Waitlist Letter

Hourly Waitlist Plans

Congratulations – you weren’t rejected. Of course, you weren’t accepted either. You’re in that peculiar limbo stage known as the waitlist. You need to move your application from the waitlist to the accepted list. Here’s how we can help you make that move.

How Our Waitlist Service Work

In this 4-stage process, your consultant will…

Stage 1: Review your primary application and secondary application to the waitlisting school.

Stage 2: Discuss the contents of the waitlist letter with you via phone or Skype.

Stage 3: Critique the content of your letter/waitlist materials, and you then revise the letter based on the feedback you receive.

Stage 4: Edit the letter, checking clarity, style, grammar, word usage, and spelling.

This service is provided on an hourly basis.

Benefits of Our Waitlist Service

Our waitlist services will help you:

  • Give the school more reasons to admit you
  • Address concerns the school may have raised
  • Reinforce the fit between you and the school
  • Save time

Our rates provide prompt two-business-day turnaround.

2 Hours


Minimum required purchase

1 Hour (add-on)


Existing clients only

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Boring But Important Stuff

  • All rates are expressed and billed in U.S. dollars.
  • Our regular rates provide two-business-day turnaround for each round of editing. 
  • Services are subject to availability.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice.