I worked with Cydney for the 2020-2021 application cycle.

I was a reapplicant for the AMCAS and TMDSAS applications and was ultimately accepted to my top choice medical school, McGovern Medical School, in the Texas pre-match! Cydney’s feedback not only helped to improve my application to be much more competitive, she also helped me to understand and learn more about how to properly and actively write about myself for such applications. During my interview I received multiple comments on my writing, with one interviewer saying she knew she would enjoy speaking to me after reading my application. Cydney’s help in crafting my personal statement and other optional essays (for TMDSAS) by guiding me through ways of piecing together my experiences is what I believe tipped me over the edge to an applicant the admissions committees were excited about. Overall, she is extremely efficient and knowledgeable about the entire process, and I highly recommend anyone applying to medical school to work with her.

-Accepted Client

Consultant Profile: Cydney Foote

Admissions consulting combines my background in healthcare administration at both the University of Washington Medical and Dental Schools, where I served on several fellowship admissions committees, with my years in business as a marketing editor for SicolaMartin and later marketing manager for Classmates.com. Few consultants can claim this joint background – they're either writers or industry professionals – but I think it’s this combination that is key to my clients’ success. The application process is about selling yourself and telling your story in a way that works for your audience. Too often, students have great qualifications, but getting that across on paper – especially for those who’ve focused on sciences or technical fields in their academic and professional careers – is a real challenge.

My own story begins with a love of persuasion and the written word. In high school, I discovered the power of language through debate and essay competitions. A BA in political science and communications and two master’s degrees – from University College, Dublin and the University of Washington – exposed me to new perspectives and helped me articulate what was meaningful for different people. Meanwhile, crisscrossing the globe, from Santo Domingo to St. Petersburg and Christchurch to Copenhagen, sharpened my ability to spot the extraordinary in what others consider commonplace. Communicating the unique and unusual so others can appreciate it is my primary motivation for writing and editing. I’ve co-authored three books and written numerous articles on the admissions process, as well as working on several screenplays, a novel, and many works of fiction. 

I approach every new assignment with Accepted as an opportunity to uncover the best in my clients' stories. My specializations include differentiating candidates in overrepresented sectors, overcoming low and mid-range test scores, and helping “non-writers” present themselves in the most compelling way. I also draw on my health administration background with applicants targeting the health management niche—one of the fastest growing areas in the US economy. Complementing my expertise in admissions and editing, I also offer my clients the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive strategy for managing the application season. Over a decade of consulting, I’ve gained sharp insights into what clients need and developed a comprehensive approach to the application process. This involves not only providing expert input on essay content and presentation, but also offering admissions and time management strategies. Whether you have months or just days before your deadline, I can help make the process “hassle-free.”

Sounds good? Cydney Foote certainly seems to have the writing expertise and professional experience to help you whip your material into shape. But what do clients say about their experience with her? Has she truly helped previous clients? Let's take a look at client feedback.

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Admissions Straight Talk interviews Cydney Foote in "Med School Admissions Veteran Shares Her Experience: How to Get In [Episode 314]"