Nobody said it was easy. 

 It has been a hard year, but I want to share with you these words because you have been a cornerstone to bring my dreams closer.  

A year ago I was desperate looking for help to make my applications and full of stress because I was not able to dedicate all the time I wanted to my MBA dream. Then you appear! For the first time, I was able actually to count on someone and to find some guidance during the process. It was the first time that I heard about Georgetown and the world full of possibilities. Unfortunately, I was not able to finish my application, I got "burned out" because of my work and in the end, I was frustrated because besides been sick I had accomplished nothing. But there, it was you who understand and gave the chance of trying again.  

I have to confess that after finish my last of three applications a couple of days ago, I cry a bit. Finally, I was able to do it, and it was thanks to you, and that is why I wanted to share this words even without knowing if I am going to be admitted to any school. I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and highlight some of the aspects that I consider make you advice unique, sincere and incomparable. 

  1. It's not about making the essays, is about discover our strengths and share them. Here I was not a client that deliver a description and received an essay NO! Here I was a person, advice by another who patiently was guiding the process. Here I learned not only about MBA applications but about how to write an essay, how to make a video, how to handle an interview.  
  1. This a service of excellence. The knowledge of the consultant is amazing. They know what they are talking about. They can offer new possibilities and suggest new schools and different approaches always through a delicate but very direct feedback. 
  1. The level of commitment is incredible. I always received my essays on time even sometimes before the date. I always received answer for my emails immediately, and I never felt alone, I always feel the presence and the motivation of Esmeralda  
  1. I feel that is worth it. I have, to be honest; it is not easy to pay because it is a lot of money, but it totally deserves it. The help is fantastic.  

Finally, I would make a special thank you to Esmeralda.  It is hard to describe in words for another language the gratitude that I have for her. Her words were always a motivation to do not give up, to go ahead and try. It did not matter how many times we had to review something; the objective was to achieve the best essay, the best answer. Different from other experience here, thanks to Esmeralda, I never feel like a client, I feel more like a student in a school in which my teacher really cares about me. I was surprised how well Esmeralda got to know me, how she was able to memorize all my life, all my goals, all my dreams and have a pool of options ready for a new essay, for a new school. It was so great working with her, that I have to confess that I am going to miss that!  

I beg your pardon for the [length] of my letter, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I feel very proud of the decision that I took when I decide to ask for help to, and I will not hesitate to recommend you any time, any place. Please, never lose that spirit of support and that level of engagement with the applicants! 

-Accepted Client

Consultant Profile: Esmeralda Cardenal


Why Work with Esmeralda?

  • More than eight years as a graduate admissions consultant, helping applicants gain admission to the top MBA, EMBA, and graduate programs in the world, as well as to a variety of master’s programs, including data science and data analytics, business analytics, finance, marketing, sustainability, hospitality, sports administration, and public administration (Click here for the complete list.)
  • Former Yale SOM associate director of admissions, Michigan State director of MBA admissions, and Cardiff Business School (United Kingdom) consultant
  • Spearheaded Yale SOM’s women and underrepresented minority initiatives; former board member of the Forté Foundation; former member of the National Society of Hispanic MBAs; collaborated with Management Leadership for Tomorrow; has helped clients apply and get admitted to the Consortium for Graduate Study in Management since 2015
  • Prior to working in admissions, served in leadership roles in human resources and training and development in commercial banking
  • Consistently earns outstanding reviews from clients because of her personable coaching style and meticulous editing (See here what Esmeralda’s clients say.)

Esmeralda’s Stats

  • BS in business management from Franciscan University of Steubenville
  • MBA from the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University

What Esmeralda Has to Say

“My years in admissions gave me the eagle eye to distinguish a winning application from thousands of mediocre ones. I will be delighted to help you stand out from the rest and obtain the offer of admission you’ve always dreamed of.”

What Else You Should Know about Esmeralda

  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Originally from Nicaragua and loves all things Latin American, with a sweet spot for the region’s culture and foods
  • Has also lived in England and Wales, on the US East Coast and Gulf Coast, and currently resides with her husband and children in the Midwest

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