PhD Application Package

    When you purchase the PhD Package, you'll get more than just editing – you'll receive complete application guidance from conceptualization to final review. Your experienced graduate school admissions specialist will guide you through the entire application.

    The Comprehensive PhD Package provides:


    Brainstorming session for one personal statement or statement of purpose

    We help you uncover and reveal your competitive advantage and fit. 


    Outline and editing of one statement of purpose

    The outline provides structure and saves you time. Editing polishes your statement so it gleams.


    Outlining and editing of one research proposal 

    We help you outline one research proposal of up to 1500 words.


    Letters of recommendation guidance 

    We advise on recommender choice and critique up to two recommendations, if available.


    Polishing your CV 

    Your consultant edits your CV or helps you transform your professional resume into an academic CV.


    Interview Prep 

    We provide a mock interview for all schools where you have an interview and for which you purchased an application package.


    Final Review 

    Final review of the material you've worked on with your consultant.


    Waitlist Support

    If you are waitlisted, we advise you on waitlist strategy and edit any waitlist correspondence from you.


    Decision counseling 

    In the event of multiple acceptances at these schools, we guide you once again. 

    Create Your Custom Package

    1-Application Package: $4,600

    2-Application Package: $6,550

    3-Application Package: $8,095

    4-Application Package: $9,095

    5-Application Package: $10,095

    6-Application Package: $11,000

    7-Application Package: $11,900

    8-Application Package: $12,750

    One additional application package: $2,125

    Notes About The Package:

    • Our rates provide prompt two-business-day turnaround.

    • The PhD Package does not include assistance with a writing sample. If you need assistance selecting or editing a writing sample, please see or
    • Please purchase PhD Application Packages in the application cycle in which you will apply.
    • Advising on financial aid or the essays associated with financial aid applications is not included and will incur additional charges.
    • The letter of recommendation critique provides a broad review of the letter's content. The package does not include editing of the letters. Letter of recommendation editing will incur additional charges and is only available if we can communicate with your recommenders.
    • We are happy to provide interview prep for schools not included in your application package, but that prep is not included and will incur additional charges.
    • The interview prep does not include case interviews or technical preparation for your field.
    • If you request to change consultants or work with a second consultant, you will incur additional charges.

    Don't Need Comprehensive Help?

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    Boring But Important Stuff

    • All rates are expressed and billed in U.S. dollars.
    • Our regular rates provide two-business-day turnaround for each round of editing. 
    • Services are subject to availability.
    • All prices are subject to change without notice.