What Do Esmeralda's Clients Say About Her?

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    Esmeralda's support was instrumental in my EMBA application journey, especially given the challenging timeline. With a very busy schedule on my hands, I had limited time for preparation. Esmeralda's professionalism in refining my resume and structuring my essays, along with her clear guidelines and insightful understanding of business school admissions, were crucial. What makes her truly outstanding is her friendly demeanor and her ability to unearth the best in a candidate.

    Initially, my application to UC Berkeley didn't go as planned, and I faced rejection. However, with Esmeralda's guidance, I was able to pivot and prepare a new application for Wharton. We worked intensively for just 10 days, a testament to her efficient and effective approach. The result? I got accepted into Wharton. Sharing this success is not just about my achievement but also a tribute to the exceptional coaching I received from Esmeralda.

    I wanted to share some exciting news with you and express my sincere gratitude for your guidance throughout the application process.
    I'm thrilled to share that I received acceptances from the University of Texas MSBA program, Columbia MSAA program, and the University of Virginia MSBA program! I wouldn't be here without your valuable support, time, and effort. Your clear communication and flexibility around my schedule truly made a difference.
    Again, your guidance was instrumental in navigating the complexities of the college application process.

    Extremely Supportive

    Esmerelda is truly the best and I don’t know if I would have been successful without her. I had purchased the complete application package, and found that Esme was incredibly dedicated to my process every step of the way. She helped me brainstorm essay topics, provided extensive support with writing, editing, and framing my story to make my essays as polished as possible. As such I was invited to interview with 4 out of the 5 schools I applied for. Esme remained an incredibly valuable resource for the interview portion as well, setting aside time for use to do a mock interview for every school. In the end, I got an accepted to UNC and received a sizable scholarship and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to work with Esme. Applying to business school can be daunting but with her help the process went as smoothly as possible.

    The Best Of The Best

    In the winter of 2023, I had the privilege to work with Esmeralda Cardenal after I decided to apply to an Executive graduate business program. The application process is daunting, and I felt overwhelmed and lost.

    My native language is not English, and I was nervous about several aspects including a potential career transition, the financial burden that comes with an academic commitment, the competition and all its related stress, the economic turnaround and its consequences, etc.

    Esmeralda was a gift from God in this journey: not only does she know the application process very well but she is also keen on sharing her life experience to offer helpful guidance throughout the difficult process.

    I am lucky to have worked with her. Esmeralda was able to point to all the inconsistencies and open questions in my file and made me grow more and more confident as we got closer to the deadline. Esmeralda is rigorous, organized, proactive, fast and results driven.

    I was sad at the end of our collaboration because it was a true pleasure to work with her. I would rehire her in a heartbeat because I was accepted in the program of my choice thanks to Esmeralda !

    Quite An Effective Counsellor

    Ms. Esmeralda is one of the most wonderful counsellors I have ever met in the past. Because I could get the admission of EMBA from M7. Although she was a little bit objective comments where I had some negative impressions, she always shared her analysis whether to get the admission or not and visualizes my roadmap to get the admission by supporting of my crafting essay and guiding how to tackle on the interview. I recommend the applicant to experience her service. I am sure you shall be screened by her experiences whether to get the admission. If you gain her negative comment, don't worry, she can give you the obvious roadmap to achieve the business school criteria for your admitted.

    So Lucky I Found Esmeralda!!

    I was laid off from a global technology company earlier this year and decided very last minute to apply to business school. I knew I needed the help of a seasoned advisor to guide me through the already daunting MBA application process – especially one who could provide focus and insight in a very short time. Esme was responsive, adaptable, and encouraging. She worked with me to apply to 3 schools in less than 2 months (I wouldn’t recommend doing this, but if you do, you’ll need Esmeralda’s help!) If you are looking for an advisor who keeps it real and is supportive and patient – work with her! She provided me with very succinct and structured insights throughout while also allowing flexibility to bounce ideas and brainstorm. Unlike other consultants, she was very aware and thoughtful about using our time (and my investment) efficiently which I really appreciated. I was accepted at Cornell Johnson (with significant scholarship), Oxford Said, and was waitlisted at Kellogg thanks to my time with Esme. Her results speak for themselves!!

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