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I want to work with Esmeralda!
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Hi Esmeralda,

Great news just got the phone call from admissions with my acceptance into USC, just wanted to share the news with you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help and guidance through this process.

- Accepted to USC Part-Time MBA

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I worked with Esmeralda Cardenal during the admissions process and applied to four schools. I had worked with consulting services before, but have always been kind of disappointed with the results. I was definitely a little doubtful at first but decided to give it a shot because I wasn’t confident in my ability in submitting an application that brought out my best. I realized after going through the process that I absolutely would not have achieved what I did without her assistance and support. She was an integral part of my applications, especially with the multiple essays required by the schools. I needed help crafting a story that highlighted my strengths and depicted why I need a graduate degree, and that’s exactly what Esmeralda did. Sometimes we sent the essays back and forth four or five times, but she was detailed and patient each time in pointing out the things that could be further improved.

I didn’t think I was a very strong candidate because I didn’t have a stellar GPA and have never worked in large companies, but with her help, I got accepted to McCombs’s MSM and Fuqua’s MMS program. Still waiting on one more, but I already know I’m going to Duke because I also received a pretty great scholarship!! I definitely never imagined I would be a scholarship candidate, especially since I applied during the second to last deadline. It’s hard to put into words how amazing she’s been during this process. If I were to pursue further studies or have friends that are looking for consulting services, I would undoubtedly recommend Esmeralda and Accepted to them. Many many thanks to Esmeralda and the Accepted team. Please continue to do what you guys do so that students like myself are one step closer to their dreams and goals!!

Later updated: I received a $30,000 scholarship [to Duke], which would not have been possible without your help! As I said, I wouldn't have been able to accomplish what I did without your guidance. You've helped so many people so you might not be able to feel the impact, but this essentially changes the course of my entire future! So thank you once again, and let's absolutely stay in touch!

- Accepted to McCombs and Fuqua

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I was luckily admitted to Kellogg and am planning on attending Northwestern come the fall (I guess virtually at this point).

Thanks again for all your help! I found the edits and advice that you gave me on my essays were pivotal for my acceptance to Kellogg.

- Accepted to Kellogg

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I am very happy and excited to start my MBA experience this fall.

Undoubtedly, Esmeralda's help was paramount for this achievement.

Once again, thank you Esmeralda and Linda, and everyone from the Accepted team.

- Accepted to UT Austin McCombs

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And with that, I am beyond excited to say that I will be attending Stanford's MSCS program this fall!!

I honestly didn't think it was possible and am still in disbelief sometimes that I got into my top choice, but somehow it's real and I couldn't have done it at all without your help. Thank you so, so much for your support and time in helping me apply, especially when you had your hands full with helping so many other people who were also going through a similar experience.

I can't express my gratitude enough - I truly do appreciate everything you've done to help, whether it was being so responsive and patient with me during the application process, providing advice and support, or even being someone I know I can just simply fully trust and rely on for any help.

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Columbia does seem like an incredible opportunity. The more I research the more excited I am.

Esmeralda has been a key player in my admissions and provided sound advice for stepping into the professional world in general.

She offers great insight and bills to the minute while working efficiently. Big kudos to EC.