Karin was absolutely amazing and played a huge part (I'm sure) in my acceptance. Hats off to the Accepted team! 

-Accepted Client

Consultant Profile: Dr. Karin Ash


Why Work with Karin?

  • Former director of career services for Cornell University, Cornell’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, and Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Business
  • Former career coach for Cornell’s Master of Engineering students
  • Former board officer of the MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance, travelling to and gaining familiarity with many other top business schools nationally and internationally
  • Has assisted applicants seeking careers in industry or academia (including MS, PhD, MEng) with a STEM focus, many in software development, data science, AI, and ML, as well as applicants seeking careers in human resources and organizational behavior, her own doctoral degree focus
  • Has met with thousands of recruiters seeking to hire the best students from leading schools, and worked closely with admissions staff, participating in candidate decision-making sessions and ensuring that the applicants who ultimately enroll are also prime candidates for employers

Karin’s Stats

  • BA in psychology from the University of Connecticut
  • PhD in educational psychology and organizational behavior from Cornell University

What Karin Has to Say

“What impact did you have in your last job or internship, and what value will you bring to our organization? Why should we hire you? Company recruiters seek answers to those key questions, and as you can imagine, they are not very different from what admissions directors want to know from prospective graduate students. I can help you prepare effective essays and applications as well as prepare for admissions interviews by coaching you on how to answer those questions.

Preparing admissions applications is hard work. If you take time now to strategically think about who you are, what you bring to the table, and what you want for your future, you will be far ahead of many of your peers. I really enjoy my clients – they are so interesting – and many of them keep in touch with me for years after we work together. My goal is to help them demonstrate their unique experiences and skills, what drives them, and ultimately to get accepted!”

What Else You Should Know about Karin

  • Located in Ithaca, NY, and Sarasota, FL
  • Loves hiking, swimming, walking her dog, and reading books of most genres, and is an ace at the New York Times Crossword and Spelling Bee game



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