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Letter of Recommendation Package

You need to write a recommendation for a graduate school applicant, but you don’t have the time to write the letter, and you really don’t know what to say. An Accepted consultant can help you get the job done, starting by asking you some questions and then drafting an outline based on your answers. You will write the letter and return it to your consultant for editing. Your consultant will polish it so that you will be proud to put your John Hancock on it.

This package will:

  • Save you time
  • Help you highlight the applicant's strengths with concrete examples and meaningful anecdotes
  • If necessary, allow you to minimize possible weaknesses in the applicant's application
  • Provide all the help you need for one letter of recommendation (general, not school specific)

Here’s how our LOR Plan’s two-step approach works:

  1. Review – After you write your recommendation, you send it to your consultant who reads it and critiques it on a "macro" level. Looking for overall readability and interest, she will ask the following questions: Have you written a coherent, well-organized letter? Have you used examples and specifics to support your main points and add value to the applicant’s file? Are you presenting something unique about the applicant or are you simply offering faint, superficial praise? Have you briefly discussed your credentials and ranked the applicants against other applicants whom you have worked with or taught? Your consultant then provides you with feedback and recommends ways to improve the recommendation. You revise and send it back.
  2. Polish – This time, although she will still check the macro level, your consultant will focus on the micro, the nitty-gritty details of writing: grammar, style, spelling, word usage, etc. After completing her editing, she will then send you the edited version of your recommendation.

With Accepted’s General Letter of Recommendation Package you can save yourself significant time and stress AND still submit a powerful recommendation for the graduate school applicant you want to help.

NOTE: If you are purchasing this service for your recommender, our consultants must be able to communicate directly with the recommender.


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