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I want to work with Esmeralda!
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Columbia does seem like an incredible opportunity. The more I research the more excited I am.

Esmeralda has been a key player in my admissions and provided sound advice for stepping into the professional world in general.

She offers great insight and bills to the minute while working efficiently. Big kudos to EC.

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Hi Linda,

Thank you! It is so nice of you to reach out personally. All of your content on YouTube and podcasts have been so helpful for me on this journey.

I am so thrilled. I credit Esmeralda for this positive outcome [ Accepted to Duke and Georgetown MBA]. I could not have done it without her! Round 1 was a total bust for me. I underestimated the MBA process and did not know what I was doing. I am so grateful I was matched with Esmeralda for my R2 applications. I only wish I found Accepted earlier, then my outcome for R1 would have been different. :)

- Accepted to Duke and Georgetown

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Hi Esmeralda!

I now feel that my application process has reached its end. I want to express my sincere and huge gratitude towards you and the job you have done for me. Looking back, I realize that there is no chance I would've had a shot at these top schools without your guidance. You always answered fast and thoughtfully, came with stringent feedback looking for potential loopholes and pushing me to become really good at conveying my story. If there is any website where you want me to rate you or give feedback, just let me know!

So I'm still waiting for Yale and SSE, but those are irrelevant. I also got denied from Stanford – which doesn't matter – because I'M GOING TO OXFORD! 

You are amazing at what you do!

Virtual hugs 


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Dear Linda, I wouldn't have gotten where I'm at without Accepted. When I met Esmeralda over the phone, she inspired trust and I knew I wanted to work with her. She didn't stop astonishing me with her writing guidance and creativity, her advice, her remarkable professionalism, and, most surprisingly, her interactions with me on a more human level. Thank you for existing and having on your team people like Esmeralda.

- Accepted to Berkeley, Oxford Said, Cambridge Judge, and LBS.

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I wanted to share some good news - I got accepted to Rice University with a full scholarship!!! I know I could not have gotten to this point or received this blessing without your guidance and encouragement. THANK YOU SO INCREDIBLY MUCH!! I am beyond grateful.

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I can't thank you enough for being so responsive and on top of everything despite the time crunch!! You have been amazing throughout this whole process and I really appreciate everything you've done to help.

- Emily