When should you apply? Where should you apply? What type of program is best for you? Who should you ask to recommend you? Should you take time off between college and law school? Do you have the right kind of work experience? Should you volunteer more? Have you left yourself enough time to get everything done before the buzzer?

Let's focus and organize your law school admissions journey by creating a sound plan and an easy-to-follow timeline that will lead you to admissions success. Use the following resources to guide you:

  1. The Law School Admissions Guide: 8 Tips for Success, a free guide
  2. Which Schools Should You Apply To?, a podcast episode
  3. Law School Admissions: What You Need to Know, a podcast episode
  4. What Does a UVA Law School Application Reader Look For? a podcast episode
  5. At the Nexus of Business & Law: Penn/Wharton’s JD/MBA, a podcast episode
  6. 5 A's for Your Low GPA, a podcast episode
  7. Your Past Doesn’t Define You, a podcast episode
  8. Optimize Your Grad School Application: Grades, Essays, Resume, Activity History, and More, a podcast episode 
  9. 16 Grad School Application Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make, a podcast episode
  10. How to Get Really Great Recommendations, a podcast episode
  11. Getting Accepted to U.S. Universities from Abroad, a podcast episode
  12. 4 Must-Haves in Your Law School Application, a short video
  13. Applying to Law School During the Coronavirus Pandemic
  14. Law School Selectivity Index [Can I Get Into My Dream School?]
  15. How Does Your Top Choice Law School Rank in Accepted’s Selectivity Index?
  16. Tips for Your Stanford Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program Application
  17. 5 Qualities that Law Schools Want to See
  18. U.S. News Releases 2021 Law School Rankings
  19. U.S. News Rankings: Everything I Ever Wanted to Know (But was Afraid to Ask), a podcast episode
  20. The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans [Application Essay Tips]
  21. How to Develop Your Law School Admissions Strategy
  22. Assessing the Quantitative and Qualitative Aspects of Your Law School Application
  23. How to Answer Character and Fitness Questions on Law School Applications
  24. When to Submit Your Law School Application: Is Timing Really Everything
  25. Why Should I Apply to Graduate School Now?
  26. Can a Grad Consultant Help You Succeed?
  27. 5 Things Law Schools Want To See In Applicants
  28. Can You Get Into a Top Grad School if You Didn’t Attend a Top University?
  29. Will Facebook Destroy Your Admissions Chances?
  30. How Much Does Your Social Media Presence Factor Into the Application Process?
  31. Recipe for Disaster: Mistakes to Avoid When Applying to Law School
  32. 5 Things the Adcoms Hate 
  33. Disclosing a Learning Disability
  34. Can You Get Accepted After Doing Something Stupid?
  35. 5 Tips for Disclosing a Criminal Record to Law Schools
  36. 6 Tips for Talking About Your Weaknesses
  37. 5 Summer Jobs that Will Enhance Your Law School Profile
  38. 5 Ways To Increase Your Chance of Getting Into Law School as a College Junior
  39. The Increasing Value of Work Experience in Law School Applications
  40. How to Give Your Application as Much Weight as Possible
  41. Connections Count. And You Can Create Them.
  42. November is Over. How is Your Law School Application Coming Along?
  43. Add-Ons and Extras: Supplements to Your Law School Application
  44. Should You Apply to a Safety School?
  45. How Not to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation

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