have worked with diverse individuals to help guide their writing from initial conception to a well-crafted and impactful final version. I love
the editing process and look forward to working with applicants to guide them to
deeper awareness of how their writing presents them to the outside world.
My editing projects have ranged from applications to legal and advocacy
documents, to identity materials for global non-profits and to screenplays and
other entertainment properties.

What I love about admissions work is the opportunity to learn about the breadth of experiences people have in and after college that leads them to seek a law
degree. As a long time editor and mentor of young lawyers, I cannot help but
review applications with an eye on how to improve them.  I find the admissions process fascinating and love the idea of helping applicants put their best foot forward in their applications. 

Alongside admissions work, I continue to consult with foundations and non-profits
on human rights law related programs and research covering issues such as
justice reform, LGBTQ advocacy, and anti-slavery initiatives.