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Are you competitive at your target MD, DO, PA, DDS, DVM, RN, NP, DPT, postbac, residency, or fellowship programs? Do you have a reasonable shot at acceptance? Which programs should you apply to? How can you mitigate weaknesses? Highlight your strengths? How can you get accepted? How can Accepted help you get in?

Accepted would love to help you answer those tough questions. Our team of healthcare admissions experts includes former medical school admissions committee directors and members, postbac program directors, residency program directors as well as physicians and highly experienced admissions consultants. And we are all primed and ready to support your efforts to join the class of your dreams, just as we have done for clients over the last 25 years. 

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Client Feedback
I was an international applicant applying for the third time, and I was starting to believe that medicine may end as just a dream for me. As I worked with Cindy, I learned how to create a more compelling narrative of why I wanted to pursue medicine, and how I’ve grown throughout this journey. She was a caring and highly skilled editor who was a pleasure to work with. I got my acceptance to Georgetown University School of Medicine today! I could not be happier. Thank you Cindy!! Read more