Healthcare Application

Rejection Review Service

It’s very difficult to receive that last rejection and face the fact that you have not been accepted at any of the healthcare programs you applied to.

But if you're going to reapply, you need to pick yourself up and start figuring out what went wrong this time so that you'll be successful next time your apply.

How Our Healthcare Rejection Review Works

Stage 1: Your consultant reviews your admissions profile to identify weaknesses and ways to mitigate them.

Stage 2: Your consultant critiques one primary application and up to two secondary/supplemental applications looking for flaws in presentation that you can fix when you reapply.

Stage 3: Your consultant suggests a plan for moving forward– advice on how to improve the various elements of your application (essays, CV, interview, letters of rec, etc.), handle weaknesses, and highlight your unique strengths.

Your consultant provides the above via an email, followed by one phone/Skype call during which you can ask questions and discuss the consultant's recommendations.



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