Subsequent Grad Essay Package

How can help you when you have more than one essay to write?

With our Subsequent Essay Package.

We recognize that you need to view each essay in the context of the overall application. We also know that the information gathered in the interview for the Initial Essay Package can help us guide you in subsequent essays. So we have developed the Subsequent Essay Package to follow the Initial Essay Package and provide you with soup-to-nuts assistance with your essays while keeping your costs down.

As with the Initial Essay Package, the Subsequent Package can help you:

  • Present yourself to your best advantage.
  • Save time.
  • Write right.

In addition to providing a shorter, upfront consultation, with the Subsequent Essay Package your editor will send you an outline that guides and directs you when you sit down to write this essay. After you write the first draft, your editor will make sure that this subsequent essay complements the initial one. He will also ensure that you are revealing something distinctive and interesting about yourself. In addition, just as he did in the Initial Essay Package, your editor will critically review your essay and correct for style, word usage, grammar, and spelling. 

Wouldn’t you like a pro on your side as you approach the grueling grad school admissions process? Someone who has reviewed and edited grad school personal statements and application essays for years? Someone who can mentor and edit based on extensive experience? 

Yes! Then sign up for’s Subsequent Essay Package!


All packages after the first essay package are subsequent essay packages no matter how many schools or programs you apply to. One essay package provides all the editing and consulting you need for 1 essay at 1 school.

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