Consultant Profile: Esmeralda Cardenal


I’ve been on the other side of the table for over 10 years, sitting in admissions committees and holding the final decision of ‘accept’ or ‘deny’ for thousands of MBA applicants. I know what it takes to get into the top business schools. I can differentiate the stellar application from the mediocre, the one with the good story from the one with just high test scores, the one that tells you about their determination to succeed from the one who is unprepared for the challenge of business school.

I want to work with Esmeralda!

As Admissions Director, I often felt I had my hands tied with many MBA applicants. I would meet with prospective applicants who had a lot to promise and a fascinating story to tell, but unfortunately didn’t express either in their application. They would fall on my deny pile. I often felt that if only they had some guidance with their essays, or their interview, they would have made it.

As an admissions consultant at Accepted I have the chance to help you. Together, we can bridge the gap between what could have been to what will be. I can help you bring out the best in you, and achieve your dream of joining a top MBA school of your choice.

A little about my background: Growing up in Nicaragua’s communism in the 1980s, where basic food rations, empty supermarkets and a US embargo were the norm, I learned early that I would have to work very hard to achieve what many others take for granted. My dream as a teenager was to hold a degree from an American institution. I realized that dream after I landed a scholarship that paid for my four-year undergraduate education in Ohio.

After a few years of working in human resources back in Nicaragua, I returned to the States, to work at the Yale School of Management as Associate Director of Admissions, leading the school’s initiatives for women and underrepresented minorities, recruiting prospective students around the world and reviewing countless applications. I later took on the role of Admissions Director at Michigan State University’s MBA Program and most recently, I served as a consultant for Cardiff Business School in Wales, United Kingdom, where I advised on admissions, marketing and recruiting strategies. I currently reside on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Mississippi with my family.

I have an MBA from Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College of Business and an undergraduate degree in Business Management from Franciscan University of Steubenvile in Ohio.

I will be delighted to help you obtain the offer of admission you’ve always dreamed of.