When it comes to diversity in business school admissions, both parties (that is, the over- and underrepresented groups) will need to step outside their profiles and impress the adcoms not with facts and descriptions of where they're from, but with a portrait of who they truly are. The Indian IT males will need to distinguish themselves from the crowd by highlighting their passions and interests outside of their careers and educations, while our female Bosnian lion trainer will need to prove that she's got more to offer a top business school class than fascinating stories from the circus.

The resources listed below will help applicants from all walks of life prove that they can add to classroom discussion and team projects despite a non-traditional background, or contribute to MBA classroom diversity, despite an overrepresented profile.

Advice for under-represented groups

  1. Applying through the Consortium
  2. Chat Transcript: The Forte Foundation
  3. Do Veterans Need Unique MBA Admissions Advice?
  4. The MBA, a Military Background, and Expectations
  5. Tips for Canadian Applicants
  6. Tips for Canadian Applicants (Part 2)
  7. 7 Tips for MBA Applicants from Family Businesses

Advice for well-represented groups

  1. The Consultant's Guide to MBA Admissions, an ebook.
  2. The Finance Professional's Guide to MBA Admissions Success, an ebook.
  3. The Techie's Guide to MBA Admissions, an ebook.
  4. 5 Ways to Make B-Schools LOVE You, a free webinar.
  5. Against the Odds: MBA Admissions for Indian Applicants, a free special report.
  6. Admissions Tip: Labels and Groups
  7. Approaching the Diversity Essay Question
  8. Important Admissions Tip: BE YOURSELF!
  9. Management Consultants
  10. Investment Bankers
  11. IT Applicants
  12. Admissions Tip: Labels and Groups
  13. Response to "Short-listing MBA programs"
  14. Chinese Applicants
  15. Indian Applicants
  16. Help! I'm an Indian IT Male

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