When you purchase the Residency/Fellowship Application Package, you'll receive complete application guidance from conceptualization to final review. Your experienced residency admissions specialist will guide you through the entire application, ensuring that you present a compelling portrait of yourself as a valuable asset to a training program.

 The package provides:

Strategy for your personal statement

Strategy for your personal statement. 

After learning about your background, we guide you in drafting a compelling personal statement.

Personal statement editing

Personal statement editing. 

We review your essay and correct it for clarity, word usage, style, grammar, and punctuation.

Editing adaptations of this personal statement

Editing adaptations of this personal statement. 

We edit variations of this personal statement for up to three related specialties.

Editing of your experiences section

Editing of your experiences section. 

We help you articulately portray your skills, impact and achievements for maximum impact on MyERAS or for your specialty's requirements.

Final review of your application

Final review of your application. 

We take one last look at your materials so you can submit with confidence.

Application resume advising and editing

Application resume advising and editing. 

We critique and edit one CV based on the information provided in your experiences section.

Interview prep

Interview prep. 

We provide one mock interview.


  • Packages must all be used within one application cycle. Use of packages in subsequent years will incur additional charges.
  • Our regular rates provide two-business-day turnaround for each round of editing. Our rush rates provide one-business-day turnaround for each submission.
  • Editing of personal statement “variations” means replacing a paragraph describing why a particular specialty is right for you and making a few minor edits to the remainder of the essay. More extensive changes will incur additional charges.
  • Working with more than one consultant will incur additional charges.
  • Please confirm with your consultant that your specialties are related.
  • We are happy to provide more than one mock interview, but additional mock interviews or interview coaching will incur additional charges.
  • The application package is for U.S. residency programs only. Please send in a service request for help with non-U.S. residency applications and a price quote.

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