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I want to work with Carol!
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Carol, thank you very much for the review. Also appreciate your time and assistance in reviewing & editing my LOR and providing suggestions to respective individuals. You are truly amazing. 
Sandeep V.
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I'm so happy I had the chance to work with Carol during the application process. She was always available to discuss any concerns I had and gave quickly responded to my emails or phone calls. The best thing about working with Carol was that she was very adamant about the editing process being collaborative. She was sure to give guidance without being overbearing. Because of that my personal statement kept my voice but was well polished and highlighted my strengths. I would definitely recommend working with Carol.

-Stephanie G.

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Hi! I just wanted to drop in and let you know that I was accepted into the MSW program to which I applied! Thank you so much for your help! Well you can add to your resume that you helped someone get accepted in less than 3 weeks into Mississippi's first social work program. Thank you a million times!

Thank you, Jennifer

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Carol offered great service and assistance in the application process. I was very pleased with the experience, and I'm very happy with the outcome.

-- Accepted to Rutgers MS in Accountancy

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Thank you again for all your assistance. I wanted to follow up and let you know that I was accepted at Boston University! Everything went very well, and I appreciate your assistance.

- Accepted to Boston University

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Hi Carol,

I just finished my interview and it went very well. You prepared me so well that her questions were very easy in comparison. At the end of our conversation she said that she would recommend my acceptance to the committee, and said she feels very strongly that there will be a positive outcome. I should know by next week already.