You don't just want to have good ideas in your law school personal statement; you want to have good ideas that are presented in the most coherent, cohesive, and compelling way possible. You also don't want your readers to have to have to sift through poor spelling and grammar to locate your bright ideas. The resources below will help you create flawless essays that truly capture your intelligent thoughts and convey them clearly to the admissions board.

  1. From Example to Exemplary, a free guide
  2. 5 Fatal Flaws to Avoid, a free guide
  3. How to Edit Your Application Essays, a podcast episode
  4. Linda Abraham on Essay Editing, a podcast episode
  5. 6 Tips for Getting Started on Your Application Essays
  6. Writing a Lead That Pops 
  7. The Miraculous 15-Minute ROUGH, ROUGH Draft
  8. How to Get Started on Your Personal Statement with One Easy Technique
  9. First Drafts Of Personal Statements: Let Yourself Go
  10. How to Write a Compelling Opening Line
  11. 5 Elements to Telling an Attention-Grabbing Story
  12. 4 More Elements to Telling an Attention-Grabbing Story
  13. Personal Statement Tip: Less is More
  14. 5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Law School Personal Statement
  15. 3 Essential Components of a Personal Statement
  16. How to Use Good Grammar to Create Essays That Flow
  17. Essay Tip: The Devil is in the Details
  18. Oh No! A Typo!!
  19. Resourceful Essay Recycling
  20. Review Your Essays Like an Admissions Consultant: Use the Editing Funnel
  21. 5-Step Checklist Before Submitting Your Applications

Polishing your law school personal statement is one of the hardest steps in the admissions process. Don't hit Submit until you've run your essays by the experts. Browse our Law School Personal Statement Editing Services for details on how we can help you clarify, clean up, and deliver the most impressive essays possible. 

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