How Can Dr. Ash Help You?

Karin-Ash-Accepted-ConsultantWith 30 years of career counseling and admissions experience at four universities, including Cornell Johnson, Dr. Ash evaluated applications and facilitated students’ entry into some of the world’s best companies. She has met with thousands of recruiters seeking to hire the best students from top schools, and worked closely with admissions staffs, participating in the candidate decision-making, ensuring that those who enter the school are also prime candidates for employers. She brings extensive insider knowledge of what schools and employers seek to the Accepted team. Dr. Ash has a BA in Psychology from the University of Connecticut and a PhD in Educational Psychology and Organizational Behavior from Cornell University. Her students have been hired by 3M, Amazon, Apple, Bain & Co., Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Goldman Sachs, Google, IBM, J.P. Morgan, McKinsey & Co., Microsoft, and other prestigious companies.

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