You think being in high school and applying to colleges is hard? Try going through the process as a parent! If you have a stressed out mom or dad or are a stressed out mom or dad, then this is the page for you.

The following tips will help you figure out what your role in the college application process is, how you can understand your teenager during this trying time, and how you can help your child stay focused, motivated, and organized to achieve the optimal admission results.

  1. Let Accepted’s College Admissions Consultants Guide Your Teen to Acceptance, a short video
  2. Preparing for College in High School: A To-Do List for Eleventh Graders, a free guide
  3. Are You Cut Out for a Combined BS/MD Program?, a free guide
  4. 5 Tips to Help Your Child Apply to College
  5. 3 Must-Knows When You’re Looking for an Admissions Consultant for Your Child
  6. Surviving Each Other During the Senior Year
  7. Parents' Role in Working with Accepted
  8. Dealing with Senior Slide
  9. How Americans Save for College
  10. College Planning for Parents
  11. College Planning for Your Tween

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